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Love cheese?  You’ll love this opportunity to order a single subscription box to get a ‘taste’ what it is like to be a subscriber to our Savvy Cool Curds cheese-of-the-month club.

We have been introducing our subscribers to Canadian artisan cheesemakers for over 8 years.  Each month, we feature a different cheesemaker and select 4 of their hard-to-come-by cheeses.  These cheeses are not readily available at grocery stores – we source directly from the maker. Often the cheesemaker crafts the cheese just for us!

Each box includes 4 different wedges or rounds of artisan cheese (approx 150 – 220 g) each plus a locally made gourmet goodie that will complement your cheese board. Plus we share with you the backstory about the cheesemaker (many are Savvy friends!) and their cheeses.

This is a delicious way to augment your love of cheese plus support the Canadian artisan cheese industry.  You’ll discover that Canada makes more than just great cheddar!

We delight in introducing our Savvy Cool Curds subscribers to artisan cheesemakers from coast to coast.  There are so many award winning cheeses that we make in our country that our subscribers say their fridge is always full of the REALLY good stuff!

Here are some of the cheesemakers from across Canada that we have featured in the 8+ years we’ve been organizing and curating parcels for our subscribers.

Look who we’ve featured:

…in 2023

January – Monteforte Dairy, Stratford, (Ontario)
February – Fromagerie La Station, Compton (Quebec)
March – Crosswinds Farms, Keene (Ontario)
April – Fromagerie Montebello – Montebello (Quebec)
May – Bushgarden Farm – Elgin (Ontario)
June – Glasgow Glen Farm, New Glasgow (Prince Edward Island)
July & Aug – too hot to ship cheese!
Sept – Quality Cheese, Vaughn (Ontario) – it’s a Savvy tradition!
Oct – Fromagerie Nouvelle France, Racine (Quebec)
Nov & Dec – Special Savvy Holiday Cheese Pack – double the cheese & goodies

…in 2022

January – Fromagerie la Station de Compton, Hatley (Quebec)
February – Cow’s Creamery, Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island)
March – Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. – Prince Edward County (Ontario)
April – Back Forty Artisan Cheese , Lanark (Ontario)
May – Mariposa Dairy, Lindsay (Ontario)
June – Glengarry Fine Cheeses, Glengarry (Ontario)
July – Upper Canada Cheese Company, Niagara (Ontario)
Aug – too hot to deliver cheese!
Sept – Quality Cheese, Vaughn (Ontario)
Oct – Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese, Woodstock (Ontario)
Nov – Fromagerie Kapuskoise, Kapuskasing (Ontario)
Dec – Special Savvy Holiday Cheese Pack

…in 2021

January – Fromagiers de la Table Ronde (Quebec)
February – Mountainoak Cheese, New Hamburg (Ontario)
March & April – Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co. – Prince Edward County (Ontario)
May – Lighthall Diary, Prince Edward County (Ontario)
June – Bushgarden Farmstead Cheese, Elgin (Ontario)
July & August – it was cool enough to send a  Special Summertime Selection of cheeses.
September – Quality Cheese, Vaughn (Ontario)
October – Fromagerie Les Folies Bergères, St-Sixte, (Quebec)
November & December – Special Savvy Holiday Cheese Pack

…in 2020

January – Fromagerie La Station, Hatley (Quebec)
February – Bushgarden Farmstead Cheese, Elgin (Ontario)
March – Ferme Floralpe, Papineauville (Quebec)
April – Fromagerie Montebello, Montebello (Quebec)
May – Monforte Dairy, Stratford (Ontario)
June – Mariposa Dairy, Lindsay (Ontario)
July – Glengarry Fine Cheese, Lancaster (Ontario)
August – too hot to deliver cheese!
September – Best of Ottawa’s Artisan Cheese Festival
October – Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese, Woodstock (Ontario)
November & December – Special Savvy Holiday Cheese Pack

…in 2019

January – Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese, Woodstock (Ontario)
February – Fromagerie St Albert, St Albert (Ontario)
March – The Farm House Natural Cheeses (British Columbia)
April – Glengarry Fine Cheese, Lancaster (Ontario)
May  – Fromagerie La Suisse Normande, St-Roch Ouest (Quebec)
June & July – Canadian Cheese Awards Mega Pack – an assortment from the 2018 Canadian Cheese Awards
August – it was too hot this month to ship cheese!
September – Quality Cheese, Vaughn (Ontario)
October – Back Forty Artisan Cheese , Lanark (Ontario)
Nov & Dec – Holiday Cheese Assortment

…in 2018

January – Empire CheeseCampbellford (Ontario)
February – Fromagerie Nouvelle France, Racine (Quebec)
March – Golden Ears Cheesecrafters, Maple Ridge (British Columbia)
April – Best Baa DairyFergus (Ontario)
May & June – Cheese Festival Mega Pack– an assortment from The Great Canadian Cheese Festival 
July – Les Fromagiers de la Table Ronde , Sainte-Sophie, Quebec
Aug – Summertime Cheese Combo – an assortment from various cheesemakers from Quebec & Ontario
Sept –  Mountainoak Cheese, New Hamburg (Ontario)
Oct – Fromagerie Montebello, Montebello (Quebec)
Nov & Dec – Holiday Cheese Assortment

…in 2017

January – Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese, Woodstock (Ontario)
February – Cow’s Creamery, Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island)
March – Back Forty Artisan Cheese, Lanark (Ontario)
April – Fromagerie Les Folies Bergères, St-Sixte, (Quebec)
May – Salt Spring Cheese Company, Salt Spring Island (British Columbia)
June – Top winners from the 2016 Canadian Cheese Awards
July – Best of the Fest – featuring various cheese from The Great Canadian Cheese Festival 2016
August – Quality Cheese, Vaughn (Ontario)
September – Mariposa DairyFinch (Ontario)
October  – Fromagerie du Presbytere, Warwick (Quebec)
November – Glengarry Fine Cheese, Alexandria (Ontario)
December – Holiday Cheese Assortment

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