Blue cheese you’ll die for!

As the temperature falls, I prefer cozy evenings indoors, crackling fires, big spicy red wines & slow cooked comfort food.  And to go with them is this week’s cheese pick, the perfect cold weather curd, Bleu D’Élizabeth.  Produced by family run Fromagerie du Presbytère, in the central region of Québec, it’s named for the small, recently-restored rectory that houses the cheese factory in the village of Sainte-Elizabeth-de-Warwick. 
This beautiful, semi-soft, raw organic cow’s milk blue cheese has a natural rind with spots of dark clay.  The creamy, silky, melt-in-your mouth paste (inside of the cheese) is speckled with blue and blue-green veins throughout from the presence of Pénicillium Roqueforti (what makes a blue cheese turn blue).  Bleu D’Élizabeth is rich in flavor, with a hint of sweetness and spice, without being overbearingly salty.  Cold Canadian nights call for this hearty blue on your cheese board, either shining on its own, or playing a starring role as your dessert plate, joined by your favorite local ice wine, iced cider or port.

Cheese:  Bleu D’Élizabeth

Producer:  Fromagerie du Presbytère
Interesting Fact: The piquant (spicy) flavor in blue cheese is a result of mold development (veins) due to exposure to air.


Enjoy! – Vanessa

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