The World of Wines Delivered to your Doorstep

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May 2006

I am about to share a secret with you. Well, more like a REALLY good wine tip. The selection of wine offered at your local wine store is only a small percentage of the thousands of wines available to you.

How do you get the others?

Remember flipping through a dog-eared catalogue at your local liquor store and filling out an order card? Minutes later, or sometimes longer, the clerk would miraculously appear from the depths of the ‘backroom’ with your selected wine.

In contrast, today’s marketing-savvy wine retail stores are conveniently located in malls and in grocery stores. The little known tip is that these stores are not the only place where you can buy wine.  You can have wines delivered to your doorstep.

Wine delivery is a growing trend.  There are several different ways to access those exclusive wines that are only available directly from a winery.

Wine Clubs

The Opimian Society is a wine buying cooperative that for the past 32 years, has been providing its members access to exclusive wines from around the world that are not available at the retail wine shops. Members pay an annual fee and can purchase wines from the club’s monthly magazine. Visit http://www.opim.ca

Order directly from the Winemaker

In Canada, you can order directly from more than 300 wineries that are located in across the country in British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. These wines can delivered by Canada Post or courier. You can select an assortment of wines or a case of 12 bottles of all the same wine from one particular winery. To take the guess work out of making your selection, wineries offer a wine of the month program where each month, automatically, wines are shipped to you from that winery.  Some programs require that you pay a specific amount for this exclusive service.

Have a Sommelier select your wines

The Savvy Grapes in co-operation with the Canadian wine industry, have developed a innovative delivery program: The Savvy Selections.  Each month, subscribers receive three premium Canadian wines personally selected by The Savvy Grapes Sommeliers along with an e-zine providing insight about the featured winery, stories about the winemaker, Sommelier tasting notes, food pairing suggestions and recipes.  All of the wines are VQA, range in price from $12-25 per bottle and are not available from wine stores.  Think of it as having your personal Sommelier.  More about The Savvy Selections

Now the secret is out.  There is a larger world of wine for you to enjoy. Why not become a wine club member, subscribe to The Savvy Selections wine of the month program or call the winery directly to order a case of wines that you would never find at your local wine store.

Opening a delivery of wine opens a new wine world for you, friends and clients to explore. Try it you may like it!


Would you like a Sommelier to help you source wines to order? Contact Debbie or 613-851-1785.  The Savvy Grapes hosts fun and interactive winemaker’s dinners at various restaurants in the Ottawa area, Sommelier wine tastings and wine and food events for private and corporate clients.


There are many reasons to have wines shipped to you.

The convenience ….

Having wines delivered is as convenient as having books shipped or receiving purchases from e-Bay.

“I like the convenience of having wines shipped directly to my office. Each month, I look forward to receiving my shipment of The Savvy Selections.  And because a Sommelier has tasted and selected the wines, I am reassured that they will be of good quality.”, Debi Rosati.

Share a case…

Most wineries recommend that you order a minimum of six bottles to make the most of the incurred shipping cost. Your purchase can be an assortment of wines from the winery. If six bottles is not enough and 12 bottles is too many, share a case with work colleagues, neighbours and friends.

“There are four of us who share a case. When The Savvy Selections delivery arrives at my home, I call everyone over to pick up their wines…we often end up having an impromptu party and open a bottle or two!”, Carole Larose

Wine is a great gift…anytime…

As easy as sending flowers to a friend, shipping wines is a unique way to show a client your appreciation or thank an employee.

“My brother heard about The Savvy Selections and gave me it to me as a birthday gift. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving.”, Wayne Corneil

The wines are hidden gems …

By ordering directly from the winery, you have access to wines not found on the store shelves.  This will undoubtedly impress your guests at a dinner party.

“Having a Sommelier taste, select and provide their knowledge of the wine along with how to match the menu is invaluable to me. The Savvy Selections exclusive wines and the information in accompanying e-zine added a whole new dimension to our dinner party.” – Alan Kearns

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