Ask a Savvy Sommelier!

Recently, I organized a private bus tour to Prince Edward County for a corporate client where we spent the day touring the back roads of ‘The County’ – Canada’s fastest growing wine region.  I was asked many interesting questions that I am sharing with you in a ‘Dear Abby’ style.  If you have a wine related question that you have always wondered about, send me an email to cheers@savvycompany.ca and I will publish it here.

Dear Debbie….
Ooops! I put a bottle of white wine in the freezer section AND forgot it. Is it still OK to drink?

From Accidentally Frozen
Dear Accidentally Frozen,
I have done this several time myself when I was in a rush to chill a bottle of white wine.  Not the best way to do it, yet rest assured that while slushy, the wine is still drinkable. I recommend to let it thaw out in the fridge, then enjoy!  If your glass frosts up, then the wine is still too cold. Let it warm up at room temp for a bit.
PS – it is neat to take a sip every once in a while to taste how the wine changes as it warms up. My experience is that the wine initially tastes watery, then starts to take on flavours, aromas and then acidity arrives.

Dear Debbie….
I have seen at wine tastings that some people spit their wines.  Why?

From Shy Spitter
Dear Shy Spitter.
Sommeliers do it all the time!  By spitting, it allows you to taste more wines without the alcohol taking its toll. When you go to the Ottawa Wine and Food Festival, taking place at the Ottawa Convention Center (Nov 9-11th),  at each booth, wineries will always provide a spittoon or bucket. If it is not there – don’t be shy & ask for it!

Dear Debbie…
What is a Taste & Buy event?

From Curious Shopper
Dear Curious Shopper,
Wine – red wine or white wine – is one of the few products that you don’t often have the opportunity to taste at the store (LCBO or other) before you to purchase. You can try on a sweater or flip through a book before for a quick read before you go to the cash register.  Savvy Company frequently hosts Taste & Buy events where numerous wineries are offering samples of their wines and you can order directly from the winery.  Your order will be delivered to your home or office in a matter of a few days.  Savvy Company’s next Taste & Buy features Ontariowineries & craft breweries on Thursday November 8th.  Join us! For more details & to buy your ticket, go to savvycompany.ca/events


Dear Debbie
What is a cooper?

From Wooden Head

Dear Wooden Head,
It is the name for a trades-person who makes barrels.  This craft is truly an art combining different shapes of wood staves, heat and humidity to create an air tight vessel to age wine, beer, grappa or other spirits like rum or bourbon and wine vinegars too.  The only cooper that I have met in my travels so far is Pete Bradford (here he is in his workshop), who is a self-taught cooper and owner of Carriage House Cooperage.  Pete is a dynamic person and obviously passionate about his woodworking.  Make him a definite ‘must ‘visit next time you go to The County for a getaway.

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