Karlo Van Alstine Rosé

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Made with Frontenac Gris, the winemaking team at Karlo Estates in Prince Edward County has created a unique fortified rosé is for those who don’t normally enjoy rosé wines!

The aromas will make you think of strawberry rhubarb pie or perhaps fresh baked cherry pie. The flavour is just as enticing: a hint of cotton candy and key lime leading to a warm spicy finish of cinnamon and nutmeg.

It is a versitale wine that can be enjoyed as a pre-dinner drink to get the party started right or save to serve with desserts like strawberry shortcake, baked cheesecake, chocolate mousse or classic English trifle.

This library wine retails for $87 at the winery…however for our Savvy customers, we have access to the last 24 bottles for just $45 each (500mL bottle).

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Winemaker Notes: This wine is a “Teinturier” meaning “stain”. Normally when grape juice is freshly pressed, it is clear, like water and only gets its colour through skin contact. However, through a natural mutation in the vineyard, the pigment in the Frontenac Gris grape is so intense, not only are the skins a rosé colour, but so is the flesh. The grape actually stains the juice as it grows in the vineyard. So this wine has had no skin contact whatsoever.

Only 5 % of the grapes in the world are able to do this making this a very rare wine indeed.

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