Ev’s Eclectics Pear-ilous Cider


A small-batch craft cider made with Ontario grown Bosc pears steeped with Dillon’s Distillers Dry Gin 7 botanicals, then bottle conditioned.

Fill your glass and enjoy the bright notes of lemon zest, fennel, juniper and coriander. Each sip will give you a natural pear taste combined with a hint of menthol and licorice flavours that rounds out in a delicious juicy finish.

If you like pear based ciders (aka Perry Ciders), this is neat cider to try.

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Made by Mitchell Everett McCurdy known as ‘Ev’. He is the winemaker at Marynissen Estates Winery.  In addition to making outstanding wines, Ev makes small batch craft perry cider (using Niagara pears) Ev is part of Collab Wine & Beverage – bunch of really dynamic winemakers who are creating hard-to-find wines, ciders, spirits and other bevvies using the equipment at Marynissen.

Give Ev’s 4 different ciders a try!



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Dimensions3 × 3 × 6.5 in

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