Experience the REALLY good stuff with Savvy Company.

Canadian wine, craft cider, artisan cheese, and coffee curated by a team of Sommeliers, delivered right to your doorstep.

Savour the flavours from the best Canadian makers when you treat yourself to a Sommelier curated variety package or one of our subscription club parcels.

Food and drinks are about more than just what’s on your table. They are about a shared experience – that’s why almost every major milestone in life is celebrated with food and drink. But you don’t need a major milestone to celebrate… REALLY great food & drinks can make any moment a celebration. There’s no better way to celebrate than by sharing it with others who will enjoy it too.

Our team of Sommeliers will have you on ‘cloud wine’ with each bottle of Canadian wine we’ve selected for you.

Whether you’re celebrating a big event or unwinding after a long day of work, kick your feet up and savour a robust red or refreshing white. Discover your next house wine, or surprise yourself with a new-to-you winery that you can’t help but share. We are firm believers that you don’t need a special occasion to indulge in a REALLY great bottle of wine!
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You’ll be hard-pressed to find better cider than this.

Ontario craft cider is the perfect drink to enjoy year round, and the ciders  we select for you are delicious, crisp, and unique. These small-batch ciders sell out quickly and aren’t widely available, but our relationship with these top-notch local cideries means you get first dibs on the coolest local ciders around.

Call us cheesy, but we know our stuff.

You know you are in for a treat when your curated package of cheese is hand picked by folks-in-the-know quoted in the Toronto Star as being “openly fanatical about artisan cheese.” Along with your rounds or wedges – fresh from the cheesemaker! – you will also receive locally-made gourmet goodies to make your charcuterie board extraordinary.

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Coffee that will make you ask “where have you bean all my life?”

If coffee is the elixir that turns you into a functional person, you’re going to want to try the beans that we source directly from the coolest micro roasters across the country. Whether you prefer your coffee in a French press, espresso, drip or percolated, steaming hot or cold, every cup will be delightful. Plus, we’ll pair your new brew with a locally made gourmet treat.

Savvy Company delivers Debbie Trenholm Sommelier and owner

When you purchase from Savvy Company, you’ll discover the inside scoop that will make every new taste experience even more enjoyable:

“Attention every step of the way. Outstanding service. Just really, really nice people.”
- Sharon, Ottawa
“Just got my package!! I can't wait to try all these new (to me) wines! I have enjoyed the last two Care Packages so very much. What a surprise Ontario wines have been!”
- Linda, Toronto

Do you want something new & not sure where to start?

You’re in the right spot.
Whether you want something for yourself, or you need the perfect gift for someone awesome in your life... We do all of the leg work – meeting with the makers and curating the best, most unique products we know you love. All you have to do is “add to cart”!
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When you invite Savvy Company to your table, you know you’re getting the REALLY good stuff.

Suddenly, your ham and cheese sandwich becomes the best you’ve ever tasted. You can’t wait to bust out your charcuterie board, because you know everything on it will be a smash hit. Cheers-ing your family on Sunday night feels downright celebratory when the wine in your glass is a whole new experience. You are inspired to invite friends over for no reason, just to share a Savvy experience.

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