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Sippin’ & Nibblin’ Niagara wines & cheeses

Posted by Debbie

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

Vanessa & I hit the road bound for Niagara to have a weekend of full of wine & cheese discoveries.  Naturally, one of our stops was an early morning amazing visit to Upper Canada Cheese Company.  After a tour of the facility & the aging rooms with Cheesemaker – Lauren Arsenault – she asked us to pair their signature cheeses with wines from nearby wineries. “We are always asked here at the store which wines to serve with the cheeses.”

With several bottles of VQA wines uncorked I rounded up the team of Savvy Sommeliers to roll up our sleeves and find delicious matches of cheese & wine. As the saying goes, “It is a tough job, but someone has got to do it”.

Here is a great video about Upper Canada Cheese.

If you have your favorite Niagara cheese & wine pairing, let me know!

Cheers & enjoy,

Upper Canada Niagara Gold

At Upper Canada, Lauren handcrafts her cheeses with milk from a herd of Guernsey cows from a farm down the road. The milk is high in minerals & contains plenty of fat which is key to the rich taste of their cheeses.

Niagara Gold is a washed rind cheese that is handcrafted into a large round that weighs 1.8kgs & is aged for 4 months (or even aged longer!) before it is sliced into wedges & available to enjoy. 

Savvy Sommeliers wine pairing recommendations:
White Wines

Red Wines

Sweet Wines

Upper Canada Comfort Cream

Comfort Cream is a camembert style cheese named to pay tribute to the Comfort family who were the first farmers to provide their Guernsey Milk for cheesemaking.

Savvy Sommeliers wine pairing recommendations:
White Wines

 Red Wines

Nosey Goat Camelot

A bit different from the other cheeses made at Upper Canada, Camelot is a semi-firm washed rind made with goat cheese. Lauren describes the cheese: Its rind is deliciously salty while presenting a cheese that is both delicate and fresh tasting.

Savvy Sommeliers wine pairing recommendations:
White Wines

 Red Wines



Niagara Artisan cheese worth its weight in gold

Posted by Vanessa

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

This week’s summer fun cheese pick is Niagara Gold, a semi-firm, washed-rind cow’s milk cheese from Upper Canada Cheese Company, in Jordan Station, Niagara — producers who are dedicated to making high quality, handcrafted artisan cheeses. You’ll notice the beautiful, golden yellow slightly open paste (inside of the cheese showing small holes) & darker apricot/peach coloured rind. Niagara Gold is so distinct that it’s reminiscent of a solid bar of 24K gold.

This beauty has a tinge of sweetness & tastes rich, buttery, creamy & slightly nutty, due to the Guernsey cow’s milk used to make it. Guernsey cows yield richer milk, higher in butterfat and protein, than other breeds and there are less than a dozen herds in Canada. While made in Ontario – Niagara Gold can be enjoyed here in the Nation’s Capital, from coast to coast in Canada and has been requested from as far away as Shanghai. Claim to fame? Prince Charles enjoyed Niagara Gold on his visit to Niagara last year.


Niagara Gold
Upper Canada Cheese Company
Where To Buy:
Ottawa BagelShop & Deli (Westboro)
Interesting Fact:
Guernsey cow milk is high in beta carotene, producing the extra burst of golden colour lending Niagara Gold its name.

Enjoy! – Vanessa