FREE coffee on us!


Question: “What goes best with a cup of coffee?’

If you answer: “Another cup of coffee,” we have some news that will perk you up!

We recently launched a coffee-of-the-month club. Our Savvy Choice Coffee Club subscribers receive fresh small-batch roasted coffee delivered from a different Canadian micro-roaster every month. You won’t find these beans at the grocery store. It’s easy to subscribe (monthly or every other month) so that you never have a shortage of REALLY good coffee…or have a depresso crisis!

As part of launching our one-of-a-kind Coffee Club, we’re offering you a taste of the kind of artisan roasted coffee you can look forward to as a subscriber.

There’s coffee in your mailbox!

Take a moment to provide your address below & we’ll mail you a FREE 12-cup sample pack of artisan coffee. Discovering more great grinds made at independent & small batch roasters  from coast to coast is a REALLY great way to start your morning…and keep your mug full for the rest of your day!

If you like what you taste…why not subscribe to Savvy Choice Coffee Club?