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Love craft ciders?  You’ll love this assortment from Farmgate Cider.  Located in the backroads of the Ottawa Valley, this family run cidery makes incredible small batch ciders at their farm.  Order this special assortment and you will enjoy:

A bottle of each of Farmgate’s Estate Ciders: Funkhaus, Stagecoach, Wild Apple
2 cans of each cider: 3 Bros., North Road, Russet Spy, Bee Squared and Sugar Bush

Simply chill in your fridge and enjoy on its own, with food – especially spicy dishes or with an artisan cheese and charcuterie board.

Order and experience what it is like to be a Savvy In-Cider Picks subscriber.  Assortment like this one from Farmgate is an example of the subscription box that our cider-of-the-month club subscribers recieve.

This extra special price is exclusively available from us!


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Farmgate’s cidermaker Jim Davies, offers these notes for each cider in this special variety pack – exclusively from us:

Funkhaus – a bone dry continental style cider made with a blend of 6 apples from the Farmgate orchard.  Aged “on the lees” with wild yeast naturally found on the apples imparts a complex nose and flavour profile.  A really neat cider like no other.

Stagecoach – dry effervescent cider made with a blend Empire, Macintosh and Wild apple varieties. Not too tart with lots of fruit flavours.

Wild Apple –  a dry and sparkling cider that is made with wild apples grown on the farm. It is crisp and clean with a nice acidity and distinct apple flavours with each sip.  Serve on ice and enjoy

3 Bros – a classic dry British style cider. It is made with 3 Macintosh apple derivatives — the “brothers” Empire, Spartan and Cortland.

North Road –  a single varietal, dry British style cider made with Northern Spy apples. Lighter in flavour than Farmgate’s other craft ciders with a crisp clean finish.

Russet Spy – a blend of Russet and Northern Spy apples to make a dry British style cider. Northern Spy apples provide the juicy light flavours that balance out the earthy tannins of the Russet apples, creating a craft cider well rounded and sessionable

Bee Squared –  made from a blend of midseason apples including Empire, Spartan and Cortland then a touch of local honey is added. The result is a refreshing off-dry (not sweet!) British style cider with floral notes on the nose with a little natural sweetness on the finish.

Sugar Bush – you guessed it!  This cider has a touch of Farmgate’s own maple syrup added to create this off-dry British Style cider. Made from a blend of Empire, Spartan and Cortland apples. A smooth drinking experience – chill and enjoy every sip.


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