Meet the Savvy Brew Crew


The Savvy Brew Crew includes people who have their finger on the pulse of craft breweries in Ontario and want to share their sudsy experiences with everyone – those who are beginning to explore Ontario craft beers as well as those who are passionate about craft beers.

  • Katy Watts

    Katy Watts

    With a big red wine, you know you’re going to get those grippy tannins. But with beer, you’re not always sure what you’ll get—but that’s part of the fun.”

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  • Shawn McCormick

    Shawn McCormick

    “I love being able to tell the stories of the people behind great Canadian wines and craft beers.”

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  • Meaghan Baskin

    Meaghan Baskin

    “People ask me what type of beer is popular at the moment—but the answer is always changing because craft brewers are constantly trying new and exciting things.”

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  • Eva Nagy

    Eva Nagy

    “I’m a romantic at heart: I think a good wine should evoke time and place—I want it to take me there.”

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  • Giancarlo Nidasio

    Giancarlo Nidasio

    “My job as a sommelier isn’t to promote the wines I like; it’s to choose something you will enjoy.”

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  • Erin Bolling

    Erin Bolling

    “When you understand all that goes into producing a bottle of wine—making the blend, creating the label, writing the tasting notes—it genuinely enhances your appreciation for what you’re drinking.”

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And the list goes on…

This is the growing dynamic group focused on Savvy Hip Hops.
There are even more talented wine & cheese Sommeliers in the Savvy Team!