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So much of what makes one wine distinct from another has to do with where it comes from. The land and the climate; the culture, the food and, of course, the people. Experience it all by taking a trip accompanied by a Savvy Sommelier—or set out on an adventure of your own design with the help of our ‘must visit’ tips about wines to sample, wines sample, people to meet and restaurants to enjoy. Every destination we recommend we’ve visited ourselves: our Savvy sommeliers are avid travelers, eager to discover the world of wine.

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Plant your feet on the soil of your favourite vineyards. Touch with your hands the vines, the grapes; feel the sun and fill your lungs with the air that breathes life into every bottle. Our sommeliers will personally make the arrangements and accompany you on a trip to the wine region of your choice, guiding your way with first-hand knowledge and extensive expertise. We seek out the world’s hidden gems; we soak up the heritage of each place we visit and take part in the harvest so that we can give you the fullest experience possible.

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Tour Packages

Our Savvy Travel Packages lead you on excursions and diversions from the usual guided travel offerings. In partnership with cruise lines, tour operators and other companies around the world, we enhance already stimulating vacations with special, highly informative outings for wine enthusiasts. Let us take you off the beaten path—and across the terrain of the world’s delightfully diverse wine countries.

Vancouver Playhouse International Wine Festival – 2012

Pack your bags to join Savvy sommeliers when the wine world comes to Vancouver April 19-25, 2010. Next year will mark the first time the festival showcases not one…but two wine regions – Argentina and New Zealand. And all shades of pink will be flowing as Rose is spotlighted as the featured wine style. With 10+ days of seminars, tasting events, wine fairs, galas, winemaker’s lunches, brunches and dinners, it is grueling to soak up all of this information and deciding what events to partake. Contact Savvy Sommeliers Debbie Trenholm and Susan Desjardins as they are festival veterans and have the inside scoop.

To get a sense of all that is in store, download the Savvy Tasting Trails that were designed to help visitors map out a delicious tour around the Festival’s Tasting Room

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Wine Cruise to Provence and Burgundy, France – Oct 2012

Experience France during the grape harvest! Join Savvy sommelier Debbie Trenholm as she leads a cruise of wine adventurers to several wineries in France’s Provence and Burgundy. Leave the travel arrangements to the experts—an experienced agency is handling the details. Pack your bags and come on board for a once-in-a-lifetime chance to explore part of France’s famous winemaking culture with Savvy Company.

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Tour Operators

We’ve struck up partnerships with a number of qualified, reliable tour operators who can take you to Canada’s wine regions. When you contact to arrange your next trip, don’t forget to tell them Savvy Company sent you.

Nova Scotia
Valley Wine Tours
Nova Scotia’s original and only sommelier-designed tours of the wineries of the Annapolis Valley.

Niagara Wine Tours International

Prince Edward County Wine and Culinary Tours

Quebec – coming soon!

British Columbia – coming soon…we are working on a partnership

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