Cheese lovers & cheese makers are thrilled that we have created Savvy Cool Curds.  Everyone smiled & said cheese!

Savvy Cool Curds is hands-down a great idea.  There is no one better suited than Vanessa Simmons to select the best in Canadian cheese to discover each month. I’m sure the cheese-of-the-month will succeed because consumers want local…they want Canadian!” Georgs Kolesnikovs, Founder, The Great Canadian Cheese Festival

“We are very pleased to be participating in Savvy Cool Curds.  We have had the pleasure to work with Vanessa & the Savvy Team & I am very confident that their new cheese-of-the-month club will bring consumers a unique opportunity to educate themselves & be able to try some of the best cheeses Canada has to offer.

For our feature, we have allocated a small batch of our Highland Blue, Bonnechère & our highly sought after Madawaska.  These cheeses will be among the first that we will produce in 2016 & customers will benefit from our rich & flavorful sheep milk cheese using the highly nutritious milk produced during the spring.” – Jeff Fenwick, Owner / Cheese Maker, Back Forty Artisan Cheese (Ontario)

“The Savvy Team is great & having this opportunity to be featured in Savvy Cool Curds is exciting!  Anyone who has met Vanessa Simmons quickly learns that she is passionate about Canadian cheese.  She has developed strong ties to the cheesemakers & has made countless contributions to promoting local, regional, provincial & national cheesemakers.  Savvy Cool Curds subscribers are in for a treat …the best part is that all of the cheese discoveries will be proudly Canadian.” – Maggie Paradis, owner & cheesemaker, Fromagerie Les Folies Bergères (Quebec)

Wine, craft beer & artisan cheese are a perfect match. This is why we have expanded our wine business & we now make artisan cheese too. As soon as I heard about Savvy Cool Curds, I wanted to be featured.  In fact, a cheese-of-the-month club is so cool, that I am going to subscribe! – Glenn Symons, owner, winemaker & assistant cheesemaker, Lighthall Vineyards & Dairy (Ontario)

“We were thrilled to have our products included in the Savvy Cool Curds Cheese of-the-month-club! Working with Vanessa and the Savvy Company has been great & energizing.  We appreciate everything they are doing to promote our products & Canadian artisan cheeses in order to get our cheeses enjoyed by consumers.” – Armand Bernard, Cheesemaker, Cows Creamery (Prince Edward Island)