Bewitched by La Sorcière Bien Aimée

Inspired by her goat farming protégée and playing off popular TV series “Bewitched”, my cheesey pick this week, Maggie Paradis’ La Sorcière Bien Aimée, was born to add a brie type to the wonderful variety of other goat, cow and sheep’s milk cheeses produced by Fromagerie Les Folies Bergères. Not one to compromise quality or consistency, Maggie’s cheese must always be good or she won’t make it – pure and simple.
Handmade from whole natural milk, La Sorcière Bien Aimée has a good, clean goaty flavour with a hint of sweet grass and no bitterness, ammonia or aftertaste, even if a little overripe.   The paste is thick, smooth, creamy and silky, wild with mushroom aromas and a salty finish.  Specific cultures and a cheesemaker’s patience and care give these excellent results — not rushing is crucial. I love Maggie’s cheeky attitude as she describes the aging of La Sorcière… “the cheese pouts at first, then it will cry, becoming a weepy mess…”.  My sentiments exactly, only they’re tears of joy in this case.  Try it at my Taste of Quebec tutored tasting June 3 during The Great Canadian Cheese Festival in Prince Edward County.  www.cheesefestival.ca

Cheese:  La Sorcière Bien Aimée
Producer:  Fromagerie Les Folies Bergères
Interesting Fact:  Quebec cheeses can be sold in Ontario only if the cheesemaker is federally registered.


 Enjoy! – Vanessa

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