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Explore Canadian Artisan Cheese

Introducing the only artisan cheese club exclusively delivering hard-to-come-by cheeses made across Canada.

Each subscription box includes 4 different wedges or rounds of artisan cheese (approx 150 – 220 g) each plus a gourmet goodie to complement your cheese board.

You won’t find these items at the grocery store.  Our team sources directly from the maker.  This is a delicious way to upgrade your cheese & charcuterie board.

Order by the 1st of the month to receive delivery on the Friday closest to the 24th of the month.

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These cool curds are being featured in 2024!

January – Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese, Woodstock, ON
February –  Glengarry Fine Cheese, Lancaster, ON
March – La Fromagerie Kapuskoise, Kapuskasing, ON
April – Fromagerie L’Atelier & Maison d’Affinage Maurice Dufour, Quebec
May – Stonetown Cheese, St Mary’s, ON
June – Lighthall Vineyard & Cheese Shop, Prince Edward County
July – Fromagiers de la Table Ronde (Quebec)
…more to be announced soon!

Canadian cheesemakers featured in 2023:

January – Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese, Woodstock, ON
February – Fromagerie Du Presbytère, Saint-Augustin-De-Desmaures, QC
March – Back Forty Artisan Cheese, Mississippi Station, ON
April – Udder Way Artisan Cheese Co., Hannon, ON
May – Glengarry Fine Cheese, Lancaster, ON
June – Laiterie Charlevoix – Baie-Saint-Paul, QC
July & Aug – Special Summer Assortment
September – Fromagerie et Boulangerie Médard – St-Gédéon, QC
October – Bushgarden Farm – Elgin, ON
November – Fromagerie Montebello, Montebello, QC
December – Holiday Assortment

…in 2022:  

January – Monteforte Dairy, Stratford, ON
February – Fromagerie La Station, Compton, QC
March – Crosswinds Farms, Keene, ON
April – Fromagerie Montebello, Montebello, QC
May – Bushgarden Farm Elgin, ON
June – Glasgow Glen Farm, New Glasgow, PE
July & Aug – too hot to ship cheese!
Sept – Quality Cheese, Vaughn, ON – it’s a Savvy tradition!
Oct – who is your favourite Canadian cheesemaker?
Nov & Dec – Special Savvy Holiday Cheese Pack – double the cheese & goodies

…in 2021

January – Fromagerie la Station de Compton, Hatley (Quebec)
February – Cow’s Creamery, Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island)
March – Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. – Prince Edward County (Ontario)
April – Back Forty Artisan Cheese , Lanark (Ontario)
May – Mariposa Dairy, Lindsay (Ontario)
June – Glengarry Fine Cheeses, Glengarry (Ontario)
July – Upper Canada Cheese Company, Niagara (Ontario)
Aug – too hot to ship cheese!
Sept – Quality Cheese, Vaughn (Ontario)
Oct – Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese, Woodstock (Ontario)
Nov – Fromagerie Kapuskoise, Kapuskasing (Ontario)
Dec – Special Savvy Holiday Cheese Pack

…in 2020

January – Fromagiers de la Table Ronde (Quebec)
February – Mountainoak Cheese, New Hamburg (Ontario)
March & April – Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. – Prince Edward County (Ontario)
May – Lighthall Diary, Prince Edward County (Ontario)
June – Bushgarden Farmstead Cheese, Elgin (Ontario)
July & August – it was cool enough to send a  Special Summertime Selection of cheeses.
September – Quality Cheese, Vaughn (Ontario)
October – Fromagerie Les Folies Bergères, St-Sixte, (Quebec)
November & December – Special Savvy Holiday Cheese Pack

…in 2019

January – Fromagerie La Station, Hatley (Quebec)
February – Bushgarden Farmstead Cheese, Elgin (Ontario)
March – Ferme Floralpe, Papineauville (Quebec)
April – Fromagerie Montebello, Montebello (Quebec)
May – Monforte Dairy, Stratford (Ontario)
June – Mariposa Dairy, Lindsay (Ontario)
July – Glengarry Fine Cheese, Lancaster (Ontario)
August – no cheese deliveries during hot August!
September – Best of Ottawa’s Artisan Cheese Festival
October – Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese, Woodstock (Ontario)
November & December – Special Savvy Holiday Cheese Pack

…in 2018

January – Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese, Woodstock (Ontario)
February – Fromagerie St Albert, St Albert (Ontario)
March – The Farm House Natural Cheeses (British Columbia)
April – Glengarry Fine Cheese, Lancaster (Ontario)
May  – Fromagerie La Suisse Normande, St-Roch Ouest (Quebec)
June & July – Canadian Cheese Awards Mega Pack – an assortment from the 2018 Canadian Cheese Awards
August – it was too hot this month to ship cheese!
September – Quality Cheese, Vaughn (Ontario)
October – Back Forty Artisan Cheese , Lanark (Ontario)
Nov & Dec – Holiday Cheese Assortment

…in 2017

January – Empire CheeseCampbellford (Ontario)
February – Fromagerie Nouvelle France, Racine (Quebec)
March – Golden Ears Cheesecrafters, Maple Ridge (British Columbia)
April – Best Baa DairyFergus (Ontario)
May & June – Cheese Festival Mega Pack– an assortment from The Great Canadian Cheese Festival 
July – Les Fromagiers de la Table Ronde , Sainte-Sophie, Quebec
Aug – Summertime Cheese Combo – an assortment from various cheesemakers from Quebec & Ontario
Sept –  Mountainoak Cheese, New Hamburg (Ontario)
Oct – Fromagerie Montebello, Montebello (Quebec)
Nov & Dec – Holiday Cheese Assortment

…in 2016

January – Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese, Woodstock (Ontario)
February – Cow’s Creamery, Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island)
March – Back Forty Artisan Cheese, Lanark (Ontario)
April – Fromagerie Les Folies Bergères, St-Sixte, (Quebec)
May – Salt Spring Cheese Company, Salt Spring Island (British Columbia)
June – Top winners from the 2016 Canadian Cheese Awards
July – Best of the Fest – featuring various cheese from The Great Canadian Cheese Festival 2016
August – Quality Cheese, Vaughn (Ontario)
September – Mariposa DairyFinch (Ontario)
October  – Fromagerie du Presbytere, Warwick (Quebec)
November – Glengarry Fine Cheese, Alexandria (Ontario)
December – Holiday Cheese Assortment

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