“I’m a romantic at heart: I think a good wine should evoke time and place—I want it to take me there.”


Smart Serve certified
Accredited Sommelier – Algonquin College, Ottawa
WSET Level 3 Advanced Certificate in Wine and Spirits (with Distinction)
Blog Author: Sit, Sip Savour


Q. What made you decide to become a sommelier?
A. I always felt like I was searching for something, like there was something missing in my life. In 2007, I attended the Ottawa Wine and Food Show and it dawned on me: I could do this for a living!

Q. What about it appealed to you?
A. It perfectly tied in all the things I love: food, wine, craft beers, spirits and scotch too! Plus meeting new people and learning new things. It really hit home for me how much I wanted to make this my life’s work when I was enrolled in the sommelier program at Algonquin College and found out I had breast cancer. I had to take a hiatus for surgery and treatment but I knew I wanted to get right back to my training. And I did. It made me realize you have to follow your passions and keep moving forward in life.

Q. Where has your passion for wine taken you since then?
A. I’m a romantic at heart: I love being able to put myself in the places where wines, beers and spirits come from—to meet the people who make them, to steep in their cultures. All that exploring makes for great stories to share with clients at our Savvy Events. I’ve spent a lot of time visiting wineries and breweries in Ontario and recently I was sipping my way around Vancouver Island. There are many gems out there to discover—boutique wineries, distilleries and craft breweries too. The great thing about being part of the Savvy Team is you never stop learning. I just finished all levels of the World Spirits & Education Trust accreditation, which is recognized around the world, and yet there is still so much more learning to do. I am ready!

Q. If you could organize an event and invite three famous people—living or dead—who would you invite, what would you serve, and what venue would you choose?
A. I’d want to have Florence Welch from Florence + the Machine, Princess Diana and Joan of Arc come for dinner outside a villa or château with the sun shining overhead. I’d figure out their favourite wines and foods to help me better understand them. Florence’s music is so passionate. It stirs something in me. Princess Di had such a magnetic personality, and Joan of Arc was a strong female figure—like her, I enjoy breaking down barriers, and being a Savvy sommelier helps me do that.

Wine tip or aphorism Eva’s Wine & Beer Tips

Be brave, be bold, try everything—how else will you discover what you really like?

Wine, craft beers & and scotch tell stories about where they come from. Listen with your tastebuds.

Sit, sip, savour, gather good friends—and repeat.

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