Reif Estate Winery “The Stars” Sparkling Riesling


Reif Estate Winery named their signature sparkling wine “The Stars” as it is part of their Tarot Card Series. And the story goes that  Dom Perignon exclaimed while sipping sparkling wine, “Come quickly, I am tasting stars!”

This juicy and lip smacking bubbly displays flavours of Granny Smith apple, zippy lemon, fresh pear and peach.  Medium body, off-dry, this sparkling wine has low alcohol and will pair exceptionally well with Chinese, Indian, Thai, Mexican food, or enjoy with dishes of with the ‘star’ ingredient as fish, pork, chicken

**Featured at Outstanding in their Fields 2023**

Availability: Available on backorder

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions3 × 4 × 14 in

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