Italian Cheese: The Fresh Taste of Italy in Canada

Italian cheese

Fresh Italian cheese is one of the best ingredients for summer. This country’s fresh, homemade, melt-in-your-mouth, soft artisan cheeses. Did you know you can find these fresh Italian cheeses in Canada?! We recommend the Bella Cassara Mozzarella di Buffala, Burrata & Fiore di Latte made by Quality Cheese in Toronto.  Italy’s finest is made here with a touch of Canadian flair by the three Borgo brothers who believe passionately in making cheese from the heart. This is reflected directly by the deliciousness of their product. “Do it right or don’t do it at all” is their motto.

Our Favourite Fresh Italian Cheese

We can now experience the luxury of hand-crafted fresh Italian cheese in Canada by tasting this artisan Mozzarella di Buffala as it’s meant to be.  This Canadian version of Buffalo Mozzarella is a bit sweeter than its Italian cousin due to the fact that salt is added as the cheese is made as opposed to after, with salt water brining (which also develops a thin skin-like rind). Enjoy the fresh, mild, milky flavour and smooth silky texture of this oh-so-versatile cheese made from local buffalo (yes, water buffalo) milk.  The small, soft, delicate hand-pulled rounds pair perfectly with both sweet and savoury accoutrements.  Michael’s Dolce Strawberry Balsamic Jam comes to mind.  We also love honey from GeesBees or balsamic from The Unrefined Olive.

These Italian cheeses are available on our online shop. If you don’t see them (in the chance they’re sold out), send us a message and we’ll be happy to get you as many as you’d like! Every bite of these fresh Italian cheese takes you on a delightful culinary journey. These cheeses encapsulate the traditions of Italy and the innovative spirit of Canada. It’s like having a slice of Italy, but with that distinct Canadian touch.

Pair them with your favourite dishes or simply enjoy with a piece of artisan bread. Savour, enjoy, and let each mouthful narrate the tale of craftsmanship and tradition in each of these Italian cheeses. Celebrate the luxury of authentic flavours, right here in Canada. Cheers to the best of both worlds! Bellisimo!

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