With a big red wine, you know you’re going to get those grippy tannins. But with beer, you’re not always sure what you’ll get—but that’s part of the fun.”


Smart Serve certified
Cicerone certified beer server
Business Administration, Algonquin College – Ottawa
Host: #ONBeerChat (Tues @ 8pm EST)Blog Author: Sheltered Girl Meets World


Q. How would you describe your role at Savvy Company?
Katy Watts: There are so many different varieties of beer—and so many different variables that affect its taste. Beer can be sour, it can be smoky… there’s no end to the flavours you can try. As part of the Savvy Brew Crew, my role is to interpret what’s going on in the glass and, without using complicated or technical terms, make it approachable, fun and easy to understand. Really, I’m just passing on the passion of the amazing brewers who dedicate their lives to making beer.

Q. What was your first memorable beer experience?
KW: My first trip to Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company in Vankleek Hill. At the time they were very new, so they didn’t get a lot of visitors. I met the people who were hands-on brewing the beer—and instead of just giving us a tour of the factory, they invited us to try the beer right from the tank and at every stage of its development. This blew my mind!
Q. Any beer and food pairings you’d recommend?

KW: A classic is a highly hopped beer with spicy Indian food. But some of the more unusual pairings include rich stouts with lots of barley and dark malts combined with chocolate, or pairing a sour Belgian beer with a delicate seafish. I’m also a huge fan of beer and cheese. It’s not so much about the flavour as it is the carbonation of the beer, which cuts through the fat of the cheese and refreshes the palate—allowing you to enjoy even more of it!

Katy’s Beer Tips

Don’t judge a beer by its colour. A lager can actually be as dark as a stout.

Beer isn’t always served in a pint. Don’t be afraid to ask for a smaller sample.

There’s a beer for every occasion & and an occasion for every beer.