Lacey Grey

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. located in Prince Edward County, is a top producer of award winning cheeses. Offering over 15 delicious varieties, they’re unbelievably passionate about producing the highest quality cheeses from locally supplied whole milk, and re-igniting ‘The County’s reputation as a cheese-making region (which once had over 26 cheese-making facilities).  Well worth a visit on your next road trip!

My pick this week is Lacey Grey, a soft-ripened goat’s milk cheese, hand rolled with care in grapevine ash, often mistaken for a blue cheese. Under the wrinkly, grey-and-white bloomy surface you’ll find a two-fold surprise: the dense, snowy white, firm centre turns creamy, softer, and pale ivory just under the rind.  Enjoy mild, tangy, piquant flavours with slight “dry mouth feel” minerality, an expression of County “terroir”.

Lacey Grey cheese Fifth Town Cheese


Lacey Grey
Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co., Prince Edward County, ON
Where To Buy:
  Serious Cheese (Bank Street South), Jacobson’s Gourmet (Beechwood), The Piggy Market (Westboro)
Interesting Fact:
  Fifth Town is the only local producer of artisan cheese made from each of 3 types of milk (cow, sheep & goat).



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