Our 4th Cheese Fondue Party!





We’re going to have a fantastic party!  WOW!  Another sold out FUN-do event.   If you love cheese & want to know when we will have another Cheese-y Party, email us at cheers@savvycompany.ca


Did you know that there is an National Cheese Fondue Day?  We’re kicking off this ‘holiday’ by celebrating it in a big WHEY with our 4th Cheese Fondue Party on Sunday April 10th.

Join us for another FUN-do party.  Each one that we host is different from the previous party.  Call friends over to gather around your kitchen table with the fondue pot or why not organize a special Sunday dinner online with family from all over Canada.  It’s a easy meal – all you need is a baguette & some dipping items.  We’ll introduce you to REALLY good artisan cheese, Ontario wines & craft ciders…and live streamed music too.

Go ahead..stir up a bit of fun!

Cheese Fondue Details

DATE: Sunday April 10, 2022
TIME: 6:30pm
ZOOM DETAILS: included in each Savvy Cheese Fondue Party Packs
Thursday April 7th – to ensure that your parcel is delivered on time


More Cheese…Please!

This is our 4th Cheese Fondue Party.  Each one has been a blast.  With National Cheese Fondue Day, we couldn’t pass up another reason to have a legen-DAIRY event.

Order below & we’ll deliver everything you need for the event in a Savvy Cheese Fondue Party Pack. All you need to do is add your favorite dipping goodies – baguette, veggies, fruit, cooked meats & more.

IDEA: Savvy Cheese Fondue Party Packs make really great gifts too – send your cheese-loving friends a Cheese Fondue Party Pack & party with them online!


The Savvy Cheese Fondue Party Pack includes:

>> Exclusive Party Pass with the Zoom details & ‘secret password’

>> Ready-to-Melt Cheese Fondue Pack from Fromagerie La Station – a Quebec cheesemaker who has made a unique Savvy Special Blend of 3 artisan cheeses made with organic cows milk plus a dash of crushed pink peppercorn to amp up a fruity flavour to make a perfect pairing with wine & cider. This fondue is WHEY better than any typical Swiss fondue you’ve had before. Each package is a perfect meal for 2 people. (you can order extra Fondue packs below)

>> a selection of outstanding Ontario wines & craft ciders curated by our Sommeliers (non-alcoholic option available too)…from every corner of Ontario. 

>> a sweet treat that will be the perfect way to finish off your fondue celebration.

>>front row seats for the live streaming performance by Shawn Tavenier – an incredibly talented musician performing solo for us. His  rockin’ blues & country tunes will fill your kitchen & have you up dancing.  Check him out>>


Plus…you’ll meet the makers too!

While you dip your favorite treats into the melting cheese, the Savvy Team will introduce the cheesemaker, the featured Ontario winemakers & cidermakers.  They all have neat stories to share that will enrich your enjoyment of their wine, craft cider…and cheese of course!


Delivered anywhere in Ontario – with a smile

We’ve negotiated the best rates for you with our courier partners.

$12 to Ottawa
$15 to rural Ottawa
$18 to Kingston
$20 for Toronto & GTA

Located beyond these cities? No problem, we’ll certainly deliver to you too!  When you place your order below & our Savvy Team will get an delivery cost from Purolator & contact you to finalize your order.



Thank You for supporting us…

This ‘Meet the Makers’ virtual event is supported in part by the Reconnect Ontario program.



Let’s get the party started!