The curd is out! Introducing the first artisan cheese-of-the-month club featuring hard-to-come-by cheeses made across Canada.  Our Cheese Sommelier Vanessa Simmons travels across Canada seeking out boutique cheesemakers to feature each month in Savvy Cool Curds. All you need to do is subscribe & these delicious cheeses will arrive at your doorstep.

CoolCurds_mail-2While you nibble on the cheese that we deliver in your Savvy Cool Curds parcel, enjoy each bite even more as you devour the stories about the featured cheesemaker in the Curd on the Street – our monthly magazine.  There’s also our Cheese Sommelier’s tasting notes, tips & tricks along with cheese-laden recipes.

A subscription to Savvy Cool Curds is the best ‘whey’ to discover artisan cheeses from coast to coast.

Order a parcel OR subscribe for monthly shipments

Make room in your fridge!  We are now offering Savvy Cool Curds in various options to ensure that you always have great artisan cheeses on hand:

Option #1 – ONE TIME purchase of the 4 featured cheeses, a gourmet goodie + 2 Savvy wine tasting glasses – perfect as a gift! 

Option #2 – Subscription with deliveries EVERY month

Option #3 – Subscription with deliveries EVERY OTHER month

Price for Savvy Cool Curds

ONE TIME purchase is $68 + shipping & HST

SUBSCRIPTION is $60 + shipping & HST

The total cost of your subscription is billed on the delivery of your first shipment.  For example, 4 month subscription will be 4 x $60 + 4 x shipping & HST.  For 12 month subscriptions, you will be billed in 6 month periods.

Your Savvy Cool Curds will be shipped by Canada Post Expedited Service.  The monthly shipping cost is $12 in Ottawa, $15 within Ontario & $20+ outside of Ontario depending on the address

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Feature Canadian cheesemakers:

In 2019…

January – Fromagerie La Station, Hatley (Quebec)
February – Bushgarden Farmstead Cheese, Elgin (Ontario)
March – Ferme Floralpe, Papineauville (Quebec)
April – Fromagerie Montebello, Montebello (Quebec)
May – Monforte Dairy, Stratford (Ontario)
June – Mariposa Dairy, Lindsay (Ontario)
July – Glengarry Fine Cheese, Lancaster (Ontario)
August – no cheese deliveries during hot August!
September – Best of Ottawa’s Artisan Cheese Festival
October – Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese, Woodstock (Ontario)
November & December – Special Savvy Holiday Cheese Pack
…we’re working on the rest of the line up!

Look which Canadian cheesemakers we featured…

In 2018…

January – Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese, Woodstock (Ontario)
February – Fromagerie St Albert, St Albert (Ontario)
March – The Farm House Natural Cheeses (British Columbia)
April – Glengarry Fine Cheese, Lancaster (Ontario)
May  – Fromagerie La Suisse Normande, St-Roch Ouest (Quebec)
June & July – Canadian Cheese Awards Mega Pack – an assortment from the 2018 Canadian Cheese Awards
August – it was too hot this month to ship cheese!
September – Quality Cheese, Vaughn (Ontario)
October – Back Forty Artisan Cheese , Lanark (Ontario)
Nov & Dec – Holiday Cheese Assortment – a special assortment from various Canadian cheesemakers that are perfect to serve at holiday parties

…in 2017

January – Empire Cheese, Campbellford (Ontario)
February – Fromagerie Nouvelle France, Racine (Quebec)
March – Golden Ears Cheesecrafters, Maple Ridge (British Columbia)
April – Best Baa Dairy, Fergus (Ontario)
May & June – Cheese Festival Mega Pack– an assortment from The Great Canadian Cheese Festival 
July – Les Fromagiers de la Table Ronde , Sainte-Sophie, Quebec
Aug – Summertime Cheese Combo – an assortment from various cheesemakers from Quebec & Ontario
Sept –  Mountainoak Cheese, New Hamburg (Ontario)
Oct – Fromagerie Montebello, Montebello (Quebec)
Nov & Dec – Holiday Cheese Assortment

…in 2016

January – Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese, Woodstock (Ontario)
February – Cow’s Creamery, Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island)
March – Back Forty Artisan Cheese, Lanark (Ontario)
April – Fromagerie Les Folies Bergères, St-Sixte, (Quebec)
May – Salt Spring Cheese Company, Salt Spring Island (British Columbia)
June – Top winners from the 2016 Canadian Cheese Awards
July – Best of the Fest – featuring various cheese from The Great Canadian Cheese Festival 2016
August – Quality Cheese, Vaughn (Ontario)
September – Mariposa Dairy, Finch (Ontario)
October  – Fromagerie du Presbytere, Warwick (Quebec)
November – Glengarry Fine Cheese, Alexandria (Ontario)
December – Holiday Cheese Assortment

Say Cheese with Vanessa!

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video credit: All You Need is Cheese
Dairy Farmer’s of Canada

How it works…

With your subscription, you’ll receive a parcel of Savvy Cool Curds with 4 rounds or wedges (approx 200g each) from the featured cheesemaker – each cheese will be different & will showcase the talents of the cheesemaker. Plus we will include a Canadian-made gourmet goodie that will complement your cheese.  Subscribers have enjoyed treats like – The Unrefined Olive oils & balsamic vinegars, Abeego beeswax food wrap, Sprucewood Handmade Cookies, Rosewood Estates HoneyTop Shelve Preserves to name a few!

Your parcel will be delivered by Canada Post to your home or office mid-month.  You will be notified by the Savvy Team when your cheese parcel is enroute.

To further your enjoyment of the cheese assortment, you’ll receive The Curd on the Street – our monthly online magazine where Vanessa give you the inside scoop about the neat people who make the cheese, tips & tasting notes for the cheese selection as well as recipes oozing with cheese.

How much cheese will I get?

There will be 4 different cheeses between 180 to 225 grams – hard, soft, fresh & aged – made using various milks – cow, goat, sheep and on occasion – buffalo.

What’s the cost?

ONE TIME purchase is $68 + shipping & HST


SUBSCRIPTION is $60 + shipping & HST. Deliveries can be made EVERY month OR EVERY OTHER month.

Subscriptions will be billed in full upon registering.  For example, 4 month subscription will be 4 x $60 + 4 x shipping & HST.  12 month & lifetime subscriptions will be billed at the beginning of a 6 month period.

Your Savvy Cool Curds will be shipped by Canada Post Expedited Service.  The monthly shipping cost is $12 in Ottawa, $15 within Ontario & $20 outside of Ontario.

A cheese-y discovery awaits!
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