“People ask me what type of beer is popular at the moment—but the answer is always changing because craft brewers are constantly trying new and exciting things.”


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Beers of the World course, Algonquin College – Ottawa
Advertising & Business Marketing, Algonquin College – Ottawa


Q. What have you learned while writing for Savvy’s Beer Backstory magazine?

Meaghan Baskin: Every time I visit a craft brewery, I’m always impressed by how much care goes into selecting the ingredients they use to make their beer. When you see step-by-step how it’s done, you realize how passionate these brewmasters are about their work—it’s contagious.

Q. What for you is the most important quality in a beer?

MB: It starts with the quality of the ingredients. The best beers are made without any filler products like rice or corn syrup: they use fresh, natural ingredients. I also look for breweries that push the limits of their craft—the ones that have the artistry to add interesting things to the mash like bog myrtle, chilli peppers, tangerines and lavender. It’s fascinating how they can take all sorts of strange and quirky ingredients and turn them into really great beer.

Q. What do you want people to take away from their experiences with Savvy Company?

MB: That there’s more to life than just Molson and Labatt! While craft beers have received more attention in the last few years, too many people still have no idea that they even exist. Fortunately, all the beer festivals and ‘pop-up’ events are helping to raise awareness, and restaurants are becoming much more focused on serving local beers, just like how they’re featuring local wines. We’re definitely heading in the right direction—and I’m so happy to be part of the Savvy Brew Crew that’s helping to make that happen.


Try pairing beer with dessert. Sweet with stout is a great combination.

The beer drinker’s mantra: quality over quantity, always.

There’s more to life than just Molson and Labatt! When you come across a quirky or interesting beer, just dive in and try it out.