About Savvy Cool Curds

Calling all cheese lovers! We have designed Savvy Cool Curds just for YOU.  Our Cheese Sommelier Vanessa Simmons constantly visits farmers markets, participates as a judge in cheese competitions & travels far & wide to meet the makers of artisan cheeses.  She has even milked a goat to get hands-on experience about every step in the cheese making process!

Savvy Cool Curds delivers an assortment of hard-to-come-by artisan cheeses from across the country to your doorstep.  Begin the delicious discovery with your 4, 6 or 12-month subscription – and to further your enjoyment of every bite, each month you will receive the latest issue of our Curd on the Street Magazine.


Join the delicious discovery of Canadian cheeses!
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How it works…CoolCurds_mail-2

It is easy to be cheese-y! A subscriber that is. Each month, you’ll receive a parcel of Savvy Cool Curds with 4 rounds or pre-cut wedges from the featured cheesemaker plus a gourmet goodie.  Each of the cheeses will be different & will showcase the talents of the cheesemaker.

The Savvy Cool Curds parcel will be delivered by courier to your home or office on the Wednesday closest to the 24th of the month.

And the cheese does not stop there! As a subscriber to Savvy Cool Curds, you’ll receive The Curd on the Street – a mini magazine with Vanessa as your ‘guide’ complete with the inside scoop about the dynamic people who make the cheese, tips & tasting notes for the featured cheeses & recipes ladened with cheese.

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How much cheese will I get?

Each month you will receive a different assortment of 4 wedges between 200 to 250 grams each of different types of cheeses – hard, soft, fresh & aged – made using various milks – cow, goat, sheep and on occasion – buffalo! All in all, your parcel will be approximately between 800 grams and 1 kilogram of delicious cheese. Make room in your fridge!


What’s the cost?

$60 per month plus shipping by courier (approx. $15 + HST per month depending on your location).  A one time purchase is $68 plus shipping. 

Four & six month subscriptions will be billed in full upon registering.  12 month & lifetime subscriptions will be billed at the beginning of a 6 month period.

That is not all!  In addition to all that cheese,  we will add a gourmet goodie that may be the perfect pairing condiment, artisan crackers or a cheese book to add to your Savvy Cool Curds parcel.

When do I receive my parcel?

Each month, your Savvy Cool Curds will be delivered by Canada Post or local courier to your home or office on the Wednesday nearest the 24th of the month.  Your parcel will be insulated with cold packs, as required, to ensure that the cheese arrives ready-to-eat.  And your parcel is in good hands as we have looked high and low for the best delivery courier to hand-deliver the special cheeses.

Being a Savvy Cool Curds subscriber has loads of benefits:

  • No membership fee
  • Access to a wide variety of freshly made & hard to find cheeses made across Canada.
  • Convenience of having artisan cheese delivered to home or office in Ontario.
  • VIP invitations & special discounts to Savvy Events featuring Canadian wines, craft beer…and artisan cheese too!
  • Discounted admission to The Great Canadian Cheese Festival
  • There is nothing else like it – Savvy Cool Curds  is the only Canadian artisan cheese-of-the-month-club with a Cheese Sommelier curating an assortment of cheese.
  • All parcels are hand delivered by Canada Post or courier to ensure that your cheese arrives ready-to-eat.