Grey Owl

Legendary Canadian conservationist Archibald Belaney inhabited the region of Lac Témiscouata, in the Notre-Dame-Du-Lac region of Quebec, home of this week’s cheese pick. “Grey Owl” as he was known was a complex character who shed his English roots for a Canadian lifestyle more in keeping with Ojibwe Indian cultures and strong naturalist beliefs.

Like the man, Grey Owl cheese is a contrast in personality. Layers of color, textures and flavors emit from this surface-ripened goat’s milk cheese: the dark, slate-colored, soft, wrinkly, piquant vegetable ash rind elegantly reveals a dense, snow white, velvety, chalky, tangy interior that becomes soft and silky closest to the rind. A recent 2011 American Cheese Society and past Sélèction Caseus winner, Grey Owl is the perfect choice to serve as the focal point of your next cheese plate. Partner it with a nice crisp dry Sauvignon Blanc or your favorite medium-bodied red, and you’ve got the makings of an unforgettable evening with friends or family.

Grey Owl

Producer: Fromagerie Le Detour
Interesting Fact: Grey Owl is a goat’s milk cheese that is made with non-animal rennet and is vegetarian friendly.

Enjoy! – Vanessa

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