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“For me, part of the joy of entertaining is knowing every last detail is exactly right. Creating Savvy Events that are fun, exciting and unforgettable—that’s an amazing feeling.”


Smart Serve certified
Sommelier Program, Algonquin College – Ottawa (in progress)
Bachelor of Arts, McGill University – Montreal
Diploma, École de traduction et d’interprétation – Switzerland
Foreign Language Certificate, Universidad de Salamanca – Spain


Q: How did you make your first ‘Savvy connection’?

A: Debbie and I worked at the same software company before she launched Savvy Company. We both loved travelling, discovering new places and meeting new people. Our jobs took us all over Europe, so we’d meet up and explore local foods and wines together. I was going to do the sommelier program at Algonquin College the same time Debbie did, but I took another career path instead—motherhood! It’s fantastic to be back working with Debbie, this time, we’re creating the kinds of unique social experiences we used to have on our own trips.

Q: What was your most memorable wine experience?

A: The absolute best meal and wine I ever had was at the renowned Paris restaurant, Le Bouchon. The food was out of this world and our French hosts ordered the most outstanding wine I’ve ever tasted. (I later discovered it cost 275 Euros a bottle!) Enjoying amazing wine and spectacular food in a great French restaurant with friends… it was perfection.

Q: What’s the greatest thing about being part of the Savvy team?

A: What isn’t great about it? We design and host fantastic events for wine enthusiasts and corporate clients. Our Savvy Team creates an amazing atmosphere for enjoying incredible wines, craft beers and spirits. And then there’s the food, the incredible artisan cheeses from around the world. This is truly my dream job.

Q: What’s one thing you’ve learned at Savvy that you think people should know?

A: I used to drink ‘ABC’—Anything but Canadian. Now I am so glad that I have discovered the many excellent wines made right here in Ontario as well as BC, Quebec, Nova Scotia and PEI. It’s a shame that only a handful of Canadian wines and craft beers are available at local liquor stores. That’s why we’re here: to expand peoples’ wine horizons. I always think it’s so great when I hear someone has discovered a new favourite attending a Savvy Event.

Amanda’s Event Tips

A great night of friends, wine and food can be its own kind of work of art

The best adventures come one sip & bite at a time.

Put an international spin on your next toast: Skal! Biba! Salud! Gambei! CinCin!

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