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Here’s the ‘Curd on the Street’ on Goat & Sheep Cheese

Posted by Alexandra Kay

Monday, June 7th, 2021

Summer is here and we are eager to visit some of the outdoor Farmers’ Markets in the area and see what tasty creations local artisan cheesemakers have to offer. Anyone who thinks unique and interesting cheese is only created overseas has obviously never had a chance to explore & sample the delicious artisan cheese being made right here in Canada. And not just cheese made from cow’s milk – Canadian cheesemakers are making some award-winning cheese from goat & sheep milk as well.

Mariposa Dairy, located in Lindsay, Ontario (just northwest of Peterborough) is consistently winning medals at cheese competitions worldwide for its various types of goat & sheep cheese. Mariposa’s soft goat cheeses are now sold throughout Canada – and even the U.S. – with the volume of goat milk used now sitting at 18 MILLION litres a year!

But there’s also some incredible artisan small-batch cheddar cheese being created at Mariposa. Pieter van Oudenaren is the artisan cheesemaker that oversees those creations…like the award-winning Lenberg Farms Lindsay Bandaged Goat Cheddar with its crunchy crystals and dense, creamy centre. “One of the favourite parts of my job is working the Farmers’ Markets and seeing people’s eyes light up when they taste this cheddar!” says Pieter. 

This is a cheese that’s hand crafted in small batches using a traditional method that sees the cheese wheel wrapped with cheesecloth, which helps to age and preserve the flavour. Each wheel is placed on a pine board in a humidity controlled room and turned every week to assure aging happens evenly.

Pieter says a similar process is used to make Tania Toscana, an aged sheep milk cheese which develops a mild, sweet & nutty flavour. 

Mariposa’s goat & sheep cheeses are being featured this summer in our Savvy Cool Curds cheese of the month club. If you’re a cheese lover or have one in your life, this is the best possible gift you can get! All the details at

Cool Curds Calendar


  • MAY – Mariposa Cheese – Lindsay, Ontario

  • JUNE – Fromagerie les Folies Bergères – Saint-Sixte, Quebec

  • JULY – Special assortment of cheeses from small cheesemakers in Ontario & Quebec

  • AUG – Quality Cheese – Woodbridge.  A Savvy tradition! Every summer we send subscribers fresh mozzarella, Burrata cheese, the best feta ever & fresh ricotta to enjoy al fresco!

Did You Know!

  • Goat milk is similar in nutritional composition to cow milk but is a better source of protein, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C.
  • Goat milk is lower in lactose (milk sugars) and the smaller fat globule size in the milk makes it more easily digested.
  • Many individuals who experience lactose intolerance are able to enjoy goat milk and other goat dairy products.

Savvy Cool Curds customer quote

“Let me just take this opportunity to let you know how much I love receiving my boxes. It always creates great excitement in our household. Thank you SO much for the joy you bring us.” – Barbara in Mississauga 


Mariposa’s Baked Mediterranean Goat Cheese Dip  
perfect for Summer snacking on the backyard deck

4 ounces Mariposa Celebrity Mediterranean Goat Cheese

¾ cup pitted olives

¼ cup cherry tomatoes

3 sprigs thyme

1 garlic clove, minced

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil


Preheat oven to 350°F / 180°C.
Place goat cheese in a small oven-proof serving dish. Sprinkle olives, tomatoes, thyme, and garlic around the cheese. If olives are large, slice in half or quarters. Drizzle the olive oil on top and around all of the goat cheese.

Bake for 20-30 minutes or until the cheese is soft. Serve with fresh bread and crackers.


Soft Chèvre Superb for a Spring Menu

Posted by Vanessa

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

My cheese pick this week hails from Canada’s West coast, as a tasty way to swing into spring.  Soft Chèvre is only one of many unique, handcrafted goat and sheep milk cheeses from David Wood’s Salt Spring Island Cheese Company, nestled among the Gulf Islands between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Colombia.  Having discovered this quaint, artisan community almost 20 years ago while on a chartered sailing adventure, I experienced firsthand how lifestyle is the order of the day for the local residents.

Beautifully packaged, the very small round containers are designed to show off a variety of flavors & garnishes including red peppercorns, edible flowers, roasted garlic, rosemary and basil to name a few.  Inside you’ll find a soft, pasteurized, unripened goat’s milk chèvre that is smooth & creamy with a hint of tanginess.  Festive and fabulous for entertaining – serve on homemade crackers, spread on crispy baguette with smoked salmon, melt over grilled vegetables, fold into omelets, mash into potatoes, crumble on salad or toss into fresh pasta.   Makes a great “alternative” hostess gift.  Find at Jacobson’s Gourmet Concepts in Ottawa’s East end or if you happen to be in BC, stop by the Salt Spring Island Saturday market to sample their fresh never packaged chèvre for a not to miss experience.


Cheese:  Soft Chèvre
Producer: Salt Spring Island Cheese Company
Interesting Fact: Fresh chèvre has a higher level of acidity than found in all other cheeses.





PHOTO CREDIT: Soft Chèvre by Vanessa Simmons