Ev’s Eclectics A-Pear-Cot Cider


He goes by Ev (aka Mitchell Everett McCurdy), his day job is as head winemaker at Marynissen.  By night, Ev is crafting Perry Craft Ciders – an alcoholic cider like beverage made from fermented pear juice, akin to how cider is made from fermented apple juice.

Pears contain sugars that yeast are unable to consume, leaving behind a small amount of residual sugar that adds body and texture to the cider. Pears also have different flavour compounds, more tannin, and more acidity than apples.

This unusual craft cider is barrel fermented using Niagara grown pears. Bottle conditioned with pressed Niagara apricots as the priming sugar. A tangy escapade.

Notes of ripe pear and apricots, refreshing bubbles. Smooth mouthfeel with a crisp acidity.

**Featured at Outstanding in their Fields 2023**

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With the vast amount of tree fruit grown in Niagara, Ev was determined to turn his dreams into a reality with his unique spin on this vintage style. Armed with pears and puns, Ev’s aims to put Perry Cider back on the radar with his creative cider creations.

Give his 4 flavours a try!

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions3 × 4 × 6 in

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