Reif Estate Winery Chenin Blanc


A white wine made with Chenin Blanc grapes is a rare find.  Our Sommeliers have always been a fan of Reif’s Chenin Blanc wine.

A stunning combination of floral and fresh herbs with flavours of apple, honey, zippy white grapefruit with a mineral mouthfeel.

Have a sip of this medium bodied wine to enjoy the minerality and refreshing apple juice finish.

This crisp white wine will be delicious served with shellfish, scallops, grilled calamari, fish taco with haddock or pickerel.  Also a great wine for vegetarian dishes.

**Featured in Savvy Wicked Wines club!**

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A few months ago, the wine industry was caught by surprise when owner Klaus Reif announced that the winery is for sale for $25 million.  Originally planted in 1977, the winery now has 125-acres under vine.  Fun facts about this winery:

  • 29 stainless steel tanks
  • Makes 700,000 litres of wines each year
  • three warehouses for storing wines & all the essential farm equipment
  • a 3300 square foot, multi level English Tudor style home built in 1988
  • a 1300 square foot farm workers’ house

Klaus Reif is part of a long line of winemakers dating back 13 generations. He has extremely large shoes to fill when he sells the winery.


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