Raising a glass to YOU!

Since starting Savvy Company 16 years ago – we were known as The Savvy Grapes back then – the Canadian wine industry has exploded.  I have wine maps on the walls of my office proudly marking 5 wineries in Prince Edward County & about 40 in Niagara. Nova Scotia wines were ‘experimental’ and the first British Columbia wine region tour guide was a thin booklet of less than 30 pages…never mind wineries in and around Ottawa – they weren’t even imagined.   

Look at us now!


Approaching 800 wineries nationally with over 170 Ontario alone, the rapidly growing wine industry offers a significant contribution to our economy. I was inspired to begin my business while reading an article highlighting Donald Ziraldo, the co-founder of Inniskillin Winery & one of the pioneers of the Canadian wine industry. He was quoted as saying “What we need is more Canadians drinking Canadian wines.” I am proud that this has been the guiding principle of my business since day one.  And since then we have expanded to include Canadian craft ciders & artisan cheese too. We proudly and continuously wave the Canadian flag.

One advantage of the pandemic has been that people like you are discovering the importance of buying local and being impressed with the quality of the bevvies & goodies we have been delivering to your front door. Since the beginning of the lockdown, I have been uncorking bottles of Canadian wines that were in my stash dating back to my first wine tours in BC, NS, Ontario, Quebec…even PEI. Some bottles were 20+ years old.  These wines have impressed me with their longevity and quality.  Thank you for trusting  us to guide you on your discovery of Canadian wines, craft ciders and artisan cheeses. Ordering gifts, stocking up for the holidays or subscribing to our of-the-month clubs is truly the ultimate way to support local. We all benefit in countless ways. 

All of us in the Savvy Team are eager to send you the hidden gems that we discover.  Why not introduce your friends and family to Canadian wines this holiday season with a gift from us? Leave it to us to deliver the REALLY good stuff! 


Enjoy your holidays & here’s to all that is in store in 2021!  

– Debbie 

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