“My job as a sommelier isn’t to promote the wines I like; it’s to choose something you will enjoy.”


Smart Serve certified
Accredited Sommelier, Algonquin College – Ottawa
Court of Master Sommeliers (in progress – Introductory Level)


Q. What made you decide to become a sommelier?

Giancarlo Nidasio: It’s been a journey—in every sense. I came to Canada from Guatemala in 2007 with a background in marketing and customer service. My first work opportunities here were in the hospitality field, where I eventually got involved in restaurant biz. I heard about the Algonquin College sommelier program and thought it would be a good way to expand my knowledge. I didn’t expect to finish and think, “This is what I want to do with my life”… but it was!

Q. What appeals to you about the world of wine?

GN: We’re talking about food and drink, basic human needs. It’s something so natural. And through food and drink you get to know different cultures. Everything is condensed in it: geography, history, science, etc. In a glass of wine you get a piece of the culture or region where it comes from. Once you get to know it, learn it and express it, you become passionate about it. It’s actually hard to explain… it’s just something you feel. A connection with how people live and how they used to live.

Q. How do you see the sommelier’s role?

GN: I’m trying to please people. This is why I feel so close to the Savvy Team’s way of doing things. I like Debbie’s vision of supporting Canadian wines, being local. It’s almost like a community effort. A lot of people do not know about these wines; that’s one of the key elements for me. And Canada’s industry is not well known in the world but it should be. I did a course in the U.S. where they had all the top Rieslings in the world—but none from Canada, and we produce some very excellent Rieslings. There is a lot of history in Canadian wines.

Giancarlo’s Wine & Beer Tips

A glass of wine tells a story—about people, places and cultures.

A good pairing is an exploration. It takes you beyond the horizon.

There is no wrong answer to the question, “What do you like?”