Savvy U

Your chance to learn even more

Light, lively and always enjoyable, Savvy U deepens your knowledge of wine, scotch, beer and food the best way possible—hands-on and in great company.


Savvy UWho is it for?

Anyone can take part in Savvy U — beginners intrigued by the world of wine or those looking to ‘brush up’ an established foundation of knowledge. All you really need is a thirst to learn by experience.

How does it work?

This series of fun courses is intended for people who would like to know more about wine basics like tasting, serving and choosing wines. They are intended for those who feel their present knowledge and experience with wine needs enhancement. The practical aspects of the tasting, service and selection of wine in these courses would also make them appropriate for wine enthusiasts who would like to ‘brush up’ on wine fundamentals as well. The seminars will be led by an accredited sommelier.

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What are the courses?

Vinformation 1

Getting acquainted with wine—a first step

Duration: One Saturday

In this class theory and practice is combined for a fun filled day with a Savvy Sommelier. You will acquire hands-on experience in:

  • Tasting techniques
  • Characteristics and profiles of wine
  • Glassware
  • Wine service
  • The importance of the place
  • So many kinds of wine
  • When I buy, how do I choose?
  • Deciphering a wine list

A gourmet lunch with wine at TRIO Restaurant will be provided

Vinformation 2

Journeys in the world of wine and food

Duration: Two concurrent Wednesday night sessions

Following Vinformation 1, this class explores tasting serving and selecting wines in greater depth and includes blind tasting, formal service, vinification techniques and food matching principles. At the end of this course, you will put your new found knowledge into action by selecting wines to pair with a multi-course gourmet dinner at TRIO Restaurant

  • Tasting the grapes
  • Storage, glassware and bottles – why so important?
  • Formal wine etiquette
  • Reading a wine label
  • The two Vs: Vinification and varietals
  • Taste the principles of wine and food matching