Creekside Backyard Block Sauvignon Blanc 2021


Creekside’s winemaker Yvonne Irvine loves making Sauvignon Blanc wine and her talent shows in this premium white wine.

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The cool thing about Sauvignon Blanc is that the picking date greatly influences the final flavours in the wine. It’s a stressful time of year finding just the right day to achieve the results we want. It starts out zesty and herbaceous and can quickly change to tropical and full bodied in a matter of days. This “Backyard Block” from Creekside’s Estate Vineyard consistently delivers beautifully intense, vibrant and complex wine year after year. Salad of greens dressed with melted goat cheese rounds is classic. Scallop ceviche, oysters, fish en papillote. Fennel and grapefruit salad. Freshness is the keyword, use your imagination.

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