Coffee on your steak?

One summer while visiting Niagara, Charlie Pillitteri of Pillitteri Estates Winery invited me to a backyard BBQ where he served his guests steaks using this delicious dry rub. Now, the beginning of summer BBQ season is always marked in my house by making a ‘batch’ of this rub to ensure that I always have some on hand.  This recipe can easily be doubled & I’d recommend to store in a jar or Ziploc container in the fridge.
The coffee beans caramelize while BBQing, offering a rich earthy flavour that will be enhanced with a robust red wine.

Coffee Steak Rub


½ cup whole coffee beans
¼ cup black peppercorns
¼ cup Montreal Steak spice
4 juicy steaks – any cut

  1. With an electric coffee grinder, whiz coffee beans and peppercorns lightly. The result should be a coarse mixture. In a bowl add ground mixture with Montreal Steak spice. Sprinkle mixture over steaks. Gently rub into the surface of the meat, patting down to secure the coffee bean mixture in place. Flip steaks over and repeat on other side.
  2. Cover steaks and place in fridge until BBQ is ready (The steaks can ‘marinade’ for a couple of hours or simply a few minutes).
  3. Serve BBQ steaks to your liking. Enjoy!

What bottle of wine to uncork?

Steaks are best with a big bold red wine. Try Carmenere from Chile, Cabernet Sauvignon from Australia or a Red Zinfandel from California.
Enjoy! – Debbie

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