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Outstanding in their Fields

Posted by Debbie

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

A truly OUTSTANDING evening awaits!  Over 100 wines await for you to sample…and stock up on your favorites.   Each is extra special as you won’t find these at the LCBO.  Prices range from $15 to $50 plus.  Sparkling, white, rose, reds, dessert wines…there is something for everyone at this event. 

Are you coming?

Do you have your ticket to this Taste & Buy event?  Better grab one quick as this event ALWAYS sells out. 

Simply go to 

Can’t make it, but want to order some wines?

 No problem…call the Savvy Team on 613-SAVVYCO (728-8926) and we’ll place a special order for you.   Use this list below to decide which bottles you want to include in your order.

Delivery is FREE

FREE shipping on orders of 6+ bottles – anywhere in Ontario. Order by Sunday November 11 at midnight & we’ll pick up the cost of delivery…PLUS  we’ll throw in some Savvy extras too:

> Order 6 bottles – get free delivery anywhere in Ottawa

> Order 12 bottles – free delivery + 1 ticket to County in the Capital featuring the best of Prince Edward County on April 1, 2020 at Lansdowne

> Order 24 bottles – free delivery + 1 Savvy All-Events Pass 2020 to everything we host in Ottawa & Kingston next year

> Order 36+ bottles – free delivery + 2 Savvy All-Events Pass 2020


Here is a sneak peek of what happens at this event…


Try a sip…Buy a bottle! 

Drumroll please…here is the list of all of the wines that will be open to sample…then order from the winemaker on the spot.


Back 10 Cellars – 1st time to a Savvy Event!

  • 2018 Smitten Sparkling
  • 2018 The Big Reach (Riesling)
  • 2018 Start From Scratch Chardonnay
  • 2018 The Big Leap (Cabernet Franc)


Broken Stone Winery

  • 2017 Exuberance Sparkling Riesling
  • 2017 Estate Grown Chardonnay
  • 2017 Estate Grown Pinot Noir
  • 2017 Intensity Meritage Blend


 Grange of Prince Edward

  • 2012 County Crémant ‘Citrine’
  • 2014 Chardonnay ‘Sur Lie’ Botanical Series
  • 2018 Gamay Rosé
  • 2016 Cabernet Franc


Huff Estates Winery

  • 2016 Cuvée Peter F Huff Sparkling
  • 2018 Pinot Grigio
  • 2017 Riesling Off Dry
  • 2018 Merlot


ICellars Estate Winery

  • 2017 Chardonnay 
  • 2016 Syrah 
  • 2016 Arinna (Red Blend) 
  • 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon


Karlo Estates

  • 2016 Three Witches
  • 2017 Patio Reserve Rosé
  • 2018 Marquette
  • 2017 Malbec
  • 2016 VanAlstine Red (Fortified)


Keint-He Winery

  • 2015 Portage Chardonnay
  • 2017 Greer Road Chardonnay
  • 2016 Portage Pinot Noir


KIN Vineyards

  • 2017 Kindling Sparkling Vidal
  • 2018 Civil Grit Chardonnay
  • 2018 Pinot Noir Rosé
  • 2017 Civil Grit Gamay


Marynissen Estates – 1st time to a Savvy Event!

  • 2015 Chardonnay
  • 2018 Rosé
  • 2017 Cabernet Franc
  • 2015 Platinum Series Cabernet Sauvignon


Meldville Wines

  • 2017 Chardonnay 
  • 2017 Sauvignon Blanc Fumé
  • 2017 Pinot Noir Barrel Select
  • 2017 Syrah


Reif Estate Winery

  • 2017 Sauvignon Blanc Reserve
  • 2017 Drea’s Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2017 Cabernet Franc Reserve
  • 2016 Merlot Reserve


Rosehall Run Vineyards

  • N/V Ceremony Traditional Method Sparkling
  • 2017 Unoaked Chardonnay Hungry Point
  • 2017 Hungry Point White
  • 2016 Pinot Noir, Silver Fox Block


Southbrook Vineyards

  • 2018 Organic Bubbly (Pet Nat)
  • 2016 Seriously Cool Chardonnay
  • 2013 Seriously Cool Red
  • 2017 Triomphe Merlot
  • 2017 Witness Block Cabernet Sauvignon


Sprucewood Shores

  • 2018 Sparkling Riesling
  • 2017 Barrel Chardonnay
  • 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon Hawks’ Flight Reserve, Appassimento


The Hare Wine Co. – 1st time to a Savvy Event!

  • 2018 Crown Land Sparkling
  • 2016 Frontier Dry Riesling
  • 2017 Crown Land Red 
  • 2016 Crown Land Red
  • 2018 Jack Rabbit Red


Trail Estate Winery

  • 2017 Unfiltered Chardonnay
  • 2018 Gewürztraminer Orange Wine
  • 2017 Baco Noir
  • 2016 Hedonism Cabernet Franc


Traynor Vineyard

  • 2016 Skin Fermented Chardonnay
  • 2017 Ten Rows Sauvignon Blanc
  • 2016 Pinot Noir
  • 2017 Cabernet Franc


Two Sisters Vineyards

  • 2017 Sauvignon Blanc (Savvy Exclusive Price)
  • 2016 Unoaked Chardonnay (Old Vines) (Savvy Exclusive Price)
  • 2017 Margo Rosé (Savvy Exclusive Price)
  • 2013 Estate Red (Savvy Exclusive Price)


Westcott Vineyards

  • 2017 Violette Sparkling Brut
  • 2017 Estate Chardonnay
  • 2018 Temperance Red (Gamay/Pinot Noir)
  • 2016 Estate Pinot Noir



Why are there no prices? 

Winemakers are crunching numbers to create special prices – only available at this event! Wines typically range from $15- 50/bottle with the majority in the $20-35 price points.

Looking forward to seeing you at Outstanding in their Fields!



Order Outstanding Wines, Ciders & Spirits!

Posted by Debbie

Thursday, October 25th, 2018

Here is the inside scoop of all that will be featured at this year’s Outstanding in their Fields.  These hard-to-find wines, craft ciders & artisan spirits are not available at the LCBO, so this is a great opportunity to Taste then Buy any of the bevvies beloe that you want to enjoy at home & serve at holiday parties.

It’s no wonder why Outstanding in their Fields is Ottawa’s favorite event of the year!

This event always sells out!
Got your tickets?? >>


Unable to join us…but want to order?

No problem. Our Team of Savvy Sommerliers are ready to help you stock on anything featured at this Taste & Buy event.  Simply call 613-SAVVYCO (728-8926) to place your order. FREE shipping applies to orders received by midnight on Sunday November 11th.

From Prince Edward County

Broken Stone Winery
Exuberance Sparkling Riesling $24.95
2016 Pinot Gris $15.95
2016 Sans Chêne (unoaked Chardonnay) $15.95
2016 Cabernet Franc $19.95
2016 Intensity Meritage $24.95


Casa-Dea Estates Winery
2017 Dea’s Sparkling Rosé $21.95
2016 Chardonnay Reserve $26.95
2015 Pinot Noir $21.95
2015 Cabernet Franc Reserve $26.95


FieldBird Cider
Buzzing Chatter $15.00
Boldly Speckled $20.00


Grange of Prince Edward
2016 Victoria Block Chardonnay $30.00
2016 Isabella Block Pinot Gris $33.00
2016 Estate Grown Cabernet Franc $27.95
2015 Estate Grown Pinot Noir $29.95


Huff Estates
2016 Cuvee Janine Sparkling Rosé   SPECIAL $27.00 (reg $30)
2017 Pinot Gris $20.00 (reg $22)
2017 All Day Rosé $18.00
2017 Pinot Noir Reserve SPECIAL $35.00 (reg $40)

Karlo Estates

2017 Gewürztraminer $19.00
2016 Three Witches $20.00
2017 Marquette $20.00
2016 Cabernet Franc $39.00
2016 VanAlstine Red (fortified) $29.00


Keint-He Estates
2015 Voyageur Riesling SPECIAL $17.00 (reg $20)
2014 Portage Chardonnay $25.00
2017 Portage Rosé $25.00
2014 Portage Pinot Noir $25.00


Kings Mill Cider
Premium $12.95
Ginger $14.95
Hopped $14.95
Scrumpy $16.95
Arrested Development $17.95
Ice Cider (200 mL) $19.95


Trail Estates Winery
2018 Pétiallant Naturel (Pet-Nat) $35
2016 Wild Ferment Gewürztraminer $30.00
2017 Skin-Ferment Gewürztraminer $35.00
2016 Wild Ferment Chardonnay $45.00
2016 Wild Ferment Cabernet Franc $45.00


Traynor Vineyards
2017 Pet-Nat $40.00
2016 Sauvignon Blanc $25.00
2016 Pinot Gris $25.00
2017 Gamay Noir $35.00
2016 Pinot Noir SPECIAL $35.00 (reg $45)
2016 Orange (Skin-Fermented Chardonnay) $40.00
Vermouth $35.00


From Niagara

Di Profio Estate Winery
2016 Kitchen Zinc (white blend) $17.95
2016 Just What the Doctor Ordered (Gamay) SPECIAL: $19.95 (reg $21.95)
2015 Cabernet Merlot $23.95
2016 Select Late Harvest Riesling $24.95


Legends Estates Winery
2016 Barrel Ferment Pinot Gris $20.00
2017 Traminer $20.00
2012 Malbec Reserve $26.50
2012 Petit Verdot $26.50


Meldville Wines
2017 Sauvignon Blanc $20.00
2017 Chardonnay $20.00
2017 Pinot Noir $27.00
2017 Syrah $27.00


Redstone Winery
2017 Redfoot Vineyard Viognier $19.95
Craft Cider – 6 pack $20.70


Reif Estates Winery
2017 Chenin Blanc $18.95
2017 Kerner Reserve $18.95
2017 Shiraz $18.95
2017 Merlot Reserve $29.95


Southbrook Vineyards
2017 Wild Ferment Cider $13.95
2017 Riesling $22.95
2016 Estate Chardonnay $40.00
2017 Gamay $24.95
2016 Pinot Noir $35.00


Sue-Ann Staff Winery
2015 Lavelle’s Vidal SPECIAL $14.95 (reg $16.95)
2016 Mabel’s V.C.R. (white blend) $28.95
2016 The Chestnut Tree Cabernet Franc $34.95
2016 Howard’s Icewine Vidal (200mL) $24.95 OR  (375mL) $39.95


Tawse Winery
2016 Limestone Ridge Sparkling Riesling $20.95
2015 Chardonnay $19.95
2013 Cabernet Merlot $21.95
Craft Cider – 6 pack $20.10


Two Sisters Vineyards
2017 Margo Rosé $22.95 (only from us!)
2016 Unoaked Old Vines Chardonnay SPECIAL $29.50 (reg $39)
2012 Estate Red Reserve $23.95 (only from us!)


Westcott Vineyards
2017 Violette Sparkling Brut $25.95
2016 Estate Chardonnay $27.95
2017 Pinot Noir Rosé $22.95
2015 Estate Pinot Noir $30.00


From Ottawa Valley

Dairy Distillery
VodKow (500ml) – $25.00
VodKow (750ml) – $36.00


Farmgate Cider
3 Bros Dry Cider – 4 pack $18.00
Bee Squared Off Dry Cider – 4 pack $18.00
Russet Dry Cider – 4 pack $18.00
Sugar Bush Off Dry Cider – 4 pack $18.00


KIN Vineyards
2017 KINdling Sparkling Vidal $22.95
2016 Civil Grit Chardonnay $20.95
2017 Understory Marechal Foch $22.95
2017 Civil Grit Gamay $23.95


From further afield…

Reunion Moonshine – Perth
Apple Pie Moonshine $32.95
Butter Tart Moonshine $32.95
Citrus Mint Moonshine $32.95
Strawberry Moonshine $32.95
Wild Blueberry Moonshine $32.95


Windswept Orchard Co. – Meaford

Crimson Crisp (500ml) $12.00
Ida Red (500ml) $12.00
Golden Russet (500ml) $14.00
Wild Heirloom Perry (500ml) $18.00
Perennial Cider (750ml) $18.00
Lost Orchard (750ml) $22.00




SOLDOUT! County in the Capital

Posted by Debbie

Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

County in the Capital is happening again on Thursday April 20, 2017.  It is another sellout event.  This year there is even MORE neat bevvies to try…and buy. 150+ wines, craft beers, ciders & spirits too.  And of course there will be artisan cheese & treats too!

Below is the list of bevvies that will be available for you to sip & sample.  These gems are not at the LCBO, so this evening is designed to try as many as you like…then order those you want to enjoy at home.  Just like ordering from Amazon or your favorite online shop, you can have bottles delivered to your home or office.

Order in person by attending County in the Capital where you can meet the makers OR order online (until April 23rd) from us.


County in the Capital is so popular that every year we host the event in a bigger space…yet we always sell out!  It’s a special occasion to have all of Prince Edward County under 1 roof AND to have them all in Ottawa.



Look what bevvies will be available to Taste & Buy:

Casa-Dea Estates Winery

2016 Dea’s Cuvée Sparkling $20.95

2016 Pinot Gris $18.95

2013 Cabernet Franc $18.95

2013 Pinot Noir Reserve $21.95

Devils Wishbone Winery

2016 Wicked White $19.00

2016 Pinot Gris Rosé $22.00

2014 Cabernet Franc $25.00

2014 Pinot Noir $29.00

Half Moon Bay Winery

2014 Riesling $16.00

2013 Merlot $24.00

Huff Estates – last month’s featured winery in our Savvy Selections wine-o-month club

2016 Pinot Gris $22.00

2016 Riesling Off Dry $20.00

2016 Rosé $19.00

2014 Pinot Noir Reserve $35.00

2014 South Bay Merlot $40.00

Karlo Estates – this month’s featured winery in our Savvy Selections wine-o-month club

2013 Three Witches $20.00

2015 Niagara Peninsula Riesling $22.00

2013 Chardonnay $25.00

2015 Patio Reserve Rosé $18.00

2013 Triumvirate $28.00

2015 Pinot Noir $35.00

2014 Van Alstine Red (fortified) $39.00

Keint-He Winery & Vineyards

2015 Voyageur Gewürztraminer $20.00

2015 Voyageur Riesling $20.00

2014 Portage Chardonnay $25.00

2014 Greer Road Chardonnay $35.00

2014 Portage Pinot Noir $30.00

2012 Queenston Road Pinot Noir $30.00

Lacey Estates Winery

2015 Riesling Off-Dry $19.95

2013 Gewurztraminer Off-Dry $19.95

2015 Pinot Noir $25.00

2012 Cabernet Franc $32.00

2012 Dorland Reserve $32.00

2012 Cabernet Franc Magnum 1.5 L $60.00

2012 Dorland Reserve Magnum 1.5 L $60.00

Lighthall Vineyards

Progression Sparkling $20.00

Fence Sparkling Rosé $25.00

2016 Riesling $25.00

Stanners Vineyard

2014 Riesling $23.00

2015 Chardonnay PEC $30.00

2014 Pinot Noir PEC $30.00

2014 Barrel Select Pinot Noir PEC $39.00

The Grange of Prince Edward

2014 Select Riesling $21.95

2013 Estate Chardonnay $21.95

2013 Select Gamay Noir $22.95

2013 Select Cabernet Franc $24.95

Trail Estate Winery

2015 Sauvignon Blanc $26.00

2015 Wild-Ferment Riesling $28.00

2015 Barrel Ferment Riesling $28.00

2014 Barrel Ferment Chardonnay $32.00

2015 Unfiltered Chardonnay (pre-release) $32.00

2013 Cabernet2 $39.00

2014 Cabernet2 $39.00

Traynor Family Vineyard

2015 Sauvignon Blanc $25.00

2014 Chardonnay $25.00

2015 Baco Noir $25.00

Madonna Vermouth $35.00

Waupoos Estates Winery

2015 Honeysuckle $12.95

2015 White Rabbit $14.95

2013 Pink Rabbit $14.95

2015 Red Rabbit $16.95

2015 Baco Noir $21.95


And there will be craft beers & ciders too!

401 Cider Brewery

Orchard Blend Cider 6-pack $19.50

Pear Apple Cider 6-pack $19.50

Caramel Apple Cider $15.95

The Gatsby (cocoa infused) $15.95

Barley Days Brewery

County IPA $6.50

Cherry Porter $6.50

County Light 6-pack  $18.00

Sacred Mule Sparkling Ale 6-pack $18.00

Harvest Gold Pale Ale 6-pack $18.00

Wind & Sail Dark Ale 6-pack $18.00

Clafeld Cider

Smashed Hard Apple Cider 6-pack $14.95

Elderflower Cider & Wine 6-pack $22.50

Rosehip Cider & Wine 6-pack $22.50

Framboise 6-pack $22.50

County Cider Company

County Apple Cider $5.95

County Pear $6.90

County Peach $6.90

County Blood Orange $6.90

County Feral $6.90

Tortured Path $7.95

Waupoos Premium 4-pack $13.55

And new to County in the Capital this year….

Kinsip House of Fine Spirits

Still’s Whisper Vodka $39.95

Juniper’s Wit Gin $39.95

Duck Island Rum $63.95

Du Bois Maple Whisky $35.95

Crimson Rye $68.95



 To top it all off, these cool creations will also be featured:


5th Town Artisan Cheese

La Fromagerie Folie Bergeres


Gourmet Artisans…


County Posters

Emerson Pringle Carpentry

Prince Edward County Hot Sauce Company


Travel & Tourism…

Prince Edward County Tourism


Mark our words, County in the Capital is ALWAYS a fun night out…and you will get lots of tips on places to visit when you head down to The County.  Here’s our top 101 to do in PEC tips to get you started!





Discover what makes The County so cool!

Posted by Debbie

Friday, March 3rd, 2017

They’re ba-a-a-a-a-ck!  On Thursday April 20th, the 6th annual County in the Capital will be THE event in Ottawa to meet the makers of wines, spirits, craft beers & ciders all made in Prince Edward County.  And there will be artisan cheese as well as gourmet artisan goodies.

Oh…so many bevvies to Try & Buy

There will be something for everyone – sparkling, white, rose, red & dessert wines along with refreshing craft ciders, beers & artisan spirits too. All of the bevvies at this event are ones that you probably haven’t tried before. You definitely won’t find them at your local LCBO, grocery stores or The Beer Store. This is one of the neat things about our Taste & Buy events…you get to sample the newest bevvies & meet the cool people who make them.

Mark my word, there will be over 100 different drinks to try and buy.  To help you prep your power shopping, we will email you the entire list of featured products AND at the event, our team of Savvy Sommeliers will be on hand to give you tips & help you find new County favorites.

Shopping never tasted this good!

This night is all about stocking up on your new found favorites.  When you order ANY combination of 6, 12 or more bottles from ANY of the showcased wineries, breweries, cideries or distilleries, shipping is absolutely FREE. Your parcel will be hand delivered by courier to your home or office soon after the event. It is that easy to always have The County at your fingertips.

Tickets are now on sale…

Buy a $80 ticket & bring a friend for FREE>>

Bring a group of 4 for $150>>

UPGRADE your ticket for $25 & be a V.I.T. (Very Important Taster)>>
These prices include absolutely everything – samples galore, Savvy tasting glasses & good ol HST.

Check out who is coming:

Barley Days Brewery

Craft Cider
401 Cider Brewery
Clafeld Cider House
County Cider Company

Artisan Spirits
Kinsip House of Fine Spirits (new owners of 66 Gilead Distillery)

Casa-Dea Estates Winery
Del-Gatto Estates Winery
Devils Wishbone
Half Moon Bay Winery
Huff Estates
Karlo Estates
Keint-He Winery & Vineyards
Lacey Estates Winery
Lighthall Vineyards
Stanners Vineyard
The Grange of Prince Edward
Trail Estate Winery
Traynor Family Estates
Waupoos Estate Winery

La Fromagerie Folie Bergeres
Lighthall Vineyards & Dairy

Gourmet Artisans
Emerson Pringle Carpentry

Travel Tips
Prince Edward County Tourism

…and there will be many more. Watch this space or follow us on Facebook & Instagram for updates too!

Unable to join us?  You can still order…

The Savvy Team is ready to help you stock up on your County favorites. Simply call 613-SAVVYCO (728-8926) to place your order. FREE shipping applies to orders received by April 23rd.


Our Savvy Taste & Buy Events always sell out quickly.
Buy your tickets >>





We have lots of Savvy Gift Ideas!

Posted by Debbie

Tuesday, December 11th, 2012

Are you making a list?…and checking it twice? No need to battle the crowded malls as you & Santa can turn to Savvy Company for lots of great gifts that will WOW everyone on your shopping list. Our Savvy Sommeliers have created one-of-a-kind gifts for anyone who loves wine, artisan cheese & craft beer.

Call on the Savvy Gift Hotline (anytime)  at  613.SAVVYCO (613.728.8926) or

AND . . . don’t forget a gift for yourself – Santa has noticed that you too have been VERY good this year!

For the WINE Lover on your list…

Gift Idea #1 – Subscription to SAVVY SELECTIONS wine of the month club

Did you know that our Savvy Selections wine of the month club is the largest wine of the month club featuring Ontario wines not available at the LCBO.  And Savvy Selections was recently featured on CBC Radio’s “Fresh Air”  as one of the top gifts for those hard to buy  people!

With a subscription to Savvy Selections, each month, 3 different bottles of wine from a different Ontario winery are delivered to your home or office.  The wines range from $15 to $35 per bottle and are selected by our Savvy Sommeliers ensuring that you will receive the best combination of red wines, white wines, sparkling wines and occasionally we would offer an option of dessert wine.  AND you’ll get to know the winemakers and the stories behind the wines in our monthly Savvy eZine along with recipes our Sommeliers have chosen specifically to match each wine.

‘A subscription to Savvy Selections is like Christmas for adults!’ – Colleen

OUR HOLIDAY SPECIAL: subscribe for 3 months!



Gift Idea #2 – WINE APPRECIATION ‘CLASS’ – a day with a Sommelier

Offered only once a year! On Saturday January 26, Savvy Sommelier Debbie will host this day long ‘class’ for you to learn the FUNdamentals of wine by sipping and sampling wines from around the world. In this jam packed day you will learn wine lingo, tips and tricks on choosing wine from a restaurant wine list, pairing food with wines, the importance of glassware and decanters . . . and you will even learn how to sabre a bottle of bubbly!

$135 per person
ather a group of 4 people  and pay only $500 

Register for this fun wine ‘class’ > >


For the CHEESE Lover on your list . . .

The Great Canadian Cheese Discovery!

Back by popular demand! Join Savvy Cheese Sommelier Vanessa for a fun – not to mention delicious – evening tasting and learning about Canadian artisan cheeses. Vanessa will share with you stories about the people who make the cheeses, cheese tasting techniques and other insider tips!

Join us for one – or all three cheese tastings!

Tickets $55 per event or $150 for all three

Wrap up tickets  as a gift! > > 


For the CRAFT BEER Lover on your list . . .

BEER 101 ‘CLASS’ – featuring local and imported craft brews

Always a sell out! Join us for these two fun ‘classes’ at Ottawa’s Kichesippi Beer Company. Your ‘teacher’ is Kichesippi’s owner and Savvy friend Paul Meek.  The ‘class’ will take place amongst the kettles and bags of hops in the brewery as you sample a variety of different styles and learn the artistry of craft beers. These are fun night outs for anyone who enjoys a cold one!  Hint: If you are thinking ahead, tickets to this event are also a great Valentine’s gift for that special someone in your life!

Tickets $55 per event or $110 for both ‘classes’

Put tickets to these events under the tree > >

Wines for holiday entertaining – Stock up and SAVE

ANNOUNCING Savvy Bin Ends – a new way to buy great Ontario wines at great prices. Every two weeks, we feature an Ontario wine that is available only through Savvy Company at a discounted price.  Here are our top wine picks to stock up on for holiday entertaining or to give to your special friends.

Sparkling wine – $7 off!

Our current Savvy Bin Ends offer features a duo of Ontario sparkling wines made using the same winemaking techniques as French Champagne.  Serve when guests arrive for dinner or have in the fridge ready for New Years Eve or to give to friends and colleagues.  Everyone enjoys a bottle of bubbly!  Stock up on bottles of bubbly at this great price!>> 

Love port?  You’ll love this one – only $13.95!

Our most popular Savvy Bin Ends yet! We’re holding over this offer so you can stock up on this delicious aged port to enjoy on wintery evenings by the fireplace, serve after dinner parties or give as a one-of-a-kind gift.  ‘This port ROCKS!. I’ll be ordering another case.’ stated Greg – a new Savvy Bin Ends customer Greg. Buy before its all gone!


Want to have your own wine, cheese or craft beer tasting?

The Savvy Team will create special events featuring wine, artisan cheese or craft beer as client appreciation events, teambuilding activities for your employees or unique get togethers for friends and family in your own home. Leave it to our team of 14 accredited Sommeliers to organize all of the details to make a fun and memorable event. Or, we can personally select and source premium wines, artisan cheeses and craft beers for you to make your next event extra special.

You invite the guests, our Savvy Sommeliers will take care of the rest!


And we have MANY more Savvy gift ideas!

Call the Savvy Team ANYTIME on 613.SAVVYCO (613.728.8926) or email us on cheers@savvycompany.cato help you make your holidays merry and bright with great gifts of wines, artisan cheese and craft beers.


Happy Holidays from all of us at Savvy Company and here’s to a fantastic new year!

-Debbie & the Savvy Team


Hurry! Our Savvy Seat Sale is over May 1 at midnight…

Posted by Debbie

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Our Savvy Event calendar in May is overflowing with Ontario wine, artisan cheese and craft beer events. We don’t want you to miss any of these fun nights out!

We’re having a Savvy Seat Sale!

Buy online before the clock strikes midnight on Tuesday May 1st and save $10 off any ticket to our Savvy Events in May. Simply click on the event link and quote PROMO CODE: SAVVYSALE

Hurry! There’s limited seating and special pricing ends on Tuesday May 1 at midnight.

Join us at one event or come to them ALL – with each ticket purchase, you’ll save $10 off the regular ticket price.


May 2Ontario Artisan Cheese Tasting with our Cheese Sommelier Vanessa Simmons – she will show you the ‘whey’ with plates of locally made cheese. Named as one of Ottawa’s ‘Must do events’ – only 6 seats left!
Savvy Seat Sale: $50 (reg $60)


May 9 – An Ottawa first: County in the City wine tasting featuring over 15 winemakers and winery owners from Prince Edward County who will be serving their best wines from ‘The County’. Sip, sample + stock up on new favorite wines from The County.
Savvy Seat Sale price: $45 (reg $55)


May 15Craft Beer 101 ‘class’ featuring local brews. Our most popular beer tasting event. Join us at Ottawa’s own Kichesippi Beer Co to learn the lingo, pour a perfect pint + taste an array of brews – all made in Ottawa. Homework never tasted this good!
Savvy Seat Sale price: $50 (reg $60) – only 8 seats left!


May 30 – All 28 wineries from Niagara-on-the-Lake are hitting Highway 401 and traveling to Ottawa to showcase 56 Wines from One Unforgettable Place . Taste + try wines that are perfect for summer sipping. Buy them directly from the winemaker – you won’t find these outstanding wines at the LCBO.
Savvy Seat Sale price: $45 (reg $55)

Can’t decide which Savvy Event to attend?
Buy an all inclusive ticket for these 4 Savvy Events at a SUPER SEAT SALE price of $180 (save $50).

Have you already purchased tickets to a Savvy Event this May? No worries. We’ll give you a credit for the difference in ticket prices to apply to an upcoming Savvy Event. All ticket prices include HST.

This Spring Seat Sale is a Savvy first. Hop on online to buy your tickets and join us for delicious discoveries of Ontario’s best wines, artisan cheese + craft beers.

We look forward to seeing you this month at Savvy Event.

The Savvy Team

PS – Looking for a reason to travel? Here’s our recommended getaways:

May 26Terroir – A County Wine Celebration – All Prince Edward County wineries are under one roof for this special festival – a perfect way to sip your way around Canada’s fastest growing wine region – only 3 hour drive from Ottawa + Toronto!

June 1 to 3 – Love cheese? You’ll love the Great Canadian Cheese Festival . This delicious weekend in Picton offers loads of opportunities to learn + explore that Canadian cheese is more than just cheddar!

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A fun day in the country – Chefs Cook-off at Midsummer HerbFest

Posted by Debbie

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

The annual Midsummer Herbfest, an Ottawa Valley tradition returns for its sixteenth year. It is a fun one-day must-attend event for those interested in herbs, gardening, cooking and living a healthy lifestyle. Held on the grounds of The Herb Garden, a privately owned AGRI-tourist destination in an idyllic rural setting that provides for a unique rural ambience.

For the 8th year in a row, we are proud to be involved in the ever popular Chef Cookoff. As MC & Sommelier, I will present the dishes, offer wine & food pairing tips, as well as Ontario wines that will match perfectly with the chefs’ creations.

The popular Chef Cook-off, boasting three esteemed local chefs:
Cesare Santaguida, owner & chef at Vittoria Trattoria (located in the Byward Market as well as Riverside

Neil Mather, Executive Chef at Graffiti’s located in the Holiday Inn Kanata

Brian Vallipuram, Executive Chef at Grill 41 located in Lord Elgin Hotel

Each year, the chefs are challenged to create any recipe including the Herbfest’s themed herb – this year it is horse radish & showcase their talent by doing a cooking demo under the big top tent before 100s of people. Here is a sneak preview of the recipes. Try them before Herbfest, or join us to see the chefs in action on July 24 – see you there!  More about Midsummer Herbfest at

Horseradish & raisin risotto | pan seared Bison tenderlion

Chef Cesare Santaguida, Vittoria Trattoria

Serves: 4 persons

Beet Risotto
¼ cup extra virgin olive oil
2 tablespoons butter
2 shallots (finely chopped)
2 tablespoons fresh horseradish (grated)
2 tablespoons Miso paste
1 cup Arborio rice
½ cup white wine
4 cups chicken stock
½ cup raisins
Parmigiano Reggiano

In a large sauce pan, heat olive oil and half of the butter over medium heat. Cook shallots for about 3 minutes until translucent, stirring occasionally. Add Arborio rice and continue stirring for another minute. Add wine horseradish and Miso paste stir for 2 minutes, or until wine has evaporated. Pour in 1 cup of the chicken stock and let reduce. Slowly add one ladle of chicken stock and stir until evaporated. Repeat this step until the risotto is al dente (16 to 20 minutes). Use remaining chicken stock to finish the cooking process. Remove from heat and mix in the remaining butter, raisins and parmigiano cheese.

Bison Tenderloin
1 ½ to 2 pounds Bison (or beef) tenderloin
2 teaspoons grape seed oil
salt and pepper to taste

In a saucepan on high heat, add 2 teaspoons of grape seed oil. Once the oil is hot, place meat in pan. Sear for 3 to 4 min per side.

Salt and pepper to taste.

Plating Directions
Place about ½ cup of risotto on plate, Place 1 piece of tenderloin

Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil.

Fitzroy Beef Tenderloin with salsify & bean salad in horseradish dressing

Chef Neil Mather, Graffiti’s

2x 3oz medallion of local beef tenderloin pan seared medallions med rare to medium

1 slice white bread cubed without crust
1/2 cup cream
grated horseradish root
ground clove
salt & pepper

bring ingredients to the boil & blend

1 shaved salsify
2 oz green beans blanched & sliced
1oz sesame oil
1 pinch sesame seeds
salt & pepper to taste
grated horseradish root

toss ingredients together

Plating: Plate salad with medallions of beef & horseradish sauce. Garnish with infused chive oil & tarragon sprig

Roulade of Salmon & Scallop with Tomato Horseradish Cream Sauce

Chef Brian Vallipura, Grill 41

8 ozs salmon
2 U-10 scallops
2 plum tomatoes – diced
2 tablespoon fresh horse radish – grated
½ onion (medium size) – diced
1 spoon pickled ginger
¼ cup oil
2 tablespoons garlic
1 cup 35% cream
75 ml rice vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste
Mixture of fresh herbs (rosemary, thyme & parsley chopped)

Slice salmon into four thin pieces and marinate with fresh herbs (thyme and rosemary), a teaspoon of garlic and a teaspoon of oil. Place scallops in the middle of salmon and roll into two rosettes and set aside (to hold together, use bamboo skewers).

– In a small sauce pan preheat and add three teaspoon of oil. Sautee onion, garlic and diced

tomatoes and stir while cooking for approximately 5 mins.

– Add vinegar, cream, and ginger, cover and simmer for 10 minutes on low heat. Remove from

heat. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add fresh horseradish.

In a non-stick frying pan, heat pan and add remaining oil. Fry bottom side of salmon rosette for about 2 minutes. Sprinkle with a bit of salt and finish in the oven at 375 for 7-8 minutes. If no oven available, cover the frying pan with a dome cover and add a teaspoon of butter, a touch of water (to prevent from drying and sticking) simmer for 7 minutes.

Plating: Pour sauce on a warm plate. Place salmon rosette in the middle and serve. ENJOY!