About Savvy Selections

Your personal sommelier service

When you sign up for Savvy Selections, you automatically receive our monthly Savvy eZine. Get to know the people and the stories behind the bottles on your rack. Learn about the month’s featured Canadian winery, read an interview with the winemaker, review our Sommelier tasting notes, and try your hand at some recipes we’ve chosen specifically to match each selection. Our Savvy Selections are all Canadian because we believe strongly in the importance (and the pleasure) of eating and drinking local—and because there is an astonishing number of excellent Canadian wines out there waiting to be discovered.

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“Having a Sommelier taste, select and provide their knowledge of the wine along with how to match the menu is invaluable to me. The Savvy Selections exclusive wines and the information in the accompanying Savvy e-Zine, adds a whole new dimension to entertaining.” – Alan

“I like the convenience of having wines shipped directly to my office. Each month, I look forward to receiving my shipment of the Savvy Selections. And because a Sommelier has tasted and selected the wines, I am reassured that they will be of good quality.” – Debi


How it works

Like everything savvy, it’s simple. The first week of each month, you receive to your home or office the featured Savvy Selections. (We will let you know by mail exactly when to expect your delivery.) All Savvy Selections wines are VQA and range between $15 and $35 per bottle. Each month, your Savvy Selections reflects the actual cost accordingly: your credit card is billed directly by the winery for the order and any related shipping charges.


What is the cost?

Just as you shop for wine at a store, the amount you pay is different each time.  With Savvy Selections your credit card is billed for the exact price of the wines.  Each month, the cost ranges from $65 to $90 per month plus shipping. As an example, when Rosehall Run Vineyard was the featured winery, the three chosen wines were:
– Rosehall Run Riesling VQA 2008 @ $17.95
– Rosehall Run Cuvee County Pinot Noir VQA 2008 @ $21.95
– Rosehall Run Cold Creek Cabernet Franc VQA 2007@ $29.95

Savvy Selections subscribers were billed $69.85 for the wine and $10 for Rosehall Run’s shipping cost.

Please note – at present, we are able to ship the wines to an address in Ontario only.


Select the package that’s right for you

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“We are thoroughly enjoying the Savvy Selections program! There are four of us who share a case of wine. All of us have been subscribers for over three years. When the monthly delivery arrives, I call everyone over to pick up their wines…we often end up having an impromptu party!” – Carole

“Last night we hosted a dinner party and served wines from the Savvy Selections. The menu included the recipes from the Savvy eZine and our guests were entertained with the stories about the winemaker that you provided. It was a wonderful evening.” – Gary

“My brother heard about the Savvy Selections and gave it to me as a birthday gift. Each month, I look forward to the delivery of the 3 pack of wines. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving” – Wayne