Fresh Cheese: Taste of Italy Now in Ottawa

This week’s cheese pick was inspired by my recent tour around Italy and the empty place left in my heart (and stomach) for the country’s fresh, homemade, melt in your mouth, soft artisan cheeses. After living on fresh cheese daily for almost a month, I’m thrilled to return home to discover new finds at my local cheese haunt – Bella Cassara Mozzarella di Buffala, Burrata & Fiore di Latte made by Quality Cheese in Toronto.  Italy’s finest is made here with a touch of Canadian flair by three Borgo brothers who believe passionately in making cheese from the heart that reflects in their product. “Do it right or don’t do it at all” is the motto.
In Ottawa, we can now experience the luxury of hand crafted silky artisan Mozzarella di Buffala as it’s meant to be.  Enjoy the fresh, mild, milky flavor and smooth silky texture of this oh so versatile cheese made from local buffalo (yes, waterbuffalo) milk.  The small, soft, delicate hand pulled rounds pair perfectly with both sweet and savory accoutrements.  Michael’s Dolce Strawberry Balsamic Jam comes to mind.  Chestnut honey, or Seed to Sausage Speck are my latest favorites.
These cheeses are available exclusively at The Piggy Market in Westboro.  If you’re lucky, you might happen upon rare sister cheeses Burrata (small, fresh, pouch-like cheese stuffed with cream & mozzarella curd) or Fiore di Latte (small cow’s milk drops) too.  Bellisimo!
FACTBOX: This Canadian version of Buffalo Mozzarella is a bit sweeter than its Italian cousin due to the fact that salt is added as the cheese is made as opposed to after, with salt water brining (which also develops a thin skin like rind).
Cheese:  Mozzarella di Buffala (Buffalo Mozzarella)
Producer: Quality Cheese
PHOTO CREDIT:  Mozzarella di Buffala by Vanessa Simmons

 Enjoy! – Vanessa


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