Savvy Team

Meet the Savvy Sommeliers

The Savvy experience is defined most of all by the people behind it—our team of accomplished, adventurous sommeliers, fully accredited and full of creativity. Learn more about our Savvy team.

  • Debbie Trenholm

    Debbie Trenholm

    “Every bottle of wine is touched by many hands, figuratively and literally. That’s why, for me, exploring wine is about meeting the people devoted to making it—getting to know the personalities that are poured into the final product.”

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  • Vanessa Simmons

    Vanessa Simmons

    “It still amazes me that a handful of ingredients are the foundation for thousands of different types of cheese. It’s a magical thing.”

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  • Erin Bolling

    Erin Bolling

    “When you understand all that goes into producing a bottle of wine—making the blend, creating the label, writing the tasting notes—it genuinely enhances your appreciation for what you’re drinking.”

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  • Eva Nagy

    Eva Nagy

    “I’m a romantic at heart: I think a good wine should evoke time and place—I want it to take me there.”

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  • Katy Watts

    Katy Watts

    With a big red wine, you know you’re going to get those grippy tannins. But with beer, you’re not always sure what you’ll get—but that’s part of the fun.”

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  • Shawn McCormick

    Shawn McCormick

    “I love being able to tell the stories of the people behind great Canadian wines and craft beers.”

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  • Cathy Law

    Cathy Law

    “When people ask me about pairing foods and wines, I always say the most important thing to aim for is balance. When all the flavours come together—that perfect blend of everything—it’s like velvet in a glass.”

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  • Julie Stock

    Julie Stock

    “Don’t underestimate Canadian wines. You can travel to the most exotic places in the world but it’s rare that you’ll find a more outstanding collection of wines than we have here in our own backyard.”

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  • Doug Dolinski

    Doug Dolinski

    “Wine drinking has its rituals: the glasses you use, the foods you pair with. The more you learn, the more freedom you have to develop your own rituals and maximize your enjoyment.”

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  • Meaghan Baskin

    Meaghan Baskin

    “People ask me what type of beer is popular at the moment—but the answer is always changing because craft brewers are constantly trying new and exciting things.”

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  • Giancarlo Nidasio

    Giancarlo Nidasio

    “My job as a sommelier isn’t to promote the wines I like; it’s to choose something you will enjoy.”

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  • Linda Quarin

    Linda Quarin

    “I grew up making homemade sausages and salami, with wines fermenting in our garage and cheeses aging in our root cellar. I didn’t learn about food from a TV show—I’ve lived it my entire life.”

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  • Derek Vollrath

    Derek Vollrath

    “Wine is something that should be enjoyed by everyone. A bottle of wine can be the centerpiece of a great evening for any group of people.”

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  • Velma LeBlanc

    Velma LeBlanc

    “I’m a hostess by nature. I love having people into my home and serving them great wine and food. My role at Savvy Company is simply an extension of that.”

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  • Patricia Petty

    Patricia Petty

    “I always try to keep an open mind and an open palate to new experiences. Experimentation is one of the best way to educate your senses.”

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  • Susan Desjardins

    Susan Desjardins

    “My husband often asks when I’m going to stop changing my choice of favourite wine. I tell him never—because I’m constantly discovering new wine treasures.”

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