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Wines from the Bosc family to you

Posted by Bethany

Wednesday, February 17th, 2016

Savvy Selections Ontario wine of the month club

Savvy Selections wine of the month club
Featuring Château des Charmes Winery
–  February 2016 –


Type ‘Château des Charmes’ into a Google search and you’ll find yourself being redirected to That’s because everything about this celebrated Niagara winery—from designing labels to trimming the vines—is a labour of love on the part of the entire Bosc family.

paul stPaul Bosc Sr. started out in the 1970s with a vision to craft top-shelf, European-style wines from vitisvinifera grown right here in Ontario. He was undeterred by naysayers and equally deaf to any words of caution about what he should & shouldn’t plant in the hard, stony soil, in a country known for its bitterly cold winters & short growing season. He toyed with different varietals, re-imagined vineyard structure and rolled the dice on how consumers would receive his wines.

A pioneer of the Canadian wine industry

To say he succeeded would be an understatement. Over the course of two decades, his wines have garnered widespread acclaim (and hardware) at the national &international levels, including the Ontario Wine Awards, the National Wine Awards of Canada and the internationally renowned Vinexpo.

That doesn’t mean the Bosc family is resting on their laurels. Far from it: read more about what they’re up to at the winery, including details about the largest renovation in its history.

paul jr and micheleWe are confident that this month’s Savvy Selections from Château des Charmes will surprise and delight you. We even went so far as to ask Michele (in photo at left with her husband Paul Bosc Jr) which wine she thought was the best.“It’s like asking someone with two kids to choose a favourite – it’s not fair!” she laughs. “That’s the thing about our wines that I love. No matter what mood I’m in, or what I’m feeling, or eating or not eating, there’s a wine for that. Sorry for stealing the Jackson-Triggs line, but it really is true.”

Our Savvy Sommeliers have shared their tasting notes with you, along with some pairing tips and recipes to help you enjoy each wine to its fullest.


In your Savvy Selections you will find…

Gewürztraminer VQA 2013 St. David’s Bench Vineyard – A fragrant & succulent sipper that will have you dreaming of spring.

Chardonnay VQA 2012 Paul Bosc Estate Vineyard– A hands down classic.

Cabernet Franc VQA 2012 St. David’s Bench Vineyard – Full, ripe red fruit explodes out of the glass.

Most not at the LCBO

Your Savvy Selections, along with many other gems from Château des Charmes, are not stocked at the LCBO. If you would like to order additional bottles or other Ontario wines, call me at 613-SAVVYCO (613-728-8926)or drop me a line at We’ll be happy to arrange a special delivery for you!

Enjoy this great selection of wines from Château des Charmes.

Debbie & Savvy Team


Château des Charmes Estate Winery

Presented by Sommelier Bethany Harpur


weddingIt was late in the day when my husband and I stopped at Château des Charmes in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Ten minutes before the tasting room was due to close. The harried server at the bar gave us a look; we flashed a few guilty smiles as we quickly sniffed and swirled.

Then the door opened, and a silver-haired gentleman walked in, wearily removing dusty work gloves. He pulled a bottle out from under the counter and poured some of its deep purple contents into a glass. Just before it touched his lips, he saw us. “Would you like to try some of this, while you’re here?”

A captivating man

That “quick stop” turned into a long, leisurely hour of sampling off-the-menu wines and engaging in deep discussion with none other than Paul Bosc Sr. himself (left in photo below), the patriarch of the Bosc family and the pioneering winemaker of Château des Charmes.

bosc familyIt’s no surprise to find the elder Bosc chatting up visitors at the impressive building on York Road. Hospitality and approachability are key in this thriving family business, where job titles tend to be malleable, depending on the season, event schedule or guest experience.

Bosc’s daughter-in-law, Michele (in black blouse in photo), wears several hats at the winery: marketing director, social media guru, welcoming committee, wedding planner. “I get to do a lot of different, fun things,” she says. “I think it’s great to interact with customers, to hear what they have to say, whether it’s on social media or live and in-person. That interaction, it’s about bringing our family story to the consumer.”

Renovations underway

Right now the family is adding a new chapter to the narrative as they expand the Château’s massive cellar. The renovation marks the first major capital investment since the winery opened. It will double the available space for barrels and create more “breathing room” for workers. “We want to be sure we have all the tools we need to make the best possible wine that we can,” says Michele.

reno spaceExpanding the cellar meant digging up the Château’s popular vineyard courtyard, where countless weddings, parties and concerts have been held over the years. “Now’s the opportunity to re-imagine it,” Michele says. “When we first built it and when we first opened, there was no concept of hosting 35 weddings a year, or welcoming 100,000 visitors a year—it just didn’t exist. Now we get to build it the way the business wants it. I can’t wait to see it done.”

A late start to winter and mild temperatures in the Niagara region have kept the renovation running on schedule, with the revamped space scheduled to open in May of this year.

Even better than before

After two decades, the Bosc family is eager to get people excited about their brand again—and get new Château des Charmes fans on board. “Our wines have never been better,” Michele proclaims. “We’ve been around a long time, we know what we’re doing. If you haven’t tasted our wines in a while, try us again. I think you might be surprised.”


Here’s to Château des Charmes team!



St David’s Bench Gewürztraminer VQA 2013 $19.95

“We planted these vines in 1996 &we feel they are just now hitting their peak, flourishing, producing fantastic, hand-harvested grapes that are making very interesting wine”, Vineyard manager Miguel Fontalvo.

Savvy Sommelier Tasting Notes: A brilliant, clear pale-gold shines in the glass. Wave after wave aromas of clover honey, nectarines, grapefruit and honeysuckle inundate the senses. A bit of sweetness carries evenly with lingering acidity on the palate, to balance out the creamy mouthfeel. That same acidity lingers a bit on the finish, where subtle hints of woody smoke come through.

Suggested Food Pairing: Gewurztraminer is always a classic match for spicy dishes. Pair this with Mexican, Thai or Indian food, like the Quick Chicken Korma recipe included below.A perfect meal for a wintery day.

Cellaring: This beautiful wine has gorgeous aromas & flavours that are ready to enjoy right now!


Paul Bosc Estate Vineyard Chardonnay VQA 2012, $21.95

A classic Chardonnay for even the pickiest ABC (Anything But Chardonnay) enthusiast. It’s the very definition of balance: all the aromas, flavours and textures carry through on an even keel from start to finish, without any sudden spikes or dips in the quality, making for an all-around elegant wine.

Savvy Sommelier Tasting Notes: Up front, creamy butterscotch and exotic coconut, followed by butter and brioche on the palate. Finishes with subtle almost restrained oak and a muted essence of dried herbs.

Suggested Food Pairing: The smooth texture of oaked Chardonnay lends itself well to dishes dripping with butter, cream and cheese.A delicious wine to enamour your sweetheart over a Valentine’s Day meal with seafood, Pasta Alfredo, cheese fondue or cuddled by the fireplace enjoying a cheese platter and roasted nuts. For something completely different, try Roasted Chickenpeas recipe that we offer.

Cellaring: Ready to drink, but has the staying power to evolve further in the bottle over the next 2-3 years.


St. David’s Bench Vineyard Cabernet Franc VQA 2012 $25.95

This special parcel of land – St David’s Vineyard – is located high up against the Niagara Escarpment, the fruit has more time to mature and ripen in the summer sun. 2012 was spectacular vintage in Niagara, so with these 2 elements – the location of the land plus the ideal grape growing season – this red wine is outstanding.

Savvy Sommelier Tasting Notes: Complex nose of blackberry, dark chocolate and dried cherries with a lifted note of violets and rosewater. The powerful fruit carries right through the finish, buoyed by velvety tannins and a soft texture.

Suggested Food Pairing: Cabernet Franc is a winner with all kinds of red meats – beef, lamb, game. Try it out with this Venison Ragout recipe from Bearbrook Farms.

Cellaring: Can be opened now, but if you have will power & patience, this red wine will age nicely over the next 5-10 years.




With St David’s Bench Vineyard Gewürztraminer …

Quick Chicken Korma

Recipe & photo credits: Canadian Living Magazine


Quick-Chicken-Korma13811536451/3 cup unsalted raw cashews
4 teaspoons vegetable oil
3 onions, sliced
2 green hot OR jalapeño peppers, seeded and diced
3 cloves garlic, minced
1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger
1 ½teaspoons each ground coriander and garam masala
¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper
Pinch each ground nutmeg, salt and saffron (optional)
450 grams boneless skinless chicken thighs, quartered
1 ½ cups no-salt-added chicken broth
3 tablespoons fat-free plain Greek yogurt
1 ½ teaspoons lime juice


In large skillet, toast cashews over medium heat, stirring often, until golden, 3 to 5 minutes.

Transfer to food processor. In same skillet, heat half of the oil over medium heat; cook onions, stirring occasionally, until golden brown, 12 to 15 minutes. Add to food processor; puree until smooth.

Combine hot peppers, garlic, ginger, coriander, garam masala, cayenne pepper, nutmeg and salt. Add chicken; toss to coat.

Heat remaining oil in same skillet over medium-high heat; brown chicken, stirring occasionally, about 5 minutes. Stir in 2 Tbsp water, scraping up browned bits. Stir in broth, saffron (if using) and cashew puree; simmer, stirring occasionally, until thickened and juices run clear when chicken is pierced, about 5 minutes.

Stir in yogurt and lime juice; heat until warmed through but not boiling.


With Paul Bosc Vineyard Chardonnay…

Crispy Cider Vineyard & Sea Salt Roasted Chickpeas

Recipe & photo credits:Constantly Cooking

Light, crispy and full of flavour, these protein packed snacks are great on their own or as a garnish for soups or salads. Play around with other spices if you like – a few shakes of chili powder or smoked paprika, for example. You can use dried chickpeas, which you’ll need to soak and cook, but for this recipe, the canned ones are just as good plus a whole lot faster and easier.

Ingredientsroasted chickpeas

1 can (19 oz / 540 mL) chickpeas, rinsed well
1 ½ cups (375 mL) cider vinegar
1 ½ Tablespoons (22 mL) olive oil
1 ½ teaspoons (7.5 mL) coarse sea salt
½ teaspoon (2.5 mL) freshly ground pepper


Pour the vinegar into a medium-sized saucepan. Cover pot with a lid and place on high heat. As soon as the vinegar is boiling, add the rinsed chickpeas to the pot and remove from heat. Let stand 30 minutes.

Preheat oven to 400F.

Drain chickpeas, discarding vinegar. Pour chickpeas out onto a clean dish towel and roll them around gently to dry thoroughly.

Put chickpeas in a clean bowl and drizzle with olive oil. Toss gently to coat evenly.

Spread chickpeas out onto a baking sheet. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Roast in oven for 40 to 45 minutes, jiggling the baking sheet occasionally.

The chickpeas will turn a dark golden brown and get crunchy. If you take them out of the oven too soon, you can always put them back in the oven for a few more minutes later.

Serve warm or at room temperature. These will keep for 2 weeks in a Ziploc bag stored in the fridge.

With St David’s Bench Vineyard Cabernet Franc

Venison Ragout in Red Wine

Recipe Source: Bearbrook Farms
Photo Credit: Chart Farm


venison1 shoulder/leg (2-3 lbs) venison
5 tablespoons olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste
1 teaspoon thyme
4 slices bacon, cut into strips
10 juniper berries
1 tablespoon tomato paste
4 tablespoons flour
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar cup dry red wine
1 cup game or beef stock
3 tablespoons cranberry or red currant jelly


Cut meat into bite-sized pieces.

Heat oil in heavy saucepan over medium-high heat.Brown meat on all sides. Do 1/3 at a time and remove from pan. Season with salt and pepper.

Fry bacon a few minutes and add thyme, juniper berries, tomato paste and flour. Fry for 2 minutes longer.

Pour in vinegar and red wine. Bring to boil, scraping solids from bottom. Add stock and cook until sauce is thickened.

Add meat with juices, cover and simmer for 2 hours.

Add jelly and adjust seasoning with salt and pepper & serve over mashed potatoes or with wild rice.


Enjoy your Savvy Selections!


Warm welcome & amazing wines from Fielding Estate Winery

Posted by Debbie

Friday, November 6th, 2015

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Savvy Selections wine of the month club
Featuring Fielding Estates Winery
–  November 2015 –


This year marks the big 1-0 milestone for a handful of wineries in Ontario. We helped Stratus Vineyard celebrate in July and now it is time to pop the corks for Fielding Estates Winery as they ‘Cheers for 10 Years!’

At Fielding, the front door is always open at the winery (aka the Lodge) and the Muskoka chairs are dotted around the grounds awaiting you to relax and unwind as you soak up the sunshine and enjoy the view of the vineyard…while sipping on fine wines made by Fielding’s winemaker Ritchie Roberts.

heidi and curtisI have said it before…one of the occupational hazards of this business is that people who work at wineries often become friends. Certainly not a bad thing, rather, it makes working together to grow each other’s business even easier and more enjoyable. Curtis and Heidi Fielding (in photo) are two wonderful people that it is easy and natural to become fast friends. And that friendly nature is evident to all who walks through the glass doors at the Lodge.“We want everyone to feel welcome and at ease when they visit our winery”, comments Heidi. And true to form, that is exactly what they do.

Too many fine wines!

Selecting only 3 bottles of wine for you this month was probably the hardest that the Savvy Team has encountered. I believe that this is a telling sign of quality & most of all maturity of the vineyards…and the talented winemaking team can’t go unnoticed either.

After great deliberation, the Savvy Team chose:

grapesSparkling Rose–light & elegant bubbly made with Chardonnay and Pinot Noir using the same winemaking method as French Champagne. Naturally suited to celebrate the 1-0 milestone!

Gamay VQA 2013 – easy drinking, full of red fruit & well balanced. A wine that is becoming a signature wine at Fielding…and best of all, it tastes like it should be $25+.

Syrah VQA 2012– you had us at hello!WOW – this is a heart stopping red wine that you can taste the talent in each sip.

Can you spot the difference?

While there was a party at the winery to mark the occasion, the marketing team at Fielding decided that the labels would get a touch up. Put the three bottles of your Savvy Selections side-by-side to see if you can spot the new improvements to the label design. Extra points if you see something more welcoming about the Muskoka chair!

Looking for a F.E.W. more? Fielding Estates Wines that is!

heidi at doorFielding takes pride in making small lots of their wines. Several wines only have 400 cases (4800 bottles). There are a handful of Fielding wines that you will regularly find on the LCBO shelves, yet if you have found a new favorite in your Savvy Selections, give us a call to quickly re-order. With a limited number of cases made and many Fielding fans clamoring to get the latest release, their finest wines don’t last very long! The Savvy Hotline is 613-SAVVYCO.

Cheers & Enjoy!
Debbie & Savvy Team


Fielding Estate Winery

Presented by Sommelier Debbie Trenholm


Remember when Yellow Tail wines first bombarded the shelves at the LCBO? This is the same time when Fielding Estates opened their doors. Critter labels donning cats, dogs, lizards and penguins were all the rage and smack-them-over-the-head red wines loaded with overripe fruit were flying off the shelves.

Dfielding-logoespite all of this distraction, husband and wife team – Heidi & Curtis Fielding found their footing in Niagara. Located part way up the Beamsville Bench (aka Niagara Escarpment) with neighbouring wineries – Angels Gate, Thirty Bench and Rosewood Estate Winery & Meadery – Fielding set out to create a different story and culture at their winery.

Everyone has a story

Fielding familyFielding Winery began with subs…yet you read that right! Submarine sandwiches. Marg & Ken Fielding own a significant number of Subway franchises in Eastern Ontario. Drawn to Niagara & intrigued by the new Canadian wine industry, this husband & wife savvy business team soon were bitten by the bug as well saw the business potential. They lured their son Curtis off the race car track where he was starting his career as a competitive driver, to come home to gain hands on experience in the wine industry in preparation that would be integral their new family venture.

In 2000, the family purchased a 20‐acre orchard of peaches and pears on the Beamsville Bench and replaced all the trees with high‐quality vinifera vines during the summer of 2001. In keeping with the Muskoka feel that they wanted to create, the unique Wine Lodge opened its doors in May 2005, and has quickly established itself as one of the finest wineries in Ontario.

muskoka chairWhy the Muskoka chair?

The family is from the area and has a house that brings everyone together. “It was a natural fit to extend that relaxing, unpretentious your-are-part-of-the-family feeling to our winery”, explains Heidi.

10 years later, Ken & Marg are now arm’s length business advisors while the Heidi and Curtis run the business and day to day operations. Coincidentally this dynamic duo are also a husband and wine team. “And our 5 and 7 year old boys love helping us at the winery”, says Heidi.

Slow and steady…

“Fielding has grown little by little over the last 10 years”, recalls Heidi as laughs remembering that in the first couple of years before the winery doors opened, the winery offered:

In 2002: 400 cases of Cabernet Merlot, 50 cases of Chardonnay

In 2003: bad crop yielded a measly 60 cases of Chardonnay

In 2004: significant growth to 6000 cases

Now in 2015, they have grown to full capacity to 20,000 cases – mostly in last 2 years.

Select Fielding wines are now readily available at the LCBO and can also be found in Alberta, Florida and served by the glass at restaurants at Walt Disney World…yes Disney!

Highlights of the last 10 years

cellar room“It is an awesome business to be in”, says Heidi with delight. “We have a great team at the winery and all of us work extremely hard – we can’t let anything slide!”

This dedication has been recognized by their peers in the industry. Curtis was crowned Grape King in 2012 by Ontario Grape Growers. “Everyone involved in the winery are so proud of this recognition”, explained Heidi. “It is a huge honour when your mentors and industry leaders select you from all of the others wineries in the province as the top vineyard of the year. When they announced Curtis’ name, all of the hard work that Ritchie, Curtis and the rest of the team have put into the vineyard instantly paid off. This was definitely a highlight of the last 10 years.”

Grape king“This is a huge honour,” says Curtis in the press release about the prestigious achievement. “Look at some of the names who have been Grape King in the past. They are big names with world‐class vineyards. They are people that our industry really respects and looks up to. It is amazing to have my name associated with them.” Did I mention that Curtis became King at the ripe age of 34? Pretty impressive.

“Curtis is an excellent example of the next generation of grape grower, a first‐generation farmer who has quickly embraced sustainable practices while maintaining a beautiful vineyard and producing top quality wines,” stated Kimberly Hundertmark, Executive Director of the Niagara Grape and Wine Festival (and friend too!)

And it does not stop there. Fielding was named one of the Top 10 wineries in Canada for 2009 and again in 2013 by the Canadian Wine Awards.

And all that in their first 10 years…watch out for what the next 10 has in store.

Happy Anniversary to the Fielding team! Enjoy your Savvy Selections!




Fielding Sparkling Rosé $29.95

Ritchie winemakerThis is the first traditional method rosé that Ritchie has made. Traditional method is the wine term referring to the sparkling winemaking process as it is done in Champagne, France. The second fermentation – that creates the bubbles – happens inside the bottle (rather than in a tank then bottled) and yeast is added to each bottle. “This is a huge labour of love for Ritchie”, explains Heidi. “He has only made 2 traditional method wines and we are so excited to release this wine.” All of us in the Savvy Team are excited that our subscribers are receiving it first as there is a small amount made!

Savvy Sommelier Tasting Notes: Light salmon in colour that has delicate wild strawberry aromas and taste. Well balanced, smooth mouth feel and very elegant mousse (bubbles). Dry, crisp and delicious. “A rule of thumb is that the finer the bubbles the greater the quality” explains Savvy Sommelier Debbie Trenholm.

Suggested Food Pairing: Chill & serve in tall flute glasses. Sushi, salted nuts, chips or Parmesan Crisps are delicate enough that won’t detract from the wine.


2013 GamayFielding Gamay 2013 VQA, $17.95

“These grapes are grown especially for us by wonderful grape growers who have become good friends”, shares Heidi (that theme never seems to go away!). “They are meticulous about their vineyards and it shows in the grapes.”

Savvy Sommelier Tasting Notes:Gamay is growing in popularity, especially with the wines that are being produced in Ontario. Usually light bodied laced with tannins, this one surprised us with its full flavour or red fruit – cherries, plums, raspberries – with warm spices and subtle tannins. Medium bodied and well balanced. This is definitely an impressive wine.

Suggested Food Pairing:“With 2 little boys, we don’t eat fancy at home.” Heidi laughs when I asked what she would pair with this easy drinking wine. Pasta with mushroom, roasted chicken and even grilled salmon. Heidi suggest to serve their Gamay with foods that you would pair with Pinot Noir. We share with you a mushroom risotto recipe to enjoy with this wine as the days get colder.

Cellaring:This wine will cellar a further 3 to 5 years.


2012 Syrah_HRFielding Syrah 2012 VQA $35– special Savvy Selections price (regular $39.95)

“This wine is so special to us”, explains Heidi. “We don’t make it every year. Ritchie wants to make a spectacular Syrah and for this one, he only made 250 cases”. Perfectly timed, you are receiving this wine before it is released at the winery…being a subscriber has its benefits! If you would like additional bottles, let us know soon as this wine always sells out…quickly!

Savvy Sommelier Tasting Notes:This inky, powerful wine offers great intensity and extraction. On the nose, the aromas of cassis and berry are rich and ripe, traces of vanilla, dark chocolate and spice merging and mingling with the fruit. Ripe yet firm tannins and refined acidity frame the concentrated dark fruit, hints of smoke, dried herbs, spice and pepper adding depth and complexity. Long and intense on the finish, the wine will cellar well.

Suggested Food Pairing:Serve with rack of lamb or rare prime rib.

Cellaring:Ready now or it will cellar nicely for another 4 to 5 years



With Fielding Sparkling Rosé…

Parmesan Crisps

From the kitchen of Savvy Sommelier Julie

parmesan-crisps-2Serves: should yield about 20 small crisps

This is one of the most popular recipes that we are always asked for. With the holiday entertaining season around the corner, have this recipe on the ready! There are so many versions of this recipe but nothing could be simpler, or more delicious to match with this sparkling wine. The bubbles compliment the saltiness in the cheese and just send you back nibbling for more. For a different taste, serve with a little red pepper jelly on the side.

A perfect hors d’oeuvres – beware, folks inhale these!


1-1/2cups of grated Parmesan depending how many crisps you would like to make.


Preheat often to 400 degrees and put a heaping tablespoon of the Parmesan onto aparchment lined baking sheet. I would space the spoonfuls about an inch apart.

Bake about 8 minutes or check them after 5 and they should be just slightly golden.


With Fielding Gamay …

Roasted Chickpeas & Tomatoes

Roasted-Chick-Peas-and-Swiss-ChardBy Chef Tonia Wilson
Serves 4
photo credit:

Chef’s tip:


2 cans chick peas, drained and rinsed
5 whole cloves garlic, peeled and halved lengthwise
2 cups (500 mL) whole grape tomatoes
1/4 cup (60 mL) extra virgin olive oil
1 Tbsp (15 mL) fresh thyme, finely chopped
salt and freshly ground pepper to taste


Preheat oven to 400°F (205°C).

Place all ingredients on a large baking sheet. Stir to combine and coat well with oil. Place in oven and roast for 15 minutes, carefully shake pan to move ingredients around and roast for another 15
minutes or until chick peas and tomatoes are golden.

Serve warm or at room temperature.

With Fielding Syrah…

Beef Tenderloin with Dark Mushroom Sauce

from Old Stone Inn & Boutique Hotel in Niagara Falls


2 Tbsp unsalted butter
2 Tbsp vegetable oil
1 strip beef tenderloin (2 to 3lb)
½ cup red wine – don’t you dare cook with the Fielding Syrah…it is better left in your glass!
1 red onion, sliced
1 cup dry wild mushrooms, soaked in 1 cup of red wine
2 cups brown beef or veal stock
½ cup heavy cream


Preheat oven to 450 F.

Heat oil in a cast iron pan. Season the meat with salt and pepper on all sides. When the oil is very hot, sear the
meat, caramelizing all sides evenly. When seared, drain off the fat and add the wine.

Roast the meat in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the pan from the oven and let the meat rest for 5
minutes before slicing.

Melt 2 tablespoons butter in a heavy-bottomed pot, add the onions, and cook for 3 to 4 minutes. Squeeze the
mushrooms out of the juice, and add to the onions, cook for another 2 to 3 minutes.

Deglaze the pan with 2 cups of wine, and reduce until almost dry. Then add the mushroom rehydrating liquid, and reduce until almost dry. Add the veal stock and the cream, and reduce at low heat until thick. Check the seasoning, reserve.

To serve, slice the meat in 1/2 to 1/4-inch thick pieces. Place in the middle of a warmed plate. Put the wild mushrooms around the meat and cover with a thin layer of the sauce and serve immediately.

Cheers to 10 years

A little extra treat from Fielding’s kitchen to yours…

Mini Pumpkin Ginger Cheesecake

This is a little treat that we prepared for one of our winery events.


24 ginger snaps
24 ounces cream cheese, softened
1 cup pumpkin purée
3 eggs
1 cup brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
½ tsp cinnamon
½ tsp nutmeg
¼ tsp ground cloves
24 baking cups


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

In a large mixing bowl, combine cream cheese, sugar and vanilla. Mix until smooth. Next, add pumpkin puree, eggs, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves. Mix thoroughly.

relaxing in the chairsLine muffin tin with individual baking cups and drop one ginger snap at the bottom of each cup. Pour filling into
each mold to the top.

Bake for 15-18 minutes or until toothpick comes out clean when inserted into the cheesecake.

Cool to room temperature and lightly brush the tops with maple syrup. Refrigerate overnight. Serve with candied walnuts and whipped topping

Enjoy your Savvy Selections!





Great Wine Picks from Ontario & France For Your Easter Weekend

Posted by Susan

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Easter weekend arrives early this year, the last weekend of March, and the March 30 LCBO Vintages is right on cue, with a special feature including a bevy of Ontario wines to serve with your ham, turkey or prime rib. To get you started, try the always delectable 13th Street Premier Cuvée sparkling wine, a fine, focused effort from the 2008 vintage.


With ham or turkey, you have a choice of wines, including Chardonnay from Thomas Bachelder or Le Clos Jordanne, or single vineyard Pinot Noir from Le Clos Jordanne or Peninsula Ridge. With prime rib or ham, give the Featherstone Cabernet Franc from the great 2011 vintage a whirl.


Looking for a grand finale to the Easter meal, enjoy Fielding Estates’ luscious yet balanced Vidal Icewine, winner of a silver medal at the Canadian Wine Awards. The main feature, showcasing Southern France, also offers a fine sparkling wine from the Languedoc, Domaine J. Laurens ‘Le Moulin’ Brut Blanquette de Limoux. Made in the same method as champagne, with the second fermentation in bottle, Blanquette de Limoux is recognized as the first sparkling wine made in France – earliest references date back to Benedictine monks in the 16th century.  If you’re feeling adventurous, buy a bottle of both the Blanquette de Limoux and the 13th Street sparkler, and compare!

Southern France Shines Through

The remainder of the Southern France feature comprises mostly red wine blends, from appellations such as Minervois, Côtes de Roussillon, Corbières and the Côtes du Languedoc, most offering great value in the $15-20 range. This area of France is quite fascinating, with influences from southern Bordeaux, the Mediterranean and northern Spain. French melts into Catalan, fields of lavender rush to meet the sea, and vineyards climb the rocky hills. It’s a region of innovation and ancient history, stretching back to the Romans. With somewhat looser rules in its appellations, the Languedoc was one of the first regions in France to create tasty, relatively inexpensive wines for export naming the grape varieties on the label. You will finds blends that combine varying concentrations of Syrah, Grenache, Carignan and/or Mourvèdre, such as the Cave de Roquebrun “La Grange des Combes’ Saint-Chinian-Roquebrun (awarded 4 stars by Decanter World Wine Awards), the Château de Treviac from Corbières near the Spanish border, and the Château Saint-Roch Chimères, included in our selection.

 California Wine Fair Comes to Ottawa April 5, 2013

The general release also offers some great value, including a couple of California red wines—Irony ‘Small Lot Reserve’ Cabernet Sauvignon and the unique Langtry Guenoc Petite Syrah.  Reminder – the California Wine Fair stops in Ottawa just after Easter (April 5 at the Westin) and in Toronto the following week  (April 8 at the Fairmont Royal York). Erasmo is a fabulous Cab/Merlot blend from Chile, while Otazu is an award-winning wine from Spain. Don’t miss Luigi Righetti’s ‘Campolieto’ Ripasso Valpolicella Classico Superiore from the 2010 vintage – it’s fabulous and one of our choices. I just opened a bottle of 2005 that was divine, so pick up a few bottles of this wine—a great deal at $16.95—to enjoy now and to cellar.


Cheers and Enjoy!


Ormarine Picpoul de Pinet 2011

AP Coteaux du Languedoc, France
$12.95 (Vintages #525287) 12.5% alcohol
Load up the wagon with this great value white wine! Straw-hued, it’s fragrant with white flowers, citrus zest and a touch of crisp green apple. Dry, clean and tangy, with a fine silky texture, the flavours of lemon/lime and green apple replay right through the tasty, palate-cleansing finish. A lively sipper or a great wine to pair with fish or seafood.

Château Saint-Roch Chimères 2010

AOC Côtes du Roussillon-Villages, France
$18.95 (Vintages #119354) 14.5% alcohol
This is a big, flavourful red wine blend—Grenache, Syrah and Carignan—a bold wine offering intriguing aromas of blueberry, smoked meat, dried herbs, tar and earth. Dry, full bodied, the intense flavours of berries replay, mingling with elusive notes of sweet spice and dark chocolate. Displaying well-integrated tannins and oak, it’s loaded with flavour and finishes with a peppery flourish. Serve with herbed rack of lamb.

The Good Earth Dry Riesling 2010

VQA Niagara Peninsula, Ontario
$19.95 (Vintages #324244) 11.3% alcohol
Owner Nicolette Novak isn’t kidding when she includes the word ‘good’ in the name of her winery – there’s nothing but good food and wine at Good Earth. This Riesling is a fine example! Deftly crafted by young winemaker Dré Glass it’s a finely balanced dry, mid weight white wine where clean, tangy acidity is married with lovely aromas and flavours of pithy citrus and crisp apple. A fine mineral edge enhances the keen, lively texture and carries through the lengthy refreshing finish. Serve it with lobster with lemon butter, or with ham.

Irony ‘Small Lot Reserve’ Cabernet Sauvignon 2010

Napa Valley, California
$19.95 (Vintages #25106) 14.5% alcohol
The quality of this red wine makes me glad the Indelicato brothers came back to their roots after ‘escaping’ (their words) the family farm! Dense and dark, this outstanding, finely balanced dry wine offers lovely aromas of ripe dark fruit, cedar, spiced vanilla and fragrant dried herbs. Dry, full bodied,  it’s a warm, approachable and intensely flavourful wine displaying well integrated oak, fresh acidity and velvety tannins married to a core of sweet spiced cassis, blackberry and plum. Great fruit-filled finish! 

Luigi Righetti ‘Campolieti’ Ripasso Valpolicella Classico Superiore 2010

DOC Valpolicella, Italy
$16.95 (Vintages #695890) 13.5% alcohol
Ruby, semi-opaque this fine, compelling red wine blend offers totally alluring aromas of sweet ripe dark fruit, vanilla, incense and chocolate-coated cherries. Dry, medium-full bodied, you couldn’t ask for a more balanced wine. Well-integrated oak, ripe tannins and fine acidity create a velvety texture that wraps around full-flavoured, concentrated black berry and plum-flavoured fruit that glides through a yielding finish. Since you’ll want to taste it right now, buy at least one other bottle for the cellar!

Grand Total: $88.75





People are talking…about Ontario Wines

Posted by Julie

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

It is no wonder that the world has started to notice Ontario wines. As seen in this week’s release at LCBO Vintages (September 15), we have much to be proud of. The recent count at the end of 2011, there were just over 130 wineries in Ontario.  And I noticed many new wineries in my recent trips to Niagara and Prince Edward County this summer.

And there is a great buzz amongst wine lovers across the province who are being constantly amazed with the wine made in their own backyard.  Read some of these discoveries on or on follow the tweets on #LCBOgoLocal

Most winemakers agree that great wine starts in the vineyard and it’s the soil content that places Ontario wines on the international map. We often see tasting notes on Riesling that mention the zippy minerality in the wine. This is largely due to the soil. Last fall, I spoke at a seminar at the “Taste” festival in Picton and I learned there were over 10 different soil types in Prince Edward County alone. Talk about a challenge for the winemaker.

Ontario wineries produce largely wines made from the Riesling, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes. With these varietals, sometimes blended with other less known ones,  come some great sparkling wines. The Peller Estate Ice Cuvee Sparkling Rosé, (featured this month at Vintages $35.95) was a winner of a gold Medal at Wine Access 2011 Canadian Wine Awards. Hinterland Winery in Prince Edward County specializes in sparkling wines and most wineries feature a sparkling wine. I recently tasted the Fielding Estates and13th Street “sparklers” which I can only describe as “seriously yummy”.

Niagara’s Stratus Vineyards is the world’s first winery to be given the coveted LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green certification. Southbrook Winery’s  “Framboise” can be found at the prestigous Harrods in London, England. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth requested 6 bottles of icewine during her Jubilee Visit to Canada in 2002 from Canada’s Icewine Specialists at the Royal DeMaria Winery in Beamsville.  Ontario produces 75 % of all Canada’s ice wine which can be risky business since production requires the availability of a large enough work force to pick a whole crop within a few hours, often on a moment’s notice.

Niagara’s Sunnybrook Farm Estate Winery is Canada’s first fruit winery specializing in wines made from 100% Niagara Peninsula grown tree fruit and berries. We even have a winery that, thanks to its location on Pelee Island, offers a Bird Observatory and another winery that offers tastings in an old caboose, not to mention the one in a converted convent. Many Ontario wineries also have taste-rooms in original homestead barns some of which are architecturally signficant dating back to 1815.

Every year, the serendipity excitment of finding new wine takes me on the Ontario journey. We need not look further than our own backyard. The following wines illustrate that Ontario has it all. I hope you agree.

Cheers and Enjoy,

Cave Spring Estate Bottled Vineyard Chardonnay Musqué VQA 2009

VQA Beamsville Bench,Niagara Peninsula
$15.95 (Vintages #246579) 13% alcohol

This clean refreshing beauty just glistens in the glass. The Chardonnay Musqué is a clone of the Chardonnay grape which means a completely different taste from the latter. While it has aromas of white blossoms, the grapes were vinified in stainless steel that give the wine some grapefruit and green apple flavours. It is slightly off dry, smooth and supple all the way through to the minerally finish. It has solid medium body that could carry you from the appertif to desert, not to mention a thirst quenching sipper on its own.


2027 Falls Vineyard Riesling 2011

VQA Vinemount Ridge, Niagara Peninsula
$18.95 (Vintages #294041) 11% alcohol


Pale in colour and almost watery in appearance, my first introduction to Falls Vineyard is a delicious one. I adore a light coloured wine. The Riesling is slightly herbaceous, lots of wet stone flavours that are typical in a Niagara Riesling with that pinch of lemon lime citrus that take your taste buds on a salivating roller coaster. It is light bodied, a lovely end of summer drink to enjoy with a field tomato salad, some coarse salt and a French stick. Get those taste buds moving !



 Lailey Vineyard Chardonnay 2010

VQA Niagara Peninsula
$19.95 (Vintages #193482) 13.5% alcohol

Winemaker Derek Barnett has created an elegant labour of love with this Chard. Think of ripe but crisp yellow apples, a pinch of lemon, a tad buttery but fresh, medium bodied with a slightly caramel finish.  Perfect for some baked or grilled tilapia and asparagus and a little soft artisan cheese to finish. It is a beautifully balanced wine, a good price point for this quality and I would be proud to serve this Chardonnay to anyone. A great all season Chardonnay.

Featherstone Cabernet Franc 2010

VQA Niagara Peninsula
$16.95 (Vintages #64618) 13% alcohol


Nothing like a bright ruby red wine that shows off aromas of sweet and sour cherries. Only 694 cases produced so do grab one while its on the shelf. It is slightly vegetal, red berry flavours, with a hint of green pepper and tobacco with grippy tannins (this is a good thing).  A fabulous bbq wine to have with meaty burgers or kebobs.


Henry of Pelham 2010 Reserve Baco Noir

VQA Ontario
$24.95 (Vintages #461699) 13.5% alcohol

I remember having a prof in Sommelier school that said Baco Noir was only good for making jelly. I wish I could find him now to prove him wrong. The wine is dark and inky with aromas of raspberries, cherries and wood smoke.  Slightly vegetal with ripe chewy tannins that lend interest to the wine and give it a  long lingering finish. Would be fabulous with some sausages or pasta to soak up the bone dry tannins.


Grand Total: $96.75

The Ontario wines from this release were a really hard pick. I could have listed all Chardonnay’s but knew that would be uninteresting for you as the shopper. Who besides me would like a basket of Chardonnay wine?  I also like to showcase as many Ontario wineries as possible and plan to do so again next month. Some may also be from this release to help talk “turkey”.

If you do however happen to win the lottery, I tried an Inniskillin Riesling Icewine ($69.95) that won the 2012 Lieutenant Governor’s Award for Excellence in Ontario Wines and a Gold Medal for Best Vinifera Icewine at the The Lieutenant Governor General’s Award for Excellence in Ontario Wines. The honeyed pear and baked apple flavours with just the perfect balance of acidity was really over the top. I’m trying to think of a special occasion that could warrant such a splurge but there are so many Ontario wines that I want to put in my basket, that one will have to wait.

Happy sipping on the remainder of our summer days and nights. Julie


TO DO: Relax in a Muskoka chair & enjoy this wine

Posted by Eva

Saturday, July 21st, 2012

Curtis Fielding was a professional NASCAR driver, yet when his father began building the winery bearing the family name – Fielding Estate Winery, Curtis was intrigued by the new business. He tells us that he never looks back as he is having too much fun making wine!  Perched high up on the Niagara Escarpment, The Lodge as it is known is a must visit – it is a relaxed setting with an outstanding view of their vineyards & Lake Ontario.

Never heard of Pinot Gris?  Chances are you have as it is the same grape variety used to make the popular Italian Pinot Grigio wine.

Cheers & Enjoy!


Fielding Estates Pinot Gris VQA 2011


This wine is a gold medal winner at the 2011 All Canadian Wine Awards & bronze medal winner at the 2011 Intervin International Wine Awards.  Now that is impressive!

Savvy Sommelier Tasting Notes: Crystal clear in colour with aromas of stone fruit (think peach, nectarine, pear), continues into the taste with a ‘zippy’ lime finish that continues long after your first sip.

Suggested Food Pairing: Sip on its own, serve with spicy food or with steamed mussels, BBQed chicken, pork chops or salmon or even shrimp.




Want to buy this wine?  We can arrange for it to be delivered!

 Fielding Estate Winery will be the feature winery for the month of August in our Savvy Selections wine of the month club.
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All Canadian Wine Championships 2011 Winners

Posted by Debbie

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

All Canadian Wine Championships Winners 2011

All of us at Savvy Company are thrilled that many of the wineries & their wines we have featured in our Savvy Selections wine of the month club have received impressive awards in this year’s All Canadian Wine Championships. Kudos & Congrats!


Trophy Winners

Best Red Wine of the Year

Blasted Church Vineyards, BC 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot $25.99


Best White Wine of the Year

Mike Weir Wine, ON 2008 Riesling $14.95


Best Sparkling Wine of the Year

Flat Rock Cellars, ON 2007 Riddled $29.95


Larry Paterson Trophy, Best Dessert Wine of the Year

(Sponsored by Ontario Viniculture Association)
Vignoble du Marathonien, QC 2009 Vidal Late Harvest $28.00


Best Fruit Wine of the Year

(Sponsored by Ontario Viniculture Association)
Applewood Farm Winery, ON 2008 Iced Cider $19.95


Best Value Wine of the Year

Sonoran Estate Winery, BC 2007 Cabernet/Merlot $22.90


Best of Category Medals / Double Gold


Chardonnay, Unoaked

Blasted Church Vineyards, BC 2010 Chardonnay Musque $17.99


Chardonnay Under $20

Strewn, ON 2009 Chardonnay Barrel Aged $12.75 winery featured in Savvy Selections


Chardonnay Over $20

Quails’ Gate Winery, BC 2008 Stewart Family Reserve Chardonnay $29.99


Riesling Dry

Thirty Bench Wine Makers, ON 2010 Small Lot Riesling Triangle Vineyard $30.00


Riesling Off Dry

Mike Weir Wine, ON 2008 Riesling $14.95

**Trophy, Best White Wine


Sauvignon Blanc

Sandhill Wines, BC 2010 Sauvignon Blanc $18.99



Thornhaven Estates Winery, BC 2009 Gewürztraminer $17.90


Pinot Gris/Grigio

Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery, BC 2010 Private Reserve Pinot Gris $14.99


Pinot Blanc

Lake Breeze Vineyards, BC 2010 Pinot Blanc $17.00



Aleksander Estate Winery, ON 2010 Vidal $10.95


Other Single White Hybrid

Jost Vineyards Ltd., NS 2010 Appellation L’Acadie $18.00


White Hybrid Blends

Jost Vineyards Ltd., NS 2010 Valley Roads L’Acadie Frontenac $9.99



Pentage Wines 2009 Viognier $19.40


Other Single V.V. Whites

LA FRENZ, BC 2010 Semillon $19.90


White V.V. Blends

Hester Creek Estate Winery, BC 2010 Character White $19.99



Featherstone Winery, ON 2010 Rosé $14.95 winery featured in Savvy Selections


Cabernet Sauvignon Under $25

Peller Estates Winery Okanagan, BC

2008 Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon $19.99


Cabernet Sauvignon Over $25

Dan Akroyd Wines, ON 2007 Signature Cabernet Sauvignon $34.95


Merlot Under $25

Nk’Mip Cellars, BC 2008 Merlot $19.99


Merlot Over $25

Ridgepoint Wines, ON 2007 Merlot $35.00


Pinot Noir Under $25

Stoney Ridge, ON 2009 Excellence Pinot Noir $25.00


Pinot Noir Over $25

Starling Lane Vancouver Island 2009 Pinot Noir $27.00


Cabernet Franc Under $25

Kacaba Vineyards, ON 2008 Cabernet Franc $18.95


Cabernet Franc Over $25

Pondview Estate Winery, ON 2009 Bella Terra Cabernet Franc $28.00


Bordeaux Blends Under $25

Sonoran Estate Winery, BC 2007 Cabernet Merlot $22.90

**Trophy, Best Value Wine of the Year


Bordeaux Blends Over $25

Blasted Church Vineyards 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot $25.99

** Trophy, Best Red Wine


Syrah / Shiraz Under $25

Jackson-Triggs Okanagan Estate, BC 2007 Proprietors’ Grand Reserve Shiraz $25.00


Syrah / Shiraz Over $25

Jackson-Triggs Okanagan Estate, BC 2008 Sunrock Shiraz Gold Series $35.00


Marechal Foch

Jost Vineyards Ltd., NS 2009 Marechal Foch $10.98


Baco Noir

D’Angelo Vineyards Estate Winery, ON 2008 Baco Noir $14.90


Other Single Hybrid Reds

Gaspereau Vineyards, NS 2008 Lucie Kuhlmann Barrel Select $24.99


Other Red Hybrid Blends

Beaufort Vineyard & Estate Winery, BC 2009 “Ca Beautage” $23.00


Other Single V.V. Reds

Desert Hills Estate Winery, BC 2010 Gamay $17.90


Other Red V.V. Blends

Ruby Tuesday Winery, BC 2009 Red Stiletto $25.00


Late Harvests

Vignoble du Marathonien, QC 2009 Vidal Vendange Tardives $28.00

** Larry Paterson Trophy, Best Dessert Wine of the Year


Riesling Icewine

Inniskillin Wines, ON 2008 Riesling Icewine $69.95 winery featured in Savvy Selections


Vidal Icewine

Peller Estates Winery Niagara 2008 Signature Series Vidal Icewine $54.95


Red Icewine

Inniskillin Wines, ON 2007 Cabernet Franc Icewine $79.95


Other Icewine

Caroline Cellars, ON 2009 Sauvignon Blanc Icewine $48.00


Soft Fruit Dry

Sanduz Estate Wines, BC N/V Dry Blueberry Wine $15.41


Soft Fruit Off-Dry

Applewood Farm Winery, ON 2009 Trio $14.95


Soft Fruit Dessert

Sanduz Estate Wines, BC N/V Raspberry Dessert Wine $19.28


Tree Fruit Dry

Les Vergers de la Colline, QC 2010 CID Cuivré $30.00


Tree Fruit Off-Dry

Forbidden Fruit Winery, BC 2010 Caught Apricot Mistelle $26.95


Tree Fruit Dessert

Coteau St-Paul, QC 2010 Carmina $18.00


Fruit Sparkling

Smith & Wilson Estates Wines, ON 2008 Pink Cadillac $18.00



Applewood Farm Winery ON NV Mac Meade $14.95


Iced Ciders

Applewood Farm Winery, ON 2008 Iced Cider $14.95

*Trophy, Best Fruit Wine of the Year


Grape Fortifieds & Other Desserts

LA FRENZ, BC 2009 Vintage Style Port $24.90


Medals of Merit




Hillebrand Winery, ON NV Trius Brut $24.95

Peller Estates Winery Niagara, ON NV Ice Cuvee Rose $35.00

Peller Estates Winery Niagara, ON NV Ice Cuvee $31.75



Gray Monk Estate Winery, BC 2008 Odyssey White Brut $24.99

Jackson Triggs Niagara Estate, ON 2009 Proprietors’ Reserve Cuvee Close Sparkling $14.95

Summerhill Pyramid Winery, BC NV Cipes Ice Brut $45.00



Gray Monk Estate Winery, BC N/V Odyssey Rose Brut $24.99

Summerhill Pyramid Winery, BC NV Cipes Brut $24.99


Chardonnay, Unoaked



Fielding Estate Winery, ON 2010 Chardonnay Musque $16.95

Gray Monk Estate Winery, BC 2009 Chardonnay, Unwooded $16.99



Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery, BC 2010 Dry Rock Chardonnay Unoaked $13.99

Hillebrand Winery, ON 2009 Artist Series Unoaked Chardonnay $10.75



Angel’s Gate Winery, ON 2008 Unoaked CHARDONNAY $12.95

Mt Lehman Winery, BC 2010 Unoaked Chardonnay $20.00



Chardonnay, Under $20



EauVivre Winery & Vineyards, BC 2008 Chardonnay $18.00

Red Rooster Winery, BC 2009 Chardonnay $16.99

Stoney Ridge, ON 2009 Simply White $14.00 winery featured in Savvy Selections

Strewn, ON 2008 Chardonnay Terroir $19.95 winery featured in Savvy Selections



Mission Hill Family Estate, BC 2009  Reserve Chardonnay $18.99

Mt. Boucherie Family Estate, BC 2009 Estate Collection Chardonnay $14.99

Pentage Wines, BC 2007 Chardonnay Reserve $19.90

Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery, BC 2009 Chardonnay $19.90



Aleksander Estate Winery, ON 2010 Chardonnay $14.95

LA FRENZ, BC 2009 Chardonnay $19.90

Nk’Mip Cellars, BC 2009 Chardonnay $16.99

Pondview Estate Winery, ON 2009 Chardonnay $17.00

Quails’ Gate Winery,BC 2009 Chardonnay $19.99

Stoney Ridge, ON 2009 Warren Classic Chardonnay $15.00


Chardonnay Over $20



LA FRENZ, BC 2009 Reserve Chardonnay $28.90

Noble Ridge Vineyard & Winery, BC 2009 Chardonnay $23.90

Pondview Estate Winery, ON 2009 Bella Terra Chardonnay $24.00 winery featured in Savvy Selections



Huff Estates Winery, ON 2008 South Bay Chardonnay $29.95 winery featured in Savvy Selections

Niagara College Teaching Winery, ON 2009 Dean’s List Chardonnay $27.95 winery featured in Savvy Selections



Church & State Wines, BC 2009 Chardonnay $24.90

Stoney Ridge, ON 2009 Excellence Chardonnay $26.00 winery featured in Savvy Selections


Riesling Dry



Caroline Cellars, ON 2008 Riesling $11.50

Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery, BC 2010 Dry Riesling $13.99

Quails’ Gate Winery, BC 2010 Dry Riesling $16.99



Mission Hill Family Estate, BC 2009  Reserve Riesling $18.99

Silkscarf Winery, BC 2010 Riesling Muscat $22.00

SummerGate Winery, BC 2009 Riesling Two (Certified Organic) $19.90



Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery, BC 2010 Private Reserve Riesling $14.99

Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery, BC 2010 Riesling $13.99

Huff Estates Winery, ON 2008 Riesling Reserve $19.95 winery featured in Savvy Selections

Jackson-Triggs Okanagan Estate, BC 2008 Proprietors’ Reserve Riesling $12.99


Riesling Off Dry



Cornerstone Estate Winery, ON 2009 Riesling Reserve $20.00 winery featured in Savvy Selections

Hinterbrook Estate Winery, ON 2010 Riesling $18.00

Huff Estates Winery, ON 2009 Riesling Medium Dry $17.95 winery featured in Savvy Selections



Rockway Glen Estate Winery, ON 2009 Fergie Jenkins ‘Limited Edition’ $14.95



Angel’s Gate Winery, ON 2009 SUSSRESERVE RIESLING $13.95 winery featured in Savvy Selections this August!


Sauvignon Blanc



Hillebrand Winery,ON 2009 Trius Sauvignon Blanc $13.75

LA FRENZ, BC 2010 Sauvignon Blanc $21.90

Pentage Wines, BC 2010 Sauvignon Blanc $19.40



Henry of Pelham Family Estate, ON 2009 Sauvignon Blanc $14.95

Jackson Triggs Niagara Estate, ON 2009 Silver Series Sauvignon Blanc $17.95



Dan Akroyd Wines, ON 2010 Sauvignon Blanc $14.95

Hinterbrook Estate Winery, ON 2010 Sauvignon Blanc $21.00

Stoney Ridge, ON 2010 Excellence Sauvignon Blanc $22.00 winery featured in Savvy Selections





Flat Rock Cellars, ON 2010 Gewürztraminer $18.95

The View Winery, BC 2010 Gewürztraminer $16.95

Wild Goose Vineyards, BC 2010 Gewürztraminer $19.00



Red Rooster Winery , BC 2010 Gewurztraminer $15.99

Ruby Tuesday Winery, BC 2010 Gewurztraminer $20.00

Wild Goose Vineyards, BC 2010 Mystic River Gewurztraminer $23.00



Arrowleaf Cellars, BC 2009 Solstice Gewürztraminer $20.00

Harwood Estates, ON 2009 Gewürztraminer $20.00

Kalala Organic Estate Winery, BC 2009 Gewürztraminer $17.95

See Ya Later Ranch, BC 2009 Gewürztraminer $14.99


Pinot Gris



8th Generation Vineyard, BC 2010 Pinot Gris $19.99

Fielding Estate Winery, ON 2010 Pinot Gris $18.95

Pentage Wines, BC 2010 Pinot Gris $17.40

Red Rooster Winery, BC 2010 Pinot Gris $16.99

Wild Goose Vineyards, BC 2009 Mystic River Pinot Gris $20.00



Black Widow Winery, BC 2010 PINOT GRIS $19.90

Blasted Church Vineyards, BC 2010 Pinot Gris $19.99

Inniskillin Wines, ON 2010 Pinot Grigio $12.95

Lake Breeze Vineyards, BC 2010 Pinot Gris $17.00

Therapy Vineyards, BC 2010 Pinot Gris $20.00



Fielding Estate Winery, ON 2010 Estate Bottled Pinot Gris $21.95

Hester Creek Estate Winery, BC 2010 Pinot Gris $16.99

Peller Estates Winery Niagara, ON 2009 Private Reserve Pinot Gris $18.95

Smith & Wilson Estates Wines, ON 2010 Pinot Gris $14.00

Stoney Ridge, ON 2010 Pinot Grigio $17.00 winery featured in Savvy Selections


Pinot Blanc



Van Westen Vineyards, BC 2009 Vivacious $18.90



Wild Goose Vineyards, BC 2010 Mystic River Pinot Blanc $19.00



Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery, BC 2010 Private Reserve Pinot Blanc $13.99





Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery, BC 2009 Viognier $19.90

Silkscarf Winery, BC 2010 Viognier $22.00



D’Angelo Estate Winery, BC 2009 Viognier $19.90

Mt Lehman Winery, BC 2010 Viognier Reserve $24.00



Serendipity Winery, BC 2009 Viognier $17.90

Van Westen Vineyards, BC 2009 Viognier $24.90





Reif Estate Winery, ON 2010 Vidal $9.95 winery featured in Savvy Selections



Rockway Glen Estate Winery, ON 2010 Patio 19 $12.95



Sanson Estate Winery, ON 2010 Autumn Harvest Vidal $13.95


Single White Hybrid



Gaspereau Vineyards, NS 2010 Seyval Blanc $16.99

Jost Vineyards Ltd., NS 2010 Cote St. George L’Acadie Blanc $15.99



Gaspereau Vineyards, NS 2010 L`Acadie Blanc $15.99

Jost Vineyards Ltd., NS 2010 Petite Milo $15.00



Blomidon Estate Winery, NS 2009 L’Acadie Blanc $15.29

Domaine de Grand Pre, NS 2010 Muscat $18.50


Other Single V.V. Whites



Domaine de Chaberton, BC 2009 Bacchus Dry $15.40

Lake Breeze Vineyards, BC 2010 Semillon $19.00

SummerGate Winery, BC 2009 Muscat Ottonel (Certified Organic) $19.90



CedarCreek Estate Winery , BC 2010 Ehrenfelser $18.90

Domaine de Grand Pre, NS 2010 Ortega $20.00

LA FRENZ, BC 2009 Semillon $19.90



Lake Breeze Vineyards , BC 2010 Ehrenfelser $19.00

Mt. Boucherie Family Estate, BC 2008 Estate Collection Semillon $12.99

Viewpointe Estate Winery, ON 2010 Auxerrois $14.95


White V.V. Blends



Arrowleaf Cellars, BC 2009 First Crush White $13.99

MUSE, BC 2010 Chardonnay/Semillon $19.00

Stag’s Hollow Winery , BC 2009 Con-Fusion $18.99

Therapy Vineyards, BC 2010 Alter Ego $25.00



Celista Estate Winery, BC 2010 Celista Conundrum $19.00

Diamond Estate Wines, Fresh, ON 2009 Gewurztraminer Riesling $11.95

Inniskillin Okanagan Vineyards, BC 2009 Discovery Series Marsanne Roussane $19.99

Ruby Tuesday Winery, BC 2010 White Stiletto $20.00



Cherry Point Estate Wines, BC 2010 Ortega /Siegerrebe $20.01

Hester Creek Estate Winery, BC 2009 Semillon Chardonnay $15.99

Hillebrand Winery, ON 2009 Trius White $19.75

Reif Estate Winery, ON 2009 Trend White $12.95 winery featured in Savvy Selections

Therapy Vineyards, BC 2010 Freudian Sip $17.00


White Hybrid Blends



Forbidden Fruit Winery, BC 2010 SauVidal Earth Series $21.00

Pelee Island Winery, ON 2010 Blanc de Blanc $9.95



Jost Vineyards Ltd., NS 2010 L’Acadie Pinot Grigio $12.99

Jost Vineyards Ltd., NS NV Kellermeister $9.99



Domaine de Grand Pre, NS 2010 Tidal Bay $22.50

Gaspereau Vineyards, NS 2010 Appellation Wine $24.99





8th Generation Vineyard, BC 2010 Pinot Meunier Rosé $19.99

Hinterbrook Estate Winery, ON 2010 Rosé $16.00

Oliver Twist Estate Winery, BC 2010 Patio Passion $18.00

The View Winery, BC 2010 Distraction Rosé $14.50



CedarCreek Estate Winery, BC 2010 Pinot Noir Rosé $17.90

Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery, ON 2010 Resurrection Rosé $17.80

Greata Ranch Estate Winery, BC 2010 Rosé $13.90

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards, BC 2010 Oldfield Series 2Bench Rosé $22.99



Colio Estate Wines Inc., ON 2010 Girls’ Night Out Chard / Merlot Rosé $12.75

Jackson-Triggs Okanagan Estate, BC 2009 Black Series Rosé $15.99

Kacaba Vineyards, ON 2010 Rebecca Rosé $14.95 winery featured in Savvy Selections

Pondview Estate Winery, ON 2009 Cab Franc Rosé $15.00 winery featured in Savvy Selections

Volcanic Hills Estate Winery, BC 2010 Rosé $15.90


Cabernet Sauvignon Under $25



Legends Estates Winery, ON 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve $17.95



Inniskillin Okanagan Vineyards, BC

2008 Dark Horse Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon $24.99



Colchester Ridge Estate Winery, ON 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon $19.80


Cabernet Sauvignon Over $25



Lakeview Cellars Estate Winery, ON 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve $34.95

Painted Rock Estate Winery, BC 2008 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon $40.00



Muscedere Vineyards,ON 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon $30.00

Nk’Mip Cellars, BC 2008 Qwam Qwmt Cabernet Sauvignon $29.99



Desert Hills Estate Winery, BC 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Proprietor’s Red $29.90


Merlot Under $25



Angel’s Gate Winery, ON 2008 MERLOT $14.95 winery featured in Savvy Selections this August!

Red Rooster Winery, BC 2009 Merlot $18.99

Thornhaven Estates Winery, BC 2008 MERLOT $24.90

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards, BC 2008 Merlot $17.99



Jackson-Triggs Okanagan Estate, BC 2008 Gold Series Merlot $20.00

Robin Ridge Winery, BC 2007 Merlot $19.90

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards, BC 2007 Oldfield Series Merlot $24.99

Wild Goose Vineyards, BC 2008 Merlot $20.00



Legends Estates Winery, ON 2007 Merlot Reserve $17.95

Mission Hill Family Estate, BC 2007 Reserve Merlot $24.99

Seven Stones Winery , BC 2009 Row 128 Merlot $25.00

Sumac Ridge Estate Winery, BC 2008 Black Sage Vineyard Merlot $19.99

Merlot Over $25



Kalala Organic Estate Winery, BC 2008 Merlot $28.95

Ruby Tuesday Winery, BC 2008 Merlot Grand Reserve $40.00



Mission Hill Family Estate, BC 2006 Select Lot Collection Merlot $29.99

Van Westen Vineyards, BC 2007 Vivre la Vie $27.90



Poplar Grove Winery, BC 2007 Merlot $29.90


Pinot Noir Under $25



D’Angelo Estate Winery, BC 2007 Pinot Noir $24.90

Lake Breeze Vineyards, BC 2008 Seven Poplars Pinot Noir $25.00

Mike Weir Wine, ON 2008 Pinot Noir $19.95

Mt. Boucherie Family Estate, BC 2009 Summit Reserve Pinot Noir $19.99



EauVivre Winery & Vineyards, BC 2008 Pinot Noir $19.00

Flat Rock Cellars, ON 2009 Pinot Noir $19.95

Stonechurch Vineyards, ON 2007 Pinot Noir Reserve $19.95



Grange of Prince Edward, ON 2008 Trumpour’s Mill Pinot Noir $16.95

Mission Hill Family Estate, BC 2007  Reserve Pinot Noir $24.99

Robin Ridge Winery, BC 2009 Pinot Noir $21.90

Therapy Vineyards, BC 2009 Pinot Noir $22.00


Pinot Noir Over $25



Kacaba Vineyards, ON 2007 Reserve Pinot Noir $42.95 winery featured in Savvy Selections

Nk’Mip Cellars, BC 2009 Qwam Qwmt Pinot Noir $29.99



CASSINI CELLARS, BC 2009 Pinot Noir Reserve $29.00

Church & State Wines, BC 2009 Hollenbach Pinot Noir $25.90



LA FRENZ, BC 2009 Reserve Pinot Noir $31.90

Road 13 Vineyards, BC 2008 Jackpot Pinot Noir $39.99


Cabernet Franc Under $25



Colio Estate Wines Inc., ON 2007 CEV Cabernet Franc $20.75

Inniskillin Wines, ON

2008 Winemaker’s Series Two Vineyards Cabernet Franc $22.95



Hillside Estate Winery, BC 2008 Cabernet Franc $24.99

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards, BC 2008 Cabernet Franc $17.99



Colchester Ridge Estate Winery , ON 2008 Cabernet Franc $17.80

Pelee Island Winery, ON 2010 Cabernet Franc $11.45


Cabernet Franc Over $25



Peller Estates Winery Niagara, ON 2008 Signature Series Cabernet Franc $38.00



Seven Stones Winery, BC 2009 Cabernet Franc $28.00



Thirty Bench Wine Makers, ON 2008 Small Lot Cabernet Franc $40.00


Bordeaux Blends Under $25



Cerelia Vineyards & Estate Winery, BC 2008 Misceo $23.00

Colio Estate Wines Inc., ON 2006 CEV Meritage $20.75

Pelee Island Winery, ON 2008 Alvar Cabernet Merlot $12.95



Gehringer Brothers Estate Winery, BC 2009 Dry Rock Cabernet-Merlot $14.99

Jackson Triggs Niagara Estate, ON 2009 Black Series Cab Franc Cab Sauvignon $13.45

Ridgepoint Wines, ON 2007 Meritage $25.00

Smith & Wilson Estates Wines, ON 2007 Raleigh Vines $14.00



Harvest Estate Wines, ON 2007 IT’s Our Time $13.95

Hester Creek Estate Winery, BC 2009 Cabernet Merlot $15.99

Lake Breeze Vineyards, BC 2008 Meritage $22.00

Stag’s Hollow Winery, BC 2008 Heritage Block $24.99


Bordeaux Blends Over $25



Church & State Wines, BC 2007 Quintessential $49.90

Gray Monk Estate Winery, BC 2009 Odyssey Meritage $34.99

LA FRENZ, BC 2007 Grand Total Reserve $39.90

Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery, BC 2007 Obra-Prima $34.90

Thornhaven Estates Winery, BC 2008 EVOLUTION $31.90



Church & State Wines, BC 2008 Coyote Bowl Meritage $34.90

Church & State Wines, BC 2008 Quintessential $49.90

Kacaba Vineyards, BC 2007 Reserve Meritage $44.95

LA FRENZ, BC 2008 Grand Total Reserve $39.90



CASSINI CELLARS, BC 2009 Collector’s Series Maximus $29.00

Harbour Estates , ON 2007 Premier Vintage $45.00

Jackson-Triggs Okanagan Estate, BC 2007 Sunrock Meritage $35.00

Painted Rock Estate Winery , BC 2008 Estate Red Icon $55.00

Van Westen Vineyards , BC 2007 Voluptuous $29.90


Syrah / Shiraz Under $25



Moon Curser Vineyards, BC 2009 Syrah $24.90



Peller Estates Winery Okanagan, BC 2008 Private Reserve Syrah $19.99



Mt. Boucherie Family Estate , BC 2007 Summit Reserve Syrah $24.99

Quinta Ferreira Estate Winery , BC 2008 Syrah $24.90


Syrah / Shiraz Over $25



Red Rooster Winery, BC 2009 Syrah Reserve $29.99

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards, BC 2007 Oldfield Series Syrah $29.99



Black Widow Winery, BC 2009 SYRAH $31.90

Mission Hill Family Estate, BC 2007 Select Lot Collection Syrah $36.99



CedarCreek Estate Winery, BC 2008 Platinum Syrah $39.90

Painted Rock Estate Winery, BC 2008 Estate Syrah $40.00


Marechal Foch



Skimmerhorn Winery & Vineyard, BC 2009 Marechal Foch $19.50



Larch Hills Winery, BC 2009 Marechal Foch $16.40

Summerhill Pyramid Winery, BC 2007 Organic Foch $26.95



Jost Vineyards Ltd., BC 2009 Cote St. George Marechal Foch $14.99


Baco Noir



Henry of Pelham Family Estate, ON 2008 Reserve Baco Noir $24.95



Sandbanks Estate Winery, ON 2008 Baco Noir Reserve $24.95



Coffin Ridge Boutique Winery, ON 2009 Baco Noir Reserve $24.80


Other Single V.V. Reds



Domaine de Chaberton, BC 2009 Gamay Noir $15.25

Featherstone Winery, ON   2009 Gamay $19.99

Inniskillin Okanagan Vineyards, BC 2008 Discovery Series Malbec $24.99



Mt. Boucherie Family Estate, BC 2008 Family Reserve Zinfandel $34.99

The View Winery, BC 2009 Red Shoe Red (Pinotage) $14.50



Legends Estates Winery, ON 2007 Petit Verdot Reserve $19.95


Other Single Hybrid Reds



Gaspereau Vineyards, NS 2009 Triomphe D’Alsace $17.99



Gaspereau Vineyards, NS 2008 Lucie Kuhlmann $21.99



Annapolis Highland Vineyards , NS 2010 DeChaunac $22.00


Other V.V. Blends



Inniskillin Wines, ON 2008 Winemaker’s Series Shiraz Cabernet $24.95 winery featured in Savvy Selections

Road 13 Vineyards, BC 2009 Rockpile $24.99



Hester Creek Estate Winery, BC 2009 Character Red $19.99

Reif Estate Winery, ON 2009 The Magician $19.95 winery featured in Savvy Selections



Kalala Organic Estate Winery, BC 2009 Cuvée Noir $15.95



Red Hybrid Blends


Gaspereau Vineyards, NS NV Vitis $21.99

Jost Vineyards Ltd., NS 2010 Valley Roads Leon Millot Baco Noir $9.99

L’Acadie Vineyards, NS 2009 Innovation Series Red $29.99

Stoney Ridge, ON 2010 Radical Red $25.00



Eastdell Estates Winery, ON 2009 Black Cab $12.95

Gillis of Belleisle Winery, NB 2010 Belleisle Premium Red $24.80

House of Rose Winery, BC 2009 Hot Flash $17.90



Averill Creek Vineyard , BC 2009 Prevost $22.00

Domaine & Vins Gélinas , QC 2008 Rouge Réserve $20.00

Skimmerhorn Winery & Vineyard , BC N/V Devil’s Chair $19.50


Late Harvest Wines:


Hester Creek Estate Winery, BC 2009 Late Harvest Pinot Blanc $15.99



Reif Estate Winery, ON 2009 First Growth Riesling TBA $50.00 winery featured in Savvy Selections



Calamus Estate Winery, ON 2009 Special Select Late Varvest Vidal $23.10 winery featured in Savvy Selections



Riesling Icewines:



Jackson-Triggs Okanagan Estate, BC 2009 Gold Series Riesling Icewine $70.00



Mission Hill Family Estate, BC 2009 Reserve Riesling Icewine $59.99



Jackson-Triggs Okanagan Estate, BC 2007 Proprietors’ Reserve Riesling Icewine $60.00


Vidal Icewines:



Inniskillin Okanagan Vineyards, BC 2008 Vidal Icewine $52.99

Inniskillin Wines, ON 2008 Sparkling Vidal Icewine $69.95

Mike Weir Wine, ON 2006 Icewine Vidal $39.95


Peller Estates Winery Niagara, ON 2008 Private Reserve Vidal Icewine $26.85, 200ml


Domaine de Grand Pre, NS 2010 Vidal Icewine $39.50

Inniskillin Wines, ON 2007 Vidal Icewine $49.95


Red Icewines:



Pondview Estate Winery, ON 2009 Cab Franc Icewine $35.00

Strewn, ON 2008 Cab Franc Icewine $63.00



Hinterbrook Estate Winery, ON 2009 Cabernet Franc Icewine $48.00

Peller Estates Winery Niagara, ON 2008 Signature Series Cabernet Franc Icewine $90.00

Pondview Estate Winery, ON 2009 Bella Terra Cab Sauvignon Icewine $40.00



Mike Weir Wine, ON 2008 Icewine Cabernet $39.95

Niagara College Teaching Winery, ON 2008 Dean’s List Cabernet Franc Icewine $54.95 winery featured in Savvy Selections


Other Icewines:



Caroline Cellars, ON 2009 CHARDONNAY ICEWINE $42.00

LuLu Island Winery, BC 2007 Riesling Chardonnay Icewine $69.00



Therapy Vineyards, BC 2010 Bi-Polar $50.00



Domaine & Vins Gélinas, QC 2010 Signature Swenson White $32.00

Stoney Ridge, ON 2009 Excellence Gewurztraminer Icewine $100.00


Grape Fortifieds & Other Desserts



Harwood Estates, ON 2009 Just Desserts $25.00

House of Rose Winery, BC 2006 Vintage Okanagan Port $29.90

Stoney Ridge, ON n/v Passion $25.00



Annapolis Highland Vineyards, NS 2010 Highland Beauty $24.00

River’s Bend Winery, BC N/V AMBER $13.00



La Halte des Pèlerins Inc., QC 2009 Le Miraculé $23.00

Stoney Ridge, ON 2009 Forte $20.00


Soft Fruit Dry



Westham Island Estate Winery, BC 2010 SnoGoos Wine $14.95



Sanduz Estate Wines, BC N/V Blueberry Merlot $16.37



Living Sky Winery, SK 2010 Rhubarb $17.00


Soft Fruit Off Dry



Domaine Le Cageot, QC 2010 Le Frambleu $22.25

Muskoka Lakes Winery, ON 2009 Cranberry Blueberry $16.75

Westham Island Estate Winery, BC 2010 Raspberry Wine $12.95



Black Bear Farm Estate Winery, ON 2007 PAPA’S SPECIAL RESERVE $18.00

Living Sky Winery, SK 2010 Raspberry $17.00

Rocky Creek Winery, BC 2010 Blackberry $20.00

Silverside Farm & Winery, BC 2011 Tayberry $20.00



Aleksander Estate Winery, ON 2010 Raspberry $13.95

Field Stone Fruit Wines, AB N/V Raspberry Fruit Wine $15.95

Harvest Estate Wines, ON N/V Blueberry Mist $9.95

Westham Island Estate Winery, BC 2010 Blueberry Wine $12.95


Soft Fruit Dessert



La Vallée de la Framboise Inc., QC 2010 Le Brochu $20.00

Muskoka Lakes Winery, ON 2009 Red Maple $18.85



Coastal Black Estate Winery, BC 2009 Raspberry Dessert $18.00

Field Stone Fruit Wines, AB N/V Saskatoon Berry Dessert Wine $19.95

Kawartha Country Wines, ON 2010 BlackBerry Dessert $9.80



Black Bear Farm Estate Winery, ON 2009 STRAWBERRY & RED RASPBERRY $15.00

Black Bear Farm Estate Winery, ON 2009 BEAR’S SPECIAL BLEND $20.00


Tree Fruit Dry



Forbidden Fruit Winery, BC 2010 Cherysh Cherry Rose $19.95



Les Vergers de la Colline, QC 2010 Ancestral $8.78



Cypress Hills Vyd & Winery, SK 2010 Saskatchewan Sour Cherries $18.75


Tree Fruit Off Dry



Harvest Estate Wines, ON n/v Nectarine Peach $9.95

Les Vergers de la Colline, QC 2010 Rosé (ROSEHIPS) $10.53



Domaine de Grand Pre, NS NV Stutz Hard Apple Cider $10.50

Muskoka Lakes Winery, ON 2010 Georgian Bay Rose $16.95



Blue Moon Estate Winery, BC 2010 SIRIUS, Apple Table Wine $16.90


Tree Fruit Dessert



Jost Vineyards Ltd., NS NV Maple Wine $14.99



Living Sky Winery, SK 2010 Juliett Port-style $23.00



Forbidden Fruit Winery, BC 2009 Cerise D’Eve Red Cherry Portstyle $29.95

Stoney Ridge, ON 2009 Blueberry Maple Ice $40.00





Applewood Farm Winery ON N/V Madrigal Meade $14.95



Munro’s Meadery, ON 2010 Sweet Mead $15.12



No Bronze Awarded


Iced Ciders



Cidrerie du Minot, QC N/V CRÉMANT DE GLACE $25.00

Domaine Pinnacle, QC NV Reflet d’hiver Ice Cider $21.99



Cidrerie Verger Léo Boutin, QC 2009 Mont de Glace $19.50

Domaine Félibre, QC 2009 Givré $22.75



Cidrerie du Minot, QC 2006 DU MINOT DES GLACES $15.50

Domaine Leduc-Piedimonte, QC 2007 Ice Cider $26.50


Fruit Sparkling



No Gold Awarded



Verger Belliveau Orchard, NB 2009 Framboise Mousseux $12.95



Domaine Le Cageot, QC 2010 Le Cageolais $29.25


Congratulations to all of the winners!


Medal Mania! Fielding has a gold medal Merlot

Posted by Debbie

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

Savvy Selections wine of the month club
Featuring Fielding Estates Winery
Canada’s wineries delivered to your doorstep









You won’t have time to get the February blahs, as the days will fly by with the spirit and excitement of the Olympics. In the Canadian wine industry, their Olympics have taken place with the annual Canadian Wine Awards. 

Congrats to all of this year’s award winning winemakers and a special kudos to those top rated wines that have been featured in the Savvy Selections. Check out this impressive list of award winning wines – many winery names you will recognized as we have already introduced you to them or you might have some bottles of these award winning Savvy Selections wines in your cellar.

One of these notable wineries is Fielding Estates Winery of Beamsville.  At the time that our Savvy Selections tasting panel was deciding the three wines to feature this month, we received a call from Heidi Fielding, Hospitality Manager, excited that they had just received top medal standing for their 2007 Merlot. To share this big win, Fielding offered the not-yet-released wine to our subscribers.  What an overwhelming response we received!  A majority of you now have this wine in your hands to either open and decant while watching the Olympics or to put in your cellar for a few years.  (Note: missed this offer or want a few bottles more? This can still be arranged for you and your friends – simply contact me to arrange your order)


In this month’s Savvy Selections you will find

Fawnsbrook Gewurztraminer VQA 2008 – a perfect pairing with your favorite spicy dish

White Conception VQA 2008 – a blend of 5 white grape varieties

Cabernet Syrah VQA 2007 – an impressive big red wine

Optional Wine: Merlot VQA 2007 – indeed worthy of its medal!


The story of Fielding Estate Winery involves food and wine with a dash of ‘what if’.  As successful franchise owners of Subway Restaurants in North and Eastern Ontario, Ken and Marg Fielding were looking to expand their business ventures. Living in Muskoka cottage country, they enjoyed wines with friends and neighbours.  “Ken and Marg are always busy with their franchises. Their friends would jokingly tempt them – Why not build a winery and slow down?”, remembers daughter-in-law Heidi. “One thing led to another and now almost 10 years later since the idea was conceived, they own an impressive state of the art winery surrounded by 53 acre of vineyards.”


Building a winery was a family decision. Their son, Curtis left his career as a CASCAR racing car driver, to gain hands-on experience in the wine cellars at Vineland Estates. Curtis is now the General Manager and his wife, Heidi, left her job as a legal administrator to work at Jackson-Triggs Winery when it opened, then joined Curtis in his family’s business.


On the following pages, Savvy Sommelier Gina Wohlgemuth introduces you to another member of the Fielding family – award winning winemaker Richie Roberts.  And be sure to try the recipes Gina picked to serve with this month’s wines.


Anytime you would like more Fielding wines or previous Savvy Selections, simply contact me to arrange an order for you.   

Go Canada Go!

– Debbie & Savvy Team

Fielding Estates Winery
Presented by Savvy Sommelier Gina Wohlgemuth


It is easy to find people who are interested and enthusiastic about wine.  In my experience, there are few more passionate about the wine industry than winemakers and those who run the day to day operations at the burgeoning wineries.  This is exactly the case with Fielding Estate Winery in Niagara – the staff is always friendly, available to chat about their wines and eager to share their stories. 

Situated on the Beamsville Bench atop of the Niagara Escarpment, the main building, known as ‘The Lodge’ is an impressive structure made entirely of cedar post and beam design, with large windows overlooking the vineyards and a stone fireplace, creating a welcoming feeling.  The Fielding family wanted to make winery visitors feel ‘at home’ during their experience at their winery.  The large Muskoka chairs at the entrance of The Lodge are often occupied with people enjoying the view of the surrounding vineyard and tall treed forest. “Our friendly approach to enjoying wines and a cottage-like atmosphere is intended to be make our guests feel like they are relaxing on a lakeside deck or cozying up by the fire with a glass of wine in hand on a cold winter night. We wanted our visitors to feel like they are sipping extraordinary wine in the company of good friends”, explains Heidi Fielding, Hospitality Manager (another words: she runs the place!)

Winter months in The Lodge
You might wonder what goes on at a winery during the early part of the new year.  Fielding’s winemaker, Richie Roberts, reports that they are currently in the midst of tasting through all of the red wines in barrels from the 2008 vintage. Richie is faced with the job of deciding how each wine will end up – bottled on its own or blended?

In the cellar, the reds from the 2009 vintage have been moved from stainless steel tanks into oak barrels. At this point of the winemaking process, the wines are naturally going through malo-lactic fermentation (winespeak: the conversion of naturally present stronger malic acid into softer lactic acid – this process makes a wine appear softer feeling in the mouth). Meanwhile, the aromatic whites of 2009, such as Riesling and Pinot Gris, are being cold stabilized (more winespeak: the technique whereby harmless tartrate crystals – looks like sea salt – and small protein molecules precipitated out of the wine by quickly chilling the wine while in stainless steel tanks), then filtered before the wine is headed for the bottling line.

I asked Richie to comment on the cooler-than-normal and rain that we experienced this past spring, summer and fall and how it affected the grapes. Richie reported, “Fielding invested a substantial amount into their vineyards – we employed a variety of new horticultural techniques to control the crop yield.  The vineyard team were particularly attentive to the grape’s growth in order to help achieve the quality of fruit we were hoping for.”  And with the style of wines that Fielding makes, such as their dry, crisp Riesling, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay and light to medium bodied Pinot Noir wines, summers like last year’s give them better results compared to exceptionally hot and dry years. 

Whatever the weather brings to the grapes, Richie, akin to many winemakers, feels that “wines should be true to the place and vintage that they came from – that wines shouldn’t try to emulate something they weren’t meant to be.”   He’s been following this practice at Fielding for over two years.  When asked of his favourite wines to make, he says without hesitation: Riesling.  “It can range in styles from incredibly dry to intensely sweet. We even have sparkling Riesling. Additionally, white blends are a personal favorite as Richie considers them a challenge. 

It is hard to believe, that this May marks Fielding’s fifth anniversary – and they have plenty to celebrate!   In addition to five years in business they have received numerous wine awards and most recently, best label design at the Ontario Wine Awards for their new label introduced 2007 – the one that you hold in your hands.  And just last month, Fielding’s Merlot 2007 VQA was declared Canada’s top Merlot at the prestigious Canadian Wine Awards.  

“I was absolutely ecstatic when I got this news”, remarked Richie, “I consider this the most important wine competition & I am thrilled to be recognized – and was proud that we scored higher than any Merlot from BC!”  Congratulations to everyone at the winery! 


 ~ Savvy Sommelier Tasting Notes ~

Fielding Estates Fawnsbrook Gewürztraminer VQA 2008, $24.95

Tucked away in the slopes of the Beamsville Bench (aka Niagara Escarpment) is a small parcel of vines that produces grapes with exceptionally concentrated flavours.  The fruit was hand harvested and sorted, ensuring that only the best grapes were selected for this premium white wine.

Savvy Sommelier Tasting Notes: Medium straw in colour, this fully fragrant wine fills the nose with sweet spice, lychee fruit, candied orange and dried apricot.  It has a rich and silky mouth feel with concentrated and lengthy flavours echoing the aromas.

Suggested Food Pairing: This excellent Gewürztraminer would go well with spicy ethnic dishes such as Indian curries – try your hand at Gina’s Tandoori Chicken recipe below, Thai dishes or even Mexican favourites.

Cellaring: Enjoy now or cellar for up to five years.


Fielding Estates White Conception VQA 2008, $18.95

This is the first white blend for Fielding Estate and a medal winner at the 2009 Canadian Wine Awards.  Crafted with five different aromatic grape varieties that were each vinified (winespeak: made) separately.  Richie experimented with several blends of varying proportions then had his team taste the candidates blind until this masterpiece was created.  The name of the wine was inspired by the winery’s Jack Rabbit Flats Vineyard which was once a very popular – as Richie puts it “parking spots” – among the locals. You know what he means – nudge nudge!

Savvy Sommelier Tasting Notes: The complex nose offers a wide range of aromas from floral to fruit, white flowers, pears and citrus.  There are notes of sweet spice and toast.  It is rich and refreshing at the same time with a lingering, distantly sweet finish. 

Suggested Food Pairing: This wine would pair with many dishes.  Some to consider might include vegetable risotto, chicken with a cream-based sauce or if you don’t feel like fussing in the kitchen, uncork it with your favorite cheese pizza or Gina’s Deluxe Mac and Cheese recipe.

Cellaring: Best enjoyed now, but Richie predicts that it will cellar well up to four years.

Fielding Estates Cabernet Syrah VQA 2007, $24.95

From the stellar 2007 vintage comes this flavourful blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah with a splash of Cabernet Franc.

SOMMELIER TIP: Any sediment or particles noticed in the wine is normal as it was bottled without fining (winespeak for the process of clarifying wine by adding one or more particular agents to it prior to bottling.  As these agents slowly settle to the bottom, they carry with them unwanted yet harmless particles that are suspended in the wine) or filtration.

Savvy Sommelier Tasting Notes: Concentrated aromas of blackberries, cassis and sweet smoke greet the nose with notes of leather and cedar.  It is medium bodied with smooth tannins and flavours of blackberries, cassis and vanilla.  These flavours fade gently in the medium to long finish.

Suggested Food Pairings: Enjoy this wine with almost anything beef or pork, roast, hearty stew and wintertime barbeque – to tempt you Gina shares with you her husband’s hands down favorite rib recipe.

Cellaring: This wine is drinking well now but can be cellared up to five years.


OPTIONAL WINE: Fielding Estates Merlot VQA 2007, $44.95

Savvy Selections Subscribers have the option to purchase this award winning wine FIRST!

To share the excitement of their medal standing as Canada’s top Merlot, Heidi & Richie have extended to Savvy Selections subscribers FIRST dibs on this award winning Merlot. The wine will not be available at the winery until later this summer.


Savvy Sommelier Tasting Notes: This is a BIG wine.  Dark cherry in colour with full, concentrated aromas & tastes of blackberry, plum, cherry, clove & vanilla. Soft tannins that linger into a smooth medium-long finish. A delicious wine that is easy to drink on its own – food not required.


Cellaring: This big red wine can be enjoyed now – Richie recommends to decant it for 3-4 hours before enjoying. Or cellar for up to 5 years.


Special Order Only: This wine is available to Savvy Selections subscribers (and your friends) at any time by ordering directly through Debbie.  Simply contact her or 613.851.1785 to make the arrangements for your special delivery.



~ Recipes to enjoy with your Savvy Selections  ~

 With Fielding Estates Gewürztraminer…

 Tandoori Chicken
A favorite recipe from Gina’s kitchen.  She recommends to prep the ingredients the day before to allow the spices to work their magic.  The cooking time is quick and easy. 


6 chicken legs with thighs (or 12 boneless thighs if preferred)

1.5 cups plain yogurt

2 Tbsp. corn starch

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 Tbsp. grated fresh ginger

1 Tbsp. curry powder

¾ tsp. each ground coriander, cumin and tumeric

¾ tsp. each hot pepper flakes, paprika and salt

¾ tsp. packed brown sugar

½ tsp cayenne pepper



In medium bowl, combine all ingredients (except chicken) well.


Remove skin from chicken.  Cut 1/8 inch deep slits, 1 inch apart diagonally across meaty sides.  Arrange meaty side up in baking dish and pour marinade over.


Refrigerate 24 hours, turning occasionally.


Remove chicken from marinade and arrange on foil-lined baking sheet, leaving space between each piece and covering each piece with sauce.


Bake at 425 F for 35 minutes (less time for boneless chicken) or until golden and juices run clear.  Broil 6 inches from heat for about 2 minutes or until crisp.


Serve hot with steamed basmati rice and green vegetables.



With Fielding Estates White Conception…

Audrey’s Deluxe Mac & Cheese
From Rebar Modern Food Cookbook
Serves 10

This version of comfort food is loaded with garlic, fresh herbs and a crispy crust.  You can vary the 4 cups of cheddar with a mixture of Fontina and Mozzarella or Asiao and Monterrey Jack.



6 c. dry pasta such as rotini or penne rigate

¼ c. olive oil

1 large yellow onion, minced

2 tsp. salt

8 garlic cloves, minced

1/3 cup chopped fresh oregano

2 Tbsp. chopped fresh thyme

½ c. chopped Italian parsley

¼ c. butter

3.5 c. milk

1/4c. unbleached flour

4 c. grated aged white cheddar

4 c. fresh breadcrumbs

1 c. grated Parmesan

½ c. pine nuts



Cook pasta in boiling, salted water until just done.  Strain and toss with a light coating of olive oil.  Set aside.


Meanwhile, heat 1 Tbsp. olive oil in a small skillet and sauté onion for 5 minutes.  Add half the minced garlic, ½ tsp salt and sauté until the garlic turns golden.  Transfer to a small bowl and stir in half of the chopped herbs.  Set aside.


Next, make a roux for the sauce.  Gently heat the milk and keep it warm.  Set a saucepan over medium heat and melt the butter.  Sprinkle in flour and whisk constantly as the flour and butter turn golden.  Gradually add the warm milk and 1 tsp. salt and whisk thoroughly.  Heat until the sauce thickens.  Add the sautéed onion/herb mix, grated cheese and stir until the cheese melts.  Season to taste.


Finally, make the topping.  Combine the breadcrumbs with the remaining garlic, herbs, Parmesan, pine nuts, ½ tsp. salt, plenty of cracked pepper and the remaining 3 Tbsp. olive oil.  Mix thoroughly.


Pre-heat oven to 350 F.  To assemble, combine the noodles and cheese sauce in a large bowl and mix well.  Pour into an oiled 8 x 12 inch baking dish.  Scatter the topping over the entire surface, working some of it into the noodles.  Bake uncovered until golden and bubbly (about 45 minutes).  Serve hot.




With the Fielding Estates Cabernet Syrah…


Mike’s Barbequed Ribs

Gina’s husband Karl is a huge rib fan.  Two years ago, he came home with this recipe and all others were tossed aside.  He says these ribs are THE best!

Serves 4 to 6



4 lbs. pork rib racks (back ribs preferred but side ribs okay)

1-2 Tbsp. of your favourite dry rub or barbeque seasoning (we use “Club House La Grille Montreal Steak”)

12 thin slices fresh lemon




1 c. ketchup

½ c. red wine or balsamic vinegar

¼ c. packed brown sugar

1 small onion, finely chopped

2 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

2 tsp. prepared mustard

1 tsp. chili powder

¼ to ½ c Frank’s Original or Durkees hot sauce (quantity based on desired spiciness – we’ve omitted it from time to time – sometimes too much heat for the kids – and even without the kick, the rib sauce is equally delicious.)



Preheat oven to 325 F.  Rub or sprinkle ribs with barbeque seasoning, if using.  Arrange ribs, meat side down or on edge, in a large roasting pan, overlapping as necessary to fit.  Place lemon slices on top of or (preferably) between rib racks.  Pour water into the pan to a depth of 1 cm.  Cover the pan with lid (or foil if no lid available) and roast in oven for 2 hours.


Meanwhile mix all sauce ingredients except the hot sauce in a small saucepan.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat and cook 20 minutes at a simmer.  Remove from heat and add the hot sauce if using.  Mix well.


When ribs are done, remove from oven and place on platter.  Brush liberally with the sauce and place on preheated barbeque grill at medium heat.  Excessive heat will cause the sauce to burn so reduce flame if necessary.  Cook for about 20 minutes, turning and brushing with the sauce every 3-4 minutes.  When done, ribs should be slightly charred but not burned.  Remove from grill, brush lightly with more sauce and serve.



Cheers & Enjoy this month’s Savvy Selections!