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Wishing for Fifth Town Cheese

Posted by Vanessa

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Wishing Tree, made by Fifth Town Artisan Cheese, on the northeast shores of Lake Ontario in Prince Edward County, is my “favourite sweater” cheese pick this week. With every experience you’re up wrapped in cozy comfort and warmth. A multi-award winner, Wishing Tree has received accolades at The COCA British Empire Cheese Competition, and Royal Winter Fair.

As a 3-9 month old, naturally cave aged, hard sheep’s milk cheese Wishing Tree has a dense, golden straw-colored paste with a slight greenish hue to it. Covered by its earthy, rustic toasty-colored rind, aromas abound of grass, earth, and minerals. It’s rich, nutty, and slight salty flavor makes it a good match for a medium bodied red wine and garnish to French Onion Soup (possibly as a precursor to Thanksgiving dinner?). Like Wishing Tree? Try Fellowship (mixed milk version of same) and compare. Or simply close your eyes, make a wish and say cheese!

Wishing Tree
Fifth Town Artisan Cheese
Interesting Fact:
You can often tell the milk type of a cheese by the color of the paste: sheep’s milk cheeses will range in ivory/bone tones with a green tinge, cow’s milk cheeses range in ivory/yellows/oranges, and goat’s milk cheeses snow to pearl white.

Enjoy! – Vanessa