Clink & Drink Pink! The Rosé Report

The raindrops may be falling today, but there’s still plenty of summer to come – so bring on the Rosé wine.  One Dozen Rosés was a big hit throughout the month of July with our Savvy customers receiving an assortment of 12 bottles of Rosé wine delivered to their door.  All it takes is a click of a button & tada wines are on the way to you.  Now that it is August, we’re offering a completely new assorted case of Rosé wines – new month…new wines.  Try it, you’ll like it.

One Dozen Roses - Savvy CompanyOur Savvy Sommeliers have tasted countless bottles of Rosé wines crafted in Ontario & hand-picked the finest for you to enjoy in One Dozen Rosés a one-of-a-kind assortment.

We discovered so many delicious Rosés, that each month during the summer we are featuring a combination of different hard-to-find Rosé wines. The wines are refreshing & crisp, made with many grape varieties resulting in dramatically different styles & shades of pink.

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With this hot & steamy weather we’ve been having, it’s so easy to pull a bottle of rosé out of your fridge.  Chilled and off-dry, it pairs beautifully with whatever you bring home from the farmer’s market.  That’s why we’re all so excited about our latest venture.  No more waiting in line at the LCBO!

Dry or sweet – what’s your fancy?

It is not all rosy when it comes to rosé wines, as many people are stuck on the idea that rosés are sweet.  Truth be told, they are anything but sweet.  Similar to white wines, rosés are also dry with a refreshing zing to quench your thirst. Many are low in alcohol (9% to 13%) and can range from any shade of pink from pale salmon to candy floss to even light red.


The Rosé Report ~


Ravine Cabernet Rosé VQA 2012


Martin Werner was bitten by the travel bug & figured out that a good way to work & explore the world, would be working at winerRavine 2012 Roséies. He traveled to Malborough, New Zealand where he worked at the renowned Cloudy Bay Winery and nearby Mahi Winery.  Several years later, his plane ticket took him to California, where he worked for a year in the up & coming wine region of Paso Robles.  Then Marty returned to his home town Niagara to work at Hillebrand & Hidden Bench wineries before enrolling in the Winemaking program at Niagara College.  Now Marty is turning heads with his wines at Ravine Vineyard located in Niagara-on-the-Lake (see photo at right).

Savvy Sommelier Tasting Notes: Striking colour of peony flowers, this wine made with 100% Cabernet Franc grapes, has intense peach, or is it apricot… aromas & tastes that linger with a gentle smoke on the nose. “There’s pink grapefruit in there too” commented Savvy Selections wine of the month club subscriber Gail who joined our Rosé tasting.  A delicious refreshing dry Rosé wine certainly shows that Marty is a talented winemaker.

Suggested Food Pairing:  This dry Rosé is a perfect match with an assortment of your favorite charcuteries. Marty recommends serving with a cedar plank salmon (see recipe below), grilled perch or trout.


~ Recipes to Enjoy with your Rosé wine ~


Cedar Planked Salmon à la Cathy

From Savvy Sommelier Cathy Law’s Kitchen
Serves 4 to 6 (depending on size of filet)


1 fresh fillet of salmon
2 tbsp. fresh ginger chopped
Enough ginger infused peach or apricot jam to spread evenly over the salmon
Cracked pepper and salt fish to taste

MethodCedar Plank Salmon

Submerge your cedar plank in water with a little of the Nyarai Viognier (if you dare! Alternatively, use another white wine). Let the plank soak for about 2 hours. The longer the plank soaks the better as there will be less burning of the wood.

Heat your BBQ or Smoker to medium high.

Place the salmon on the plank skin side down. Set the plank on the pre heated grill and close the lid.

Grill salmon for 10 to 20 minutes until it starts to flake easily. Beware for those of you who like your fish rare…it will continue to cook after you remove it from the grill

Serve with your choice of accompaniments and a luscious glass of Ravine Rosé

Enjoy…and remember to Clink & Drink Pink!



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