Rose Haus

My cheese pick this week is less than two years old debuting as the first cow’s milk cheese from leading “green” Prince Edward County cheesemaker, Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co.  Fashioned after stinky German Limburger cheese, award-winning Rose Haus – is named for Rose House (see the label) – one of Ontario’s oldest museums, mere minutes away.  Like your favorite uncle, you can take it anywhere and be guaranteed a good time.
Hand crafted, this single note, semi-firm, washed-rind, cow’s milk cheese is made with the milk of a small herd of Holstein cows from local Quinte Crest Farm.  Rose Haus has a firm, creamy, buttery ivory yellow paste, apricot- to-gold colored rind, and rich mild milky, earthy and mushroomy flavors.  When ripe the paste softens, becoming oozy and aromas intensify.  On special occasions Rose Haus gets a washed with local beer, which adds an extra flavor profile, and amplifies the yeasty characteristics of this cheese.  I highly recommend waiting for an extra week or two before enjoying (or buy two wheels if you can’t wait) for the full flavors to develop.  You’ll thank me for it.

Cheese: Rose Haus
Producer: Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co.
Interesting Fact: Rose Haus is rind washed in The Grange of Prince Edward County’s barrel fermented Chardonnay which adds a toasty layer to the cheese’s character.

 Enjoy! – Vanessa

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