Deck Party Packs

Thank you for sharing a wonderful summer of exploring outstanding Canadian wines with us. All the people who took part had delicious Canadian wines on hand all summer long! Although summer isn’t over yet, Savvy’s Deck Party Packs are (for now!). Don’t worry…they will be back again next summertime!

Want to order more of your NEW favourites?

Simply email or call 613-SAVVYCO (728-8926) with what you would like to order and Savvy will handle the rest! It’s easy to get amazing Canadian wines delivered to your door – all year round.

Are you a cheese or cider fan?

Ask us about Canadian artisan cheeses and Ontario craft ciders! We can add these to your special wine order, or you can SUBSCRIBE to receive delicious artisan cheeses & refreshing ciders to your doorstep.

Visit for WHEY cool cheese, or take a peek at for premium craft ciders.

Psst…exciting news!

With the holiday’s fast approaching, our Savvy Sommeliers will be creating exclusive Thanksgiving Party Packs this October, as well as Holiday Party Packs in late November.

Enjoy & discover delicious Canadian wines with a scrumptious turkey dinner or at a lively Christmas party. Our Holiday-themed Party Packs make celebrating & enjoying time with family & friends easy-peasy.

Want to hear when our Holiday Party Packs are available this year? Simply send an email to to be added to our mailing list…you’ll be the FIRST to hear about the BRAND NEW features for the Holiday Party Packs!