The Best Craft Cider Delivered Throughout Ontario

Ontario craft cider is a hot commodity and if you love tasting new small-batch ciders, our Savvy Sommeliers have got you covered! We search out and deliver refreshing assortments of unique craft ciders from all across Ontario.

These ciders often sell out quickly and aren’t available at the LCBO or grocery stores. 

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“I’m really enjoying trying some new craft ciders! This was a perfect Mother's Day gift. I thoroughly enjoy the anticipation of opening each box delivered to my door.”
- Janet, St. Mary’s
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Treat Yourself to a Canadian Craft Cider Subscription

Savvy In-Cider Picks is Ontario’s first cider-of-the-month club. 

Every month that you subscribe, you’ll be treated to crisp, hard-to-find ciders from one featured Ontario cidery. Each variety pack will introduce you to signature ciders and innovative ciders that are created by infusing other fruits, spices, and even hops. The cidery changes every month so that you always get a taste of new ciders in varying sizes of glass bottles and cans.

When you sign up for a subscription, you’ll live appley ever after.

Order a Cider Subscription or Pack 
Discover and celebrate all that Ontario cider can offer – all while supporting local cidermakers.
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Packing in the Surprises with REALLY Great Cider

Looking for more fresh and surprising craft ciders? We’ll round them up and send them to you! 

Our Savvy In-Cider Subscription contain a secret assortment of small-batch ciders from a different Ontario cider maker each month. Your parcel can be any combination of different bottles or cans – every month is a surprise!

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PLUS – we’ll always send you one more treat – a surprise gourmet goodie. It could be anything from artisan maple syrup to gourmet preserves or olive oil. 

You’ll never miss a beat when you subscribe to receive a monthly Savvy In-Cider Subscription.

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Send the Ultimate Cider Gift Pack

Savvy In-Cider Picks or Savvy Cider Surprise Pack subscriptions make the ultimate gifts for any cider lover. When you sign them up, we’ll deliver the best-of-the-best bottles of Ontario cider directly to their front door. 

You can also create your own unique cider gift pack from our online store. Whether you are trying to impress a friend who never knows what they want for their birthday, or a family member who already “has it all,” they won’t see this one coming!

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