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Getting the Full Package

Posted by Debbie

Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

Our Courier Partners

Supporting local businesses has always been important to us, and we thought it would be fun to share our courier partners’ backstories so that you know more about the delivery folks next time they arrive at your doorstep. Gopher It Deliveries (Ottawa-based) and Phyxiat (multiple locations) are both small family-run businesses founded by husband & wife teams…and, coincidentally, both the wives are the Big Cheeses.

Tell us about your team? Who are the Gophers and the Phyxies?

Kim Roussel (co-owner of Phyxiat): We look for people who are go-getters, who are personable, who are trainable – we are equal opportunity, and we have all ages in the warehouse and on the road. My daughter works on the dock & does deliveries too – she’s six feet, and can lift with the best of them! It’s hard to find the kind of people who are willing to go above and beyond, but we have drivers who will volunteer to work on a Saturday to make sure everyone gets their packages. They really understand how important quick and careful deliveries are in building the kind of trust that lasts. With every Savvy package, they are part of the Savvy Team too.

Jenn Hayward (co-owner of Gopher It): You might not expect it, but we have several standup comedians who work for us. Our business is all about customer service, so in addition to having a good attitude, we look for people who problem solve and are honest and transparent, because the trust starts with our drivers. Our Gophers take care so that each package is delivered not just in the state it was sent, but with the intent that it was given. And people are always excited when we’re delivering parcels from Savvy Company! We develop relationships with the people we deliver for, because we’re all working so hard to grow our businesses together.

What are some of your holiday traditions? Will they be changing this year?

Kim: Usually my daughter comes up for Christmas. On Christmas Eve my granddaughter and I will watch the Grinch together – she loves the Grinch – and we’ll make the stuffing for the bird. We have a new baby grandson in the family this year, and I’m not sure what our plans will be. We’re hoping we’ll be able to see them.

Jenn: Before Gopher It, my family would enjoy a fondue on Christmas. Now, we work until 9 pm on Christmas Eve, then we’ll have Chinese takeout or pizza, and put our feet up. This year, my mom has moved from Saskatchewan to live with us. She doesn’t even like turkey, but she’ll do the full feast with all of the trimmings, and my kids will help her in the kitchen. As for Valentine’s Day…February 1st to 14th, we are non-stop bringing love around town.
Even before the pandemic began and turned the business world upside down, Savvy Company was proud to work with these top-notch local businesses to ensure fast & dependable delivery of the REALLY good stuff to your front door.


FreshTAP moving into Ontario with wine-on-tap

Posted by Debbie

Monday, November 17th, 2014

Every glass of wine should taste exactly as the winemaker intended. Wine Industry Leaders Allan and Brian Schmidt in partnership with Cameron West expand wine-on-tap category.

FreshTAP bottles & steel

FreshTAP is growing fast. With its newest expansion into Toronto and the Ontario market, British Columbia-based FreshTAP Pouring Systems promises wine lovers across the province a carefully curated range of Smarter, Fresher, Friendlier local VQA wines on tap, by the glass to an ever more discerning community of restaurateurs and wine lovers.

From its 5,000 square foot facility in the Niagara Peninsula, FreshTAP Ontario kegs wines from Creekside Estate Winery, Henry of Pelham Estate Winery, Mike Weir Winery, Stoney Ridge, Reif Estate Winery, and Vineland Estates into 19.5L stainless steel kegs—the equivalent of 26 bottles or 130 five-ounce glasses.

Held under the gentle pressure of an inert gas, each wine is perfectly preserved from oxidation for up to eight months once tapped, ensuring that the last glass is as fresh as the first. FreshTAP is currently featured in Toronto at popular restaurants such as Rock Lobster, Drake 150, Montage and Walhburgers, and ONE Restaurant by Mark McEwan. FreshTAP has also installed seven, five-tap systems and a portable wine-on-tap unit at the new 5,300 seat Meridian Centre in St. Catharines.

FreshTAP set up in restaurant

Latest trend in wine

“Wine-on-tap is the hottest trend in restaurant wine service across North America right now,” says FreshTAP Ontario’s  Cameron West, who, alongside Vineland Estates Winery’s Allan and Brian Schmidt, has brought FreshTAP to Ontario. The sons of a third-generation winemaking family whose father founded B.C.’s Sumac Ridge Winery, the Schmidts have been pioneers and industry leaders in the Niagara wine region for over three decades.

“We knew of the high-quality standards developed and practiced by FreshTAP in B.C. for premium wine kegging and restaurant wine-on-tap installations,” says Allan Schmidt. “That made it easy for us to partner with them to expand the brand and to make that same premium service available to all of Ontario’s wineries.”

From the point-of-sale perspective, FreshTAP ensures the utmost quality in wine-on-tap by-the-glass, with less spoilage and waste, greater efficiency for restaurants, and a more positive environmental impact.

FreshTAP into the glass

Waste not…want not

Based on current clients and licensees, FreshTAP Ontario estimates it will keg over 100,000 liters of wine in its first year (2014-2015), thereby eliminating more than 15,000 lbs of cardboard waste and diverting some 130,000 bottles, caps and corks from Ontario’s recycling and waste streams. Since launching in British Columbia in 2011, FreshTAP has kegged over 320,000 liters of wine, eliminated 52,201lbs of cardboard waste and kept 429,052 bottles, caps and corks from entering that province.

“It’s been an exciting three years since we launched in B.C., and we couldn’t be happier partnering with such esteemed industry professionals in Ontario to elevate FreshTAP to the national level,” said FreshTAP Co-Founder Mike Macquisten. FreshTAP at hockey game“There is an incredible consumer demand and the momentum keeps building for wine-on-tap. We’re thrilled to be at the vanguard of this category in the Canadian market.”

In addition to its Ontario vendors, FreshTAP is also available at over 150 restaurants and public venues across Western Canada such as Vancouver’s Rogers Arena, Delta Hotels, and 14 of The Keg Steakhouse locations throughout British Columbia and Alberta.

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Business partners Mike Macquisten and Steve Thorp founded FreshTAP in February 2011 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Wine-on-tap from stainless steel kegs provides a sustainable, environmentally friendly wine delivery system and FreshTAP enables the wine and hospitality industries access to this uniquely green category. With more than 150 wines now available via FreshTAP stainless steel kegs, this system provides hospitality locations throughout Canada with an easy solution for delivering wine-on-tap to their customers. In 2014, FreshTAP saw a new operational expansion into Ontario making the brand both the pioneer and leader in the wine-on-tap movement in Canada.


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