Cheese to beat the February blahs – zesty Lemon Fetish

February can be a ho hum time of year and so my cheese pick this week – Lemon Fetish – is the perfect curd choice to beat off the blahs and replace them with a little bit of zing and zest.  Hailing from Prince Edward County, Ontario, Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co.’s littlest cheese family member is one of over 20 varieties of sheep, goat and cow milk cheeses.
A pretty package, Lemon Fetish is an unripened, feta-style sheep’s milk cheese, made from Local Food Plus milk producers, and shaped in small, round wheels weighing in at only 100 grams, but delivering a huge impression.  Rolled in Red Fife wheat and lemon zest, the paste (inside of the cheese) has a dry, crumbly texture.  Enjoy citrus and sour cream notes, and fresh, clean, tangy and salty flavors.  A little goes a long way thinly sliced over mixed greens, to garnish a gourmet vegetable quiche or anywhere you would use traditional feta cheese.

Cheese:  Lemon Fetish
Producer:  Fifth Town Artisan Cheese Co.
Interesting Fact: The Red Fife Wheat used to coat the cheese was invented by David Fife – operator of the first experimental farm in Canada.

Enjoy! – Vanessa

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