Dancing Swallows “Base 3” Baco Noir

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This red wine is robust and a bit rustic as Baco Noir usually is. In their first 3 years, Dancing Swallows saw that their Baco Noir vineyard produced excellent wine, but in small amounts. When they combined the 3 different blocks (aka vineyards), the result of this blend of the same grape variety was something special: this smooth, big-flavoured, rustic red.

Amazing when served with lean, big flavoured meats.

**Featured at Corks & Forks Wine Festival**

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Dancing Swallows Vineyard is located in the Essex Pelee Island Coast wine region aka EPIC.  They recognize that Baco is a seriously underappreciated wine. A hybrid with some North American genes, Baco is remarkably resilient in the vineyard, often shaking off weather that makes purely European grapes question crossing the ocean.

This wine is an outstanding Baco Noir – our Sommeliers encourage you to give it a try!

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