Wine Surprise Pack


Our Sommeliers are always on the lookout for outstanding Canadian wines.  In our Wine Surprise Packs, we curate a variety of REALLY good Canadian wines that we’re eager for you to try.

Which wines did we select? Leave it to us to surprise you.  And we’re always changing the selection…so order again to try even more wines….and be surprised by the quality!

What is included in a Wine Surprise Pack:

  • 1 bottle of refreshing rosé wine
  • 2 different dry white wines
  • 2 different medium to full bodied red wines
  • 2 Savvy wine tasting glasses
  • NEW Bonus Bottle!  A $20 voucher to use for your next purchase of wine on our online Savvy Store. Re-order your favourite wine from this Wine Surprise Pack OR order another bottle of Canadian wine that we have in stock.

You can count on our Sommeliers introduce to REALLY good wines in every Wine Surprise Pack!

Ordering our Wine Surprise Pack is a great opportunity to discover outstanding VQA wines.  Our Savvy Sommeliers curated an amazing assortment of 5 different Ontario wines. You won’t find any of the featured bottles at the LCBO – we source directly from the winemaker.

And now in your Surprise Pack, you’ll receive a voucher for $20 to use to re-order your favorite wine discovered in our Surprise Pack OR why not try another bottle of Canadian wine from our online Savvy Store

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions15 × 11 × 6 in

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