If I only had $100…I would buy at LCBO Vintages


It’s time to celebrate Spring with the latest LCBO Vintages release which offers fresh & fruity wines –  go shopping! There are refreshing unoaked whites & an extensive list of reds from France’s ever-popular Rhône region . . .you can never go wrong with Rhône wines.  

LCBO Vintages May 24Also in this release, there is an unusual wine featured from China, called “Kweichow Moutai”.  Although this was not available for me to taste, after having travelled in China, I would love to hear from anyone who is lucky enough to have a sip. If you are invited to a Chinese wedding, you will definitely be THE guest of the evening if you brought along this as a gift.  At $353.95 a bottle (Vintages # 895037) this is some mighty fine toast!

Finally, I have a confession to make… I used to bring my choice of wines as close to $100 as possible, but now I find I am concentrating more on delicious tastes, rather than our price point. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the wines I blog, but often I am just shy of $100.  I vow to give back the $2.75 that I am over this month to anyone who purchases my shopping list of suggestions & invites me to enjoy a glass of these wines with you!

I’m all ears to hear about your delicious tastings this Spring too.



If I only had $100, I would buy these wines at LCBO Vintages…
May 24th, 2014 


Bernard Masson Cuvée de l'EcussonBernard-Massard Cuvée de l’Écusson Brut Rosé

Méthode Traditionelle, Luxembourg
$21.95 (Vintages# 369074)  12.5 % alcohol

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a small country surrounded by Belgium, France and Germany. It shares the Moselle valley with Germany and produces local white wines as well as popular brands of beer. Specialty dishes include Ardennes ham, trout and pike. All of these would be great accompaniments with this sparkling rosé wine. When you open and pour, a lovely pale salmon colour awaits the taste buds accompanied by a million delightful bubbles. Light strawberry and citrusy flavours; an elegant pre-dinner party starter.

Vineland Estates Chardonnay MusqueVineland Estates Chardonnay Musqué 2011

VQA Niagara Escarpment
$17.95 (Vintages# 996793)  12.5 % alcohol

Don’t let the word “musqué” ever deter you from buying a bottle of Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc – or any other grape in a bottle of wine for that matter.  Just like when we cross-breed plants, it is simply a term applied when clones of the original grape have arisen through another mutation.  Musqué mutations tend to offer more aromas, as in the word “musky”.This white wine is medium weight, slightly tart, bone dry with flavours of peaches and apricots, very fruity with an easy finish. You would be proud to serve it with any spring or summer fare.  And remember May 22 is Chardonnay Day!

La Joya Reserve ViognierLa Joya Reserve Viognier 2013

Colchagua Valley, Chile
$14.95 (Vintages #168542)   13.5% alcohol

Although allergy-challenged, even I could catch rich floral aromas from this Viognier. Medium bodied and soft textured but there was no cloying-ness that some Viognier’s offer. The nose of this white wine reminds me of the Cupcake shop near to my house, (that drives me crazy in a good way) but the wine is bone dry. Lots of tree fruit on the palate and very smooth. It had something lingering on the “backsplash” that just made me have to have one more sip – just to make sure I could write about it, this is my kind of white wine!

Ortas Tradition RasteauOrtas Tradition Rasteau 2011

AC Cave de Rasteau, France
$17.95 (Vintages # 998716) 14.5% alcohol

In this Vintage release there are so many great Rhône choices and I did not realize this Rasteau was on the front cover of the Vintages magazine until I was narrowing down my choices. Generally, I find some French reds can be too tannic for my taste, but with this traditional Rhône blend of Grenache,  Mourvèdre and Syrah, I met my match. Confident black fruit, velvety smooth, solid texture and weight, oh bring on a T-bone steak with some portbello mushrooms (please). Not to mention this red wine offers amazing value at this price point.

Alexana Red Label Pinot Noir 2012Alexana Red Label Pinot Noir 2012

Williamette Valley, Oregon, U.S.A.
$29.95 (Vintages# 372367) 13.5% alcohol

I have started to pay huge attention to wines made in the Williamette Valley and recently suggested to my sommelier husband that we might want to put Oregon on our travel list if only to visit some vineyards and taste some of their fare. I’m not much of a “Pinot-head” fan so when I can recommend a $30 dollar bottle, my taste buds are singing. Beautiful, vibrant bright cherry red in colour, smooth as silk, this red wine is full of lively cherry fruits and just the right hint of tannin. A serious Pinot with admirable structure.


GRAND TOTAL – $102.75



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