Clothbound Cheddar: Tradition With a Twist!

Inspired by a Scottish recipe & made in the traditional of the colonial times of one of my favorite childhood book series, Anne of Green Gables my cheese pick this week is award-winning Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar.  Cheesemaker Armand Bernard says “we went back in time to bring the flavor forward”.  The cheese definitely speaks for itself.
This attractive-looking, tasty cheddar is a complete contrast from the Extra Old Cow’s Block Cheddar, even though they’re made from the same milk.  It shows a natural, waxy-like rind closer to the outside covered by a dark grey/brown, aged, linen-like cloth.  Inside is a burst of gold goodness, with a complex aroma and flavor profile.  It’s earthy (think potato) closer to the outside, but with a creamy, buttery, sweet & tangy flavors in the chewy center, all at the same time.
Nip into Serious Cheese (in Kanata), or a Sobey’s for a peek at the rustic 10kg wheels, pick up a wedge while you’re there and tweet me what you think @savvyvanessa

Cheese:  Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar
Producer: Cow’s Creamery
Interesting Fact:  Roughly 100 liters of Holstein cow milk goes into making 1 wheel of Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar

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